30 Popular Recipes Websites

Right recipe is the key to perfectly prepared dish. At times people want to try new recipes while some times they want to rediscover a traditional cuisine or delicacy. In all these situation recipe decides whether the dish to be prepared would be a hit or a miss.

You can browse recipes and search them online through the dedicated recipe site by Google. To know about all the recipes of your choice, here are few recipe websites that provide you with the best and the most number of recipes.

1. Allrecipes

AllRecipes is a comprehensive and dynamic website and has a number of recipes for different occasions with various nutrient values and ingredients information. The website has segregated sections and pages for various occasions, new entries of recipes, videos, menu of recipes etc. The recipes are rated for better choice-making.

2. FoodNetwork

FoodNetwork has Italian recipes as its key feature. Apart from Italian, it also hosts a number of chefs and food experts who enrich the visitors with their valuable tips and advices that could help you make a recipe flawless. In addition to recipes, the website has information regarding cooking shows, renowned chefs and restaurants. The site features recipes from more than 876 professional chefs.

3. Food.com

To prepare planned meals for family get-together or quick snack for friends, one can visit food to find the required information about any dish or recipe. The website has a detailed section for different topics and is very easy to surf and gather information from. It has a chat option too for people who want to share their experience or get advice.

4. Cooks.com

From appetizers to meals to after-meal delicacy, cooks provide a vast area of information gathering to its visitors. The website allows an interactive interface where visitors can also share their recipes. For the beginners it is convenient to find certain dish as every dish, recipe or meal has been mentioned by its name on the website.

5. Chow Recipes

The website should not be mistaken as a Chinese recipe website by its name. The website has been designed for easy surfing of its visitors and holds a virtual treasure of methods and techniques of cooking. People may also identify their smallest mistakes by going through the video footages uploaded at ‘you’re doing it all wrong’ section of the website.

6. My recipes

Know all that you require to prepare that perfect dish by visiting MyRecipes. As the name suggests the website is a host to number of recipes, dishes, meals, snack, etc. Most interestingly, enter the stock available at your place and receive a recipe that will not require you to purchase anything.

7. Epicurious

The tagline of epicurious reads as ‘for people who love to eat’ and the website does full justice to its tagline. From ‘top-rated recipes’ to ‘podcasts’, people will find the section they are looking for at this website. One only requires placing the pointer at the desired section and its contents drop-down with all information.

8. SimplyRecipes

At SimplyRecipes, both vegetarians and non vegetarians are welcome with vast varieties of food available for all. The website has recipes by the name of their key-ingredients, occasions and locations and by the name of the dish too. For its subscribers, the website regularly sends new recipe via email.

9. BettyCrocker Recipes

Great recipes result into great food and BettyCrocker is one website which surely knows it. From preparations for guests to discovery of new methods of cooking usual ingredients. BettyCrocker takes its visitor deep into the vastness of food fantasies. For better understanding of recipes, videos available at the website can be referred.

10. Taste.com.au

As is clear from the name, Taste.com.au is the ultimate website for the taste lovers. It includes recipes, important facts about cooking, tips and suggestions to perfect cooking, etc. ‘Taste Kitchen’ is a forum which also provides its visitors the platform to share their experiences, recipes and experiments making the website more than just recipes provider.

11. Yummly.com

Yummly is the solution for all food related search. The website is a kind of search engine for foods, recipes, dishes, ingredients and all other related stuffs. Whether one knows the name of a dish and wants to know its recipe or one knows the ingredients and wants to find the dish, Yummly provides the solution to all.

12. TheKitchn Recipes

TheKitchn includes everything that can, in any way, be related to a kitchen. Everything in the website is utmost subtle and vast in quantity and quality. Recipes section is divided based on geographical locations, seasons, etc. it also has the provision for kitchen wares, ingredients supplies, etc. The website has ample information and everything seem to express itself to the visitors.

13. Kraft Recipes

For people who search for more than just recipes, Kraft Recipes is the optimal place to visit. Justifying its name Kraft, the website does contain crafty contents pertaining to foods and dishes. Website can be mentioned as absolutely customer friendly and intuitive with great recipes and mouth-watering ingredients information.

14. Recipe.com

Recipe has regular, popular and special recipes along with the techniques and methods of preparing them. Video uploads at the website make cooking even simpler for the beginners. Visitors may find certain kitchen articles on sale at this site. Last, but not the least, dietary recipes are also discussed in great detail at Recipe.

15. JamieOliver.com

JamieOliver is an example of how something can be small yet big. You might think the website does not present itself as the largest or deepest in terms of cooking but it surely has vast information included in it. With over 600 recipes available, the sheer number is enough to convince people about the content available at JamieOliver.

16. SmittenKitchen

Smitten Kitchen avails alphabetised approach to information about food. Whether recipes, ingredients, dishes, tastes, cooks or region, everything can be found in classical way. More than 1000 recipes available at the website diminish all possibilities of not finding the desired dish for anyone or any occasion.

17. CDKitchen

CDKitchen demonstrates what cooking actually means. Simple and understandable guides for beginners to prepare a dish and new recipes, advanced methods of preparation for experienced are available at this site. The recipes, tips, advices, searching option, etc. available at the website are great for all the people who love to cook new dishes and learn them online.

18. IFood.tv Recipes

IFood is an encyclopaedia for food and taste lovers. The website has a number of wonderful recipes, most of which are explained through video footages. It has something to offer to both the beginners and the experienced, home cooks or professionals. The website offers has lots of recipes more than you could actually imagine.

19. GroupRecipes

Discovery of recipes is only possible at GroupRecipes. The website shows its visitors a new way of discovering dishes that they cannot avoid to love. One can interact with food lovers and find new recipes through this site. It also facilitates groups of people related by some or the commonality who share experiences, tips and ideas with each other.

20. BBCGoodFood

It is a website dedicated to food lovers. It facilitates information gathering for recipes, blogging, magazines, shops, cooking guides and much more. Recipes for special occasions, diets, vegetarians and for all other situations are available at this site both by name as well as in alphabetised order.

21. BBC

A site from the BBC networks has a vast resource of latest as well as traditional recipes. Recipes from popular chefs from the world over make this site as one of the best around. Moreover the categorisation and the added tips feature on the site with a collection of more than 14,000 recipes truly would be the best for every food lover.

22. 101CookBooks

101CookBooks can be referred as the online journal of foods and recipes. The website has a vast collection of recipe books, dishes books and books containing knowledge of different aspect of cooking. The website also has educative articles that are helpful for beginners and experienced alike.

23. SanjeevKapoor

At SanjeevKapoor, one would find every detail about the different indian food recipes, cuisines, ingredients, restaurants and about the chef Sanjeev Kapoor himself. Recipes for vegetarians, non-vegetarians, children and health conscious are discussed in the website. Such varieties of recipes cover the favourite foods of all kinds and age-group of people.

24. Recipe4Living

Beauty recipes, budget cooking, healthy recipes and kids’ friendly recipes are some of the interesting sections of Recipe4Living. Recipes include appetisers, crock-pot, casseroles, desserts and main courses. One can get helpful tips on product reviews, meal planners, eco-friendly living, recipe collection, dieting and special occasions. Videos for better understanding of recipes and coupons make the Recipe4Living very interactive and inclusive.

25. RecipeSource

RecipeSource is indeed a source to various recipes that cannot be known to one without the availability of such informative websites. The recipes are broadly classified into regional and type-based recipes. One would find at this site, valuable information regarding various dishes, recipes, ingredients and tips along with advices for the preparation of great tasting meals.

26. BestRecipes.com.au

BestRecipes has not only the best recipes but also recipes based on region, cooking time, special events and cooking techniques. Through community one can interact with other members, share recipes, clarify issues as well as participate in competitions. It is surely one of the best recipes sites with more than 1100 recipes for you to choose from.

27. WholeFoods Recipes

The recipes available at WholeFood include all types of courses, meals, ingredients and categories of food. It also has more than 10 sections for diet food recipes which mean people who are on any diet would find something that matches their taste and liking. With tips and other interesting features, the site definitely makes fun and lovable.

28. BetterRecipes

BetterRecipes is a great platform to discover new recipes, learn to cook them and share one’s own recipe. From appetisers to full meals, every variety of dish and its recipe is available at this site. Whether one is an Italian food lover or Mexican or any other regional food lover, BetterRecipes surely does not disappoint anyone.

29. Vegweb

If surfing food websites is a nightmare for vegetarians because of the innumerable non-veg. contents in them, VegWeb has been designed to bring peace to such vegetarians. With exclusivity of vegetarianism, it contains almost all the recipes of vegetarian dishes that are known or can be imagined by people.

30. CookEatShare

Justifying its name, the website is a platform for people who want to learn to cook their favourite recipes, or share their eating experience and experimental recipes. There are exclusive and mouth-watering recipes for kids, housewives and professionals at this site.

People who love to eat, experiment with their cooking techniques or want to share their ideas with others will definitely find these websites interesting. As there are so many sites to choose from and each site with hundreds of choices, food lovers must feel like heaven while surfing through these. Cooking and eating has never been more interactive, educative and most importantly, fun.

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