16 Best Snowboard Brands

During their almost five decade long existence, snowboards have evolved into one the popular medium for entertainment activities. They have also been commercialized during this period as well. Today, there are not only different brands manufacturing snowboards, but equally, there are several types of snowboards as well.

This is a list of the top snowboard brands as per their popularity.



This American company was founded in 1977. The company specializes in manufacturing different varieties of snowboards, but it also offers products like bindings, accessories, and boots as well. Split mats, zip tools, and tether locks are some of the accessories. This company has more than 10 brands like Gravis, Analog, and Forum under its belt.


This French company was founded in 1907. The company was part of the Quiksilver corporation from 2005 to 2008. The company was the first to introduce fiberglass skis in 1964. The snowboards are available for all ages and genders. Aside from the boards, bindings, helmets, goggles, protection equipment, jackets, and pants are the other products available.


A division of the K-2 Corporation, which was founded in 1961, this brand specializes in offering skis for men, women, and kids. The products can be sorted on basis of aspects like gender, terrain, waist width, and skin compatibility. Other products like helmets and goggles are also present.

Romes SDS

Established in 2001, this brand offers snowboards for men, women, and youth. These snowboards come in various styles, shapes, and types. This brand also offers products like bindings, boots, gloves, bags, and apparel as well. Most of these products are also available for both sexes.


Founded in 1996, this American brand specializes in offering snowboards of different profiles, shapes, width, price, and weight ranges. Urban, park, and freestyle are some of the different styles of snowboards, while boots and bindings also form part of the product portfolio.


This is an American brand specializing in the manufacture and sale of snowboards. It was started in 1992. Streetwear and outwear products have also been part of its line-up since 1995. Riding style, shape, and width are some of the major differentiators of its snowboards.


Started in 1977, this brand offers several styles of snowboards for men and women. It also offers splitboards as well. Some of the accessories meant for its products like scrapers, wax, and stickers are also offered by this brand.

Lib Tech

Part of the Mervin manufacturing, this American brand offers skateboarding and waterboarding products aside from its snowboarding line-up of items. The brand offers technologies like Magne-Traction and Banana Technology within its products. Outerwear and apparel collection is also offered by this brand.


Founded in 1990, this American brand offers snowboard for all ages and genders. Other hard goods from this brand are the boots and bindings. Outerwear like jackets and apparel like hoodies are also available in its product portfolio.


This brand has been in the snowboarding market for more than 15 years, and it has products for both men and women. Its snowboards employ technologies like Augmented Base, Active Strap, and Barefoot technology. Boots, bags, bindings, and apparel are the other products.

Never Summer

Launched in 1983, this company is responsible for designing and manufacturing snowboards amongst many other products. Longboards are also sold by this company, which handcrafts its products in Colorado. Aside from the several snowboard variations, the company also offers clothing and accessories as well.


A subsidiary of the Salomon Group, this brand was founded in 1995. The products are designed and manufactured in France. The boards are available for different terrain like mountains, parks, and backyards. Hoodies and boots are also available under this brand.


Founded in 1989, this company has snowboards in different styles. They are meant for men, women, and kids as well. Other products from this brand are boots and bindings.


This American brand was started in 1989, and it has been part of the K2 Sports – an American corporation – since 1999. The snowboards from this company come in several sizes, and they are available for all ages.


Started in 2012, this company offers snowboards meant for all terrains. The feature technologies like carbon stringers, TRIAX fiberglass, and Stone Ground Finish. Aside from snowboards, this company also offers bags in different sizes as well.


Introduced in 1993, this brand offers snowboards for men and women in several styles and sizes. Aside from snowboards, there are also outerwear and bindings available from this brand. The outerwear section comprises of products like jackets and jeans.

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