20 Best Quote Websites

A lovely quote can make your day. Be it twitter or a personal message, a strong thought always lights the day. From corporate presentations to college projects, quotations and idioms are used in all walks of life. They can be used to enhance communication as well as communicate an idea in a more impactful manner. Here are some of the top websites for general and inspirations quotations:

1. Brainy Quotes


One of the leading websites when it comes to quotes and quotations; Brainy quotes has a range of different topics to cater to. The website has been active for almost eleven years. They feature the quote of the day and allow you to browse through subjects like quizzes, words, authors, professions, etc.

2. Wikiquote


WikiQuotes is a Wikimedia foundation product offering quotes from various languages. The user can navigate and find the quotes of his interest.

3. ThinkExist.com


A reasonably well placed on the quotes – zone, the site, ìthink existî gives the user the option to register and make contributions, send cards, vote for quotes and much more , in addition to using quotes and finding them through authors, keywords, and other terms.

4. The Quote Garden

The quotes garden has all the quotes in one palce. The site gives you the option to browse, search and read interesting quotes.

5. Quotations Page

The site that has been active since 1994, is known for its rich collection of quotes. They have more than twenty seven thousand quotes credited to more than three thousand authors. They feature the quotes of the day as well as other categories ranging from love, relationships, success, to science and much more.

6. Phrases.co.uk

Started in 1997, this site offers a comprehensive database of idioms and phrases. It claims to have more than 1500 entries as of 2007. Other aspects of the site include meanings of the phrases as well as their origins. It has a discussion board as well.

7. Board Of Wisdom

This site provides numerous collections of quotes, which can be submitted by the readers, for special occasions like Mother’s Day and for various categories like humor, fun, love, movies, and sports. Quotes can be discussed or shared with other users.

8. About.Com Quotations

About.com has its quotation section which has explanations and thoughts in various categories. You can chose from the sections available.

9. Inspirational Quotes

The site, Inspirational quotes focuses on the idea that books can inspire. The quotes on the site and focused on uplifting the soul and are meant for encouragement.

10. Quotations Book

Quotations book is the perfect site if you are looking for something refreshing. You can check out the daily quotes or the categories for the quotes of your choice. You can also bookmark the quotes.

11. Finest Quotes

This site contains a collection of quotes from famous people around the world. It also has several inspirational pictures as well. The quotes are available in sections divided across aspects like alphabetical order, author, and the most famous quotes.

12. Love Quotes

This site specializes in offering quotes about love in a variety of circumstances. The love quotes are available in various categories like break up, beauty, cute, flirty, funny, loyalty, and marriage. The site provides the ability to rate and share the quotes on various social networking sites.

13. Notable Quotes

This site provides a large collection of quotes that can be viewed either on the basis of subjects like adversity, anger, music, time, philosophy, and pity or on the basis of authors like Albert Einstein and Henry Ford. A special quote per day is also offered.

14. Quotes Daddy

The site states candidly that a manís eyes, friends and favorite quotes talk of his character. On that note, the site, Quotes Daddy, is filled with simple – usable and candid quotes. It is a fun site to explore and they feature quotes from different genres on their site.

15. QuoteLand

QuoteLand has something for everyone. For the free users, you can read and rate the quotes. For those willing to pay a bit, they can get quotes engraved and printed on t-shirts, mugs and a lot more based on the money being invested and the quotes of your choice. The site has user groups, resources and topics.

16. Great Quotes

The site is exhaustive in content with more than a million quotes, saying and proverbs alike. Any thought or famous quote can be found in one of the categories here. The site allows users to make contributions.

17. Wisdom Quotes

The inspiring quotes on WisdomQuotes.com are known to be poignant and to the point. They have a great collection.

18. World Of Quotes

The world of quotes includes proverbs, quotations, and thoughts from various walks of life. The site a over fifty thousand quotes on various subjects.

19. Quotes.net

The quotes on quotes.net are mainly segregated based on the authors and can be easily searched for valuable quotations. This is one of the site from Stands4 Network.

20. FamousQuotesandAuthors

With more than 6700 authors on the site, this website is the perfect resource box for quotes by famous authors and poets. You can browse the rich collection for your benefit.

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