Top 24 Search Engines

Search Engines are the true essence for searching topics and things online. It adds a new dimension by making it easier for people who are in search of finding relevant sources for the information or topics they are looking for.

Due to millions of websites currently available online, Search engines are probably best way to search things easily these days.

Discussed below are some of the popular search engines which are widely used by people around the globe.

1. Google

The undisputed leader in the race. It offers the platform to fast, relevant, and one of the largest database of the web pages online. It features Google Images, Maps, and News which are just outstanding services that help in searching pictures, geographic locations and latest news updates.

2. Bing

It has emerged out to be one of the most competitive and probably stands next to Google. Earlier known as MSN Searched and then Live Search and Got new name on June 3 2009. The advanced search feature includes the suggestions appearing on the leftmost column with other useful features such as the wiki suggestions, visual search or the related search options.

3. Yahoo Search

Yahoo search once powered by Google but now powered by Bing after deal with Microsoft. It is still 3rd largest player in search engine business according to various market research surveys. Offers various search options (like google and Bing) including local search, video search, shopping search, apps etc.

4. Altavista

Once owned by Yahoo this was one of the best search engines before Google emerged as a bigger player. Although shut down by Yahoo the site is still working and is using the yahoo search engine to deliver search results. The site provides you with a list of trending topics while you search from the search bar.

5. Ask

Established in the year 1996 it has been popular for its plain and simple interface, the site delivers search results as good as the biggies like Google or Bing. The feature which makes it stand out of the other competitors is the result groupings for the search results.

6. AOL Search

Powered by Google the search engine provides web results from Google. It is combines results with the multimedia as well as contents from AOL and its other media partners such as Blinkx or Map Quest.

7. Mywebsearch

Yet another site which is powered by Google Search Results, provides you the platform to search for your related topics. It gives a list of trending topics in a drop down to assist in searching for the trending topics. Moreover it provides you quick access links to sites such as Facebook, Yahoo, Gmail, etc.

8. Blekko

The site features the option of using slashtags for restricting searched sites on different topics. This site is also popular for providing the public site statistics which is pretty useful to the webmasters.

9. is a search engines offering search for web pages, videos, images, news, yellow pages and white pages. The search engine don’t crawl page on its own but sources search results from popular search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing and combine them. Site is online since 1996.

10. Duckduckgo

Pretty similar in functionality to Google the site is known for its zero click information where it lists down all the search results in the very 1st page. The fact that the site is not clogged with ads as compared to other search engines makes it a pretty useful for the visitors.

11. Topsy

It is one of those sites which are dedicated to displaying search results for the contents published on social networking sites. The search results are real time which helps businesses across the globe for applying social intelligence to take real time decisions.

12. Lycos

This site comes with refined search options where the homepage provides various categories to choose from. It is a North American website which offers email solutions, Yellow Pages and comes with a heavily integrated search engine.

13. Dogpile

It was one of the most powerful search engines and ranked even better than Google a few years ago. Even though it has declined in rankings the site has made several changes to its presentation with a much cleaner and helpful crosslink results.


This site features search results pulled from the major search engines such as Yahoo, Bing, and Google. It also lists down shopping and product reviews besides providing a broad selection of health, news, pictures, directions and probably every topic one would search for.

15. Web Crawler

This site provides you with top search results from Yahoo, Bing, and some of the other major search engines utilizing its metasearch technology. It has been known for providing refined as well as multimedia results that includes videos, images, news and other local information.

16. Yandex Worldwide is basically a Russian search engine but they launched English only search engine in May 2010 to focus on Russians abroad and English users. The company has more than 60% market share in Russia. can process English queries and provide search results for English websites.

17. Start Page

We have also found IXQuick probably part of same network. These two sites are aimed to provide you with more comprehensive as well as accurate search results acquired from other search engines such as Google. The unique capabilities include the advanced search, power refinement, and global search.

18. GoodSearch

Powered by yahoo this site provides you with results which provides relevant search results for contents on web, images, products, and coupons. The site donates 50% of its sponsored search revenue to schools and charities which are designated by its users.


A part of CNET Networks this site is known to be one of the best Meta search engines. The results on this site are retrieved from AskJeeves, Google, Ask, MSN search, and other biggies from the search engine arena. It also provides instant access to technology sites such as CNET, ZNET, or .

20. EntireWeb

Known for its search technology solutions this site is an international web search engine displaying general search results. The site handles millions of searches every month delivering ultra-high performance retrieval of information from vast unstructured data sources.

21. Ecosia

It’s a search engine which comes with a difference where it features interesting sponsored links along with the usual search results. The site donates 80% of the income it generates to support WWF for rainforest across Amazon.

22. Amfibi

The site includes its own index of websites along with a directory which uses the Open Directory Project. It offers the features of submitting your site and featured listings on their search results for a nominal amount.

23. Volunia

Search results powered by Bing, it is based on seek and meet concept where besides displaying normal search results it shows the trending topics as well. The site comes with a unique chat option on the right of the page which is open to all the visitors for leaving their comments.

24. Yippy Search

The site displays search results combining and generating the top results it obtains from the popular search engines. Based on the metasearch approach it further refines the results of only the best ones and filtering the spam away..

Although the search engines listed above provide the same services each comes with a difference and with some or the other added functionality. Depending on the requirement and need, people may select the ones which suit them for all their search queries. Some search engines such as Yandex and Baidu are dedicated search engines to provide results in Russian and Chinese receptively.