20 Popular Science Websites

Science has always played an important role in the life of human beings. It is now a lot easier to understand science and its application in day-to-day life due to the presence of various science websites. These websites help in gaining knowledge of everything science from the centre of the Earth to the outer space.

This list hopes to bring out the top science sites today.

1. Discovery Science

Run by Discovery Communications, Discovery Science provides an insight into every single application of science in the world today. It also goes beyond science in this planet to provide information about the outer space. The site houses a majority of the TV shows from the channel along with an extensive library of videos and photos. Quizzes, games, and merchandise are also available on this site.

2. Science Direct

This is an extensive database of science articles that have been taken from more than 10,000 books. The site is run by the Elsevier publishing company, and it covers every possible article from life, social, health, physical, engineering, and humanities sciences. The site has also started accepting audio and visual content from authors. Search tools present on the site make it easy for accessing an article.

3. NASA Science

This is the official website of NASA – one of the leading organisations in the world for astronomical research. The site provides the latest science news along with information about the technology and its missions. Detailed information is also available regarding the planets. Heliophysics and astrophysics topics are also available. The site also has a special section dedicated for answering some of the biggest doubts regarding astronomy.

4. Nature

This is the online edition of the UK magazine – Nature. It provides blogs from the editorial team, while also offering feeds from other major blogs as well. The site provides information about the various conferences on topics like plant biology, metabolism, and common diseases. Podcasts from the Nature team are also offered on the site for free.

5. Science Daily

This American site provides comprehensive coverage of the science topics like astronomy, medicine, social engine, biology, and archaeology. Most of the articles are provided by science universities, while some of the articles are also written by the staff.

6. RedOrbit

This science site has been online since 2003. It comprises of content distributed across sections like science, technology, space, and health. The site claims to have more than 7 million visitors per month. The site offers stunning visuals in the form of an image per day.

7. Space.com

This is a site exclusively dedicated to astronomy and everything related to space. The site regularly features and analysis written by popular writers, while video producers provide the site with high quality videos. Many high profile sites like Yahoo syndicate the content from space.com.

8. Scientific American

This is the official website of the Scientific American magazine. It offers the latest news and in-depth reports about the developments in the science field. Blogs, videos, podcasts, and images are the other offerings from this website.

9. New Scientist

This is the online edition of the UK magazine, New Scientist. It offers the scientific news in areas like space, environment, technology, life, and health. The site also offers in-depth articles, blogs, and opinions related to the latest scientific news and events.

10. TreeHugger

This is a science website primarily concerned with science news in the environmental field. It is owned by the Discovery Communications. The site features environment friendly scientific developments in the areas of transportation, energy, science, business, and living.

11. Live Science

This is part of theTech Media Network, and it is primarily concerned with science news in the fields of animals, environment, health, technology, and culture. The site has special sections devoted to images and videos. Quizzes and strange science news are also present on this site.

12. Popular Science

This is the online edition of the American magazine, Popular Science. The site has the latest scientific news in gadgets, cars, science, and technology as its primary areas of interest. The site also accepts inventions from the readers on a regular basis.

13. Technology Review

This is the online edition of the American magazine, Technology Review. The site is primarily is concerned with identifying the latest technologies and their impact on various fields. It features in-depth analysis and opinions of the editors.

14. Phys.org

This is a site that is primarily concerned with technology and science news from the fields like medicine, computer science, engineering, mathematics, space, chemistry, and nanotechnology. The site claims to have almost 2 million visitors per month.

15. ScienceMag.org

This is the online edition of the science journal from AAAS. This offers a community discussion board as well as blogs discussing the latest events and news in the field of science. Insider information, origins, and findings are extremely popular sections on this site.

16. ResearchGate

This is a science site that is primarily devoted to research and science. It helps to connect with researchers and inventors from around the world in areas like publications and conferences. The site claims to have almost 2 million users.

17. Discover Magazine

This is the official website of the American magazine for science, Discover. This covers science news from all the major fields like health, medicine, technology, space, living environment, and mathematics. Videos, photos, and podcasts are also available on this site.

18. EurekAlert!

This is a science site operated by the American science society, AAAS. It provides a medium for the research areas like universities, medical centres, and other corporations to bring in their news and other media. The site is available for the public to view.

19. ScienceBlogs

This is a network of blogs owned and run by Seed Media Group. It has been online since 2006. Most of its contributors are active scientists and similar high profile individuals. This is an invitation-only blog that provides latest science and research news.

20. Science News

This is the online edition of the American magazine, Science News. It offers sections like the latest scientific news, features, blogs, and columns. In-depth coverage is provided to areas like Earth, environment, cell structure, matter and energy.

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