10 Top Shopping Sites in Singapore

Even though Singapore is a country that is roughly the size of a large city, people have taken to the convenience of online shopping in this part of the world as well. There has been tremendous growth in the amount of shopping done online nowadays.

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This is a list of the top shopping sites in Singapore according to their traffic.



This site is jointly run by the Giosis Group and eBay. It offers products in several categories like fashion, beauty, clothing, consumer electronics, books, and music. Weekly special deals offered on products along with information about the bestselling items. The online store also enables users to buy items in bulk. The product pages come with information like customer reviews and description.



The Singaporean division of eBay features several categories of products, which are available in both buy-it-now and auction format. Each seller on this site is provided a feedback score that helps users assess his trustworthiness. Art, antiques, consumer electronics, clothing, computers, and books are some of the several categories of products available on this site.


Started in 2010, this site offers daily deals on several aspects like shopping, dining out, relaxing, activities, and travel. The offers are provided from both local and international companies. The site claims to have partnership with these businesses that benefit both customers and merchants. The deals become available to the users once it interests a minimum number of people.

Groupon Singapore

The single version of the Groupon daily deals site was started in 2010. It claims to offer real deals, which last for a day, on aspects like travel, shopping, and getaways. There are Singapore exclusive deals available. The site claims to offer these deals through their business partners, while customer support is also provided as well.

All Deals Asia

Started in 2010, this site offers deals and bargains for several products and services. It also provides several deals that are available straight from its partners. The site also allows users to search for hotels from around the world with the best prices.

Big Deal

This site specializes in offering daily deals and deals for group buying. It is owned and run by the NTUC Link. The site claims to have more than 600 merchants as partners, while benefiting more than 400,000 customers by offering deals.


This is an online destination for fashion products like clothing, accessories, and footwear. Its products are meant for all genders and ages apart from infants. Users can also shop based on the brands as well.


This site allows users to access vouchers that provide discounts of up to 90% in variety of areas like spas and restaurants. Travel, products, services, and activities are some of the several areas where the vouchers from this site can be used.


This site helps allows people from Singapore to shop for products from merchants around the world and from leading online retailers like Amazon, GAP, Rakuten and many others. Aside from providing guides on how to shop, this site also provides information like shipping rates and credit card promotions.


Offering deals on several products like mattresses, electrical solutions, and furniture products is the specialty of this site. It features several brands like DIVINO Italy and Panasonic amongst its lineup.

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