28 Popular Small Business Websites

Starting a new business has to be one of the toughest tasks facing the current entrepreneur, who has to deal with a multitude of problems like resources and competition. There are several websites that offer numerous tips for the young entrepreneurs starting a small business.

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This list is a compilation of the top small-business websites according to their traffic.


This site from INC magazine provides numerous resources and ideas for the small entrepreneurs by offering aspects like tips on working and running on a business plan, naming a business, and financing a business. It also provides success stories from past entrepreneurs. There are comprehensive articles for entrepreneurs on various aspects like financing, leadership, management, and marketing. The site also has numerous business tools as well.


Entrepreneur.com primarily offers business news and strategies for the young and upcoming entrepreneurs. Its numerous strategies include the knowledge about the various financial aspects in a business, while also providing ideas for starting up a new business. Information required for running a business is also present. This site allows users to ask questions about various aspects of business. Entrepreneur.com is part of Entrepreneur print magazine.


Started in 1995, Fastcompany as a print magazine, Fastmagazine.com specializes in providing tips and strategies for new entrepreneurs looking to create and compete in the world of business. It primarily consists of four different sections that focus on every aspect of a business like designing, competing, and creating. It has a list of the100 and creative people in the world of business.

Sale Spider

This site offers the ability for entrepreneurs, professionals, and managers to interact with people in their own field. It has a comprehensive discussion board for the users, while a classified section also allows users to search for new job openings.


This site provides the news and tips related to the field of new start-ups. It also helps in networking with other entrepreneurs who are looking to start a new business. Several aspects of finance, marketing, and management are discussed on this site.

UK Business Forums

This is a forum intended to act as a discussion board for new entrepreneurs, managers, and owners of small businesses in UK. It has various individual sections, like e-commerce, accounts, IT, and retail, for each type of business. The site also has general discussions as well.


SBA provides a wealth of resources for starting a new business by offering information about new ideas, registering a business, and financing business in US. It also focuses on running a business as well. Information about loans and grants are also provided.


Bplans offers business plans for young entrepreneurs by offering aspects like outline and templates. There are also several planning resources like webinars, tools, and calculators. Such responses are also available for marketing entrepreneurs as well on this site.

Small Biz Trends

This site specializes in offering information about start-ups, franchises, and green businesses. There are articles for users looking for information about management, marketing, sales, finance, and technology. A special section also offers statistics and facts when it comes to small businesses.

Internet Retailer

This site is focused on offering business ideas, strategies, and management tips for online businesses – especially eCommerce businesses. It has several ideas to increase revenue and profits from an online business. The latest trends and data from several online business categories are also available.

Young Entrepreneur

This site covers a variety of aspects when it comes to start-ups like financing, growth, leadership, ideas and marketing. It also has several videos on this topic along with a very popular discussion board. A question and answer section is also provided by the site.

Killer Startups

Killerstartups is a site that was started in 2007 and offers information about start-ups. It not only focuses on the start-ups, but also the people behind it as well and various small business tips. Several start-up tools and guides are also present on the site along with the section to announce upcoming start-ups.


This site offers numerous features and aspects for the success of a start-up by providing information on key areas like management, marketing, and innovation. There are several crash courses are available on this site along with technology and lifestyle news as well.

Startup Nation

Startupnation primarily offers advices and help from the community for start-ups by entrepreneurs. The site has a network of more than 150 verified vendors, who can provide a source for growing the business. It also conducts several contests over the year to attract more vendors.


This site offers information and educational articles about various stages of starting and running a business in Australia. It has these educational information helping users right from the starting stage of a venture to running a business on a regular basis.

Businesses For Sale

This site is a business marketplace, which allows users to buy or sell a business in various countries across the world including the United States. The businesses are available on the basis of regions, sector, or popularity. The site claims to have a list of close to 60,000 businesses in its database.


Online businesses have been on the rise and this site provides every related content like the current jobs available, business opportunities, discussion boards, and several articles for moms working from mom (WAHM – Work from home moms). It also has a comprehensive blog and a business directory.


Mixergy is a website for startups and ambitious small business owners. It offers articles from various entrepreneurs about small business tips and more. The site also has a premium section ($25/month or $199/year) where users can get access to premium Mixergy courses, interviews and training.


This site provides young entrepreneurs with the latest information about trends in the business field. It also has various ideas when it comes to starting a new business. The site claims to have more than 15,000 spotters looking for new ideas and innovations.


Angellist is a social network and provides a common meeting place for both start-ups and investors. It allows start-ups to search for investors based on attributes like markets, field of interest, and location. It also acts as a job board by allowing users to search for jobs. Investors can find opportunities to invest in startups and startups owners can find venture capital for their business.

On Startups

This site provides information about start-ups and various advices as well. It has a full-fledged discussion board, while there are several blog posts written by the founder of the site. It has a list of suggested books for every young entrepreneur.


This site provides business news in the form of articles and slide shows, while there are several boot camp techniques and practical guides for entrepreneurs looking to start a new business. The site also has information about selling a business.

Business Advice Forum

This is for offering business advice and online help from the community. It also features a section that helps webmasters online help and advice from the community. The site also has many articles and tutorials for business owners and webmasters.

Business KnowHow

This site discusses a plethora of business opportunities and the knowledge required before starting a business. The types of business discussed on this site vary from franchises to home businesses. It also discusses topics like Internet marketing and finance.


Startups.co.uk discusses various aspects like starting a business that can be varied like online and part-time businesses to even becoming a freelancer. The site covers all the major aspects like finance, technology, and management, while several guide articles are provided as well.

About.com Small Biz

This is a division of the about.com that provides information to small businesses in the form of several articles. Each article covers various aspects from starting a new business to taking advantage of social media for marketing purposes. Their Entrepreneur section also offers similar information and articles.

Under 30 CEO

Offering the basics of each start-up like funding and personal branding, this site offers in-depth analysis and tools for entrepreneurs. It has a tool collection that spreads across various categories like saving accounts to business insurance. Interviews and profiles of the young entrepreneurs are also present.


Smarta offers young entrepreneurs with the knowledge of business planning, mentoring, and finance along with various other aspects. Technology and growth within business are also focused along with the importance of social media in the marketing aspect.

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