32 Top SEO Software

Search Engine Optimisation plays a major role in help improving the search engine rankings of a website. Nowadays it is possible to perform SEO analysis of a website and improve it without the help of an expert. This is due to the growth in SEO software that perform this function.

This is a list of some of the top SEO software.

SEOMoz Pro

SEOMoz provides this web-based software and many other tools. Their popular tool OpenSiteExplorer provides SEO analysis by looking at more than 6 trillion links and 60 billion URLS. This tool offers the facility to compare a site against four of its competitors. Information about inbound links, anchor texts, and top pages are available along with social media popularity in the paid versions. The other reports includes weekly crawl and ranking report, on page report, keyword difficulty report and more. Its paid plan starts from $99/month.

Features: Web based search engine optimization software, backlink analysis


The HubSpot SEO software helps users analyse the keyword effectiveness of a site. Keywords used by competitors and keyword suggestions are provided by this software. It also helps to determine the quality and quantity of inbound links to a site, along with the traffic provided by such links. This tool can also determine the SEO effectiveness of specific pages.

Features: Web Based SEO software, social media monitoring


SEMrush offers a SEO software that claims to analyse the SEO of a site on the basis of information obtained from more than 95 million keywords and 44 million domains. The software also claims to have more than 250,000 users. It offers a chart based system to compare various SEO data. Details about the competitors like their keywords and ad texts are also provided.

Features: Web Based Software, keyword research


A product from Germany based Axandra GmbH, which offers features and tools like website optimization, competitive intelligence, link building tools, keyword research and rank tracking tools. The report can be generated in PDF format. Starter package starts from $19/month and can track up to 100 keywords and allow up to 5 projects.

Features: Web Based Software


The SEO software from Link-Assistant claims to offer detailed analysis and research about the keywords, optimising page content, modifying the site structure, and increasing the inbound links through 4 different software packages. This software is available in free, professional, and enterprise versions.

Features: Desktop & Mac SEO Software


This is a comprehensive tool that is available in five different versions to suit all the needs. Prices of each plan differs on the basis of factors like number of keywords analysed, search engines concentrated, projects created, and monthly reports.

Features: SEO Suite


The web based software from Raven claims to offer a centralized platform for all the SEO related information. The software provides information about the backlinks, keyword effectiveness, and search engine ranking along with integration to popular SEO tools from other companies.

Features: Web Based Internet Marketing Software


The software from WebCEO claims to offer SEO analysis of the entire site, keyword research, site promotion tips and suggestions, and progress monitoring tools. This software is available in both desktop – costing $499 – and online – costing $49/month – versions. The company is in business since 2001.

Features: Windows based & web based SEO Software

Market Samurai

The free version of the Market Samurai software primarily focuses on improving the SEO by the way of using keywords that are more effective. The $149 paid version offers competitor analysis, monetization techniques, and backlinks promotion techniques. They offer free version with certain limitations. If you’re looking more options, we also published a separate list of keyword research tools.

Features: Desktop and Mac keyword research software

Web SEO Analytics

This software does analysis of a site, and it offers strategies and tips to monetize the site based on the analysis. The software claims to offer the results of its analysis in a breakdown format. The paid plans cost between €29 and €199 per month.

Features: Web Based SEO Software

Traffic Travis

Traffic Travis provides a free software that claims to provide a comprehensive review of the website. It also claims to provide competitor analysis, search engine ranking analysis, high-ranking keyword lists. Traffic Travis claims that this software has more than 250,000 users.

Features: Windows SEO Software Download


The SEO software tool from Axandra GmbH claims to offer better search engine rankings and, consequently, better traffic. This software claims to compatible with the latest Google search algorithms. The standard version of the software costs $199.95 while the business version costs $379.95.

Features: Desktop SEO Software


CleverStat provides a number of SEO tools that specialize in different functions. There is also an e-book detailing the various search engine optimization techniques. The SEO Altimeter covers rankings of the site across the major search engines, while exclusive content analysis can also be performed using another tool. It offers few desktop related software.

Features: Desktop SEO Software


This is primarily concerned with increasing the traffic of a site by using marketing campaigns and word-of-mouth promotions. The BuzzStream tool also claims to help users substantially increase their popularity in the social media. SEO is mainly achieved by link building.

Advanced Web Ranking

This company claims to offer a search engine optimization software that helps increase the search engine rankings and revenue. It also can monitor the progress of the competitors along with providing techniques to improve the social media popularity. The cheapest plan for this software costs $99.

Features: Desktop SEO Software, Mac SEO Software


BrightEdge provides a comprehensive SEO platform that can be used to determine the impact of the organic traffic, quality of the backlinks, social media effectiveness, and impact of certain keywords. The platform also provides recommendations to improve the search engine optimization of a page further.

Features: Desktop SEO Software


SheerSEO offers a SEO tool that claims to deliver better results by automating the process of link building and tracking the rankings on search engines. The software claims to have more than 40,000 users. Access to the software is available for $7/month for the basic plan.

Features: Web based SEO Platform


The SEO software from Trellian claims to have numerous capabilities like analysing the meta tags, offering keyword suggestions, analysing the density of keywords in a page, and link popularity calculator. The entire toolkit is available for $299.95.

Features: SEO Toolkit


AuthorityLabs can perform SEO analysis across all the domains and compare it with the competition. The web-based reports offer trend graphs and tracking ability to understand the impact of each SEO modification.

Features: Web based SEO Platform


The web based software from Linkdex offers SEO analysis and insights. The search engine ranking reports are available for global and local searches. The software helps optimize specific pages by crawling them regularly, while it can also spy on the competitor’s search engine optimization activities.

Features: Web based SEO Platform


The Conductor Searchlight SEO software claims to have a number of high-profile customers like Siemens and Xoom benefitting from increased traffic. The software also claims to help users with new revenue opportunities aside from the increased traffic.

SEO Tools and Reports


DIYSEO provides customised SEO solutions for users on a budget. Some of the features of this software include the ability to get comprehensive reports of competitors. The customised plans can start from $33.25 per month, while the full plans costs $149 per month as per the site.

Features: Web based SEO Platform

Below are some search engine optimization tools and websites which can provide in-depth SEO reports.

SEOBook Tools

SEOBook.com, a leading SEO blog offers many web based free and premium SEO tools. Free tools include keyword suggestion, keyword list generator, keyword list cleaner, robots.txt tools, server header checker, link suggestion tool, spider testing and many others. Premium tools like plagiarism detection and website health check are only available with monthly subscription of SEO training program and costs $300/month.

Features: Web based tools

Alexa Site Audit

The Alexa Site Audit for SEO offers information about the likes of the various title tags, broken links, anchor text, low word count on pages, and duplicate meta descriptions. The monthly subscription plan costing $149 provides two reports each month, while the $199 one-time plan provides one report.

Features: Web based SEO Audit Reports


Woorank Provides SEO reviews and reports for websites. The basic SEO reports are available for free while in-depth report requires monthly subscription, which starts from $49/month. Basic report includes SEO basics, SEO content analysis, Backlinks analysis, social monitoring, usability and more.

Features: Web based Audit Reports


This site provides a collection of SEO tools that provide information necessary to increase the traffic of a website. Popular tools according to the website are the Google PageRank Prediction tool, link popularity checker, and search engine position analyser.

Features: Web based SEO Tools


This site provides a collection of tool designed to get more knowledge about the SEO status of a site. Some of the tools available of the site include the likes of backlink checker, backlink builder, keyword density checker, and keyword suggestion tool.

Features: Web based Tools


Seomastering.com offers a collection of free SEO tools along with various articles and SEO guides. The free SEO tools on this site help users gauge the effectiveness of their content, link popularity, and PageRank on the search engine rankings.

Features: Web based Tools


This site not only offers the popular SEO tools that allow users to check the popularity of their links or the keyword density, but it also provides users with free search engine submission tools and image optimisation tools. Various SEO guides and articles are also available.

Features: Web based Tools


This site offers an SEO software that offers the ability to analyse various attributes like rankings, backlinks, social media popularity, and competitor keywords all in one roof. It is available in four different plans costing from $49 to 499 per month.


The site offers web based SEO analysis and offers prepare reports like SEO to-do lists, HTML elements analysis, keywords suggestions, SEO progress tracking and SEO Indexability. They offers free account for analysis of one website with limited data. Paid plans offers unlimited number of analysis and starts from $59/month ($39/month if subscribed yearly.)

Search Engine Reports

This SEO software is completely free and offers a range of features for websites in more than 50 countries around the world. The tool offers comprehensive keyword position ranking reports. These reports are also offered in the form of graphs.

Please note that above sites are ranked based on its popularity and not based on features.

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