23 Popular Social Bookmarking Websites

Social bookmarking refers to the aspect of creating, organising, and sharing bookmarks of online resources. The last decade has seen growth of numerous social bookmarking sites, which also now allow other users to interact with the shared content. Such social bookmarking sites contain bookmarks of resources across various categories.

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Here are some of the top social bookmarking sites in the world. We divided them into 2 parts.

Social Bookmarking Websites

Social bookmarking websites allow bookmarking favorite links and websites online so that it can be accessed from anywhere. Such sites allow bookmarking links privately or sharing with other users publically.


Run by AVOS Systems, earlier it was part of Yahoo network, Delicious offers bookmarks of all the interesting stuff on the internet that is offered by its users. Delicious can share every aspect like photos, videos, and blogs. Depending upon its popularity, this content is provided to other users.


Diigo offers a way to store interesting online resources in the form of bookmarks. It also has interesting tools like sticky notes that can also be made public. There are several group forums to discuss on topics. There are premium plans costing up to $ 40 per year.


This is a bookmark synchroniser that works across various browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Internet Explorer. Available since 2009, this tool allows users to synchronize content like bookmarks, history, and open tabs. Backups of the same can also be created and restored.


Folkd offers a mechanism to store bookmarks at the touch of a button. They can also be shared with friends across social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. The site also has a search functionality that allows users to view the popular and interesting bookmarks.


BibSonomy is a site that allows users to share bookmarks and publications. It is possible to search for archived bookmarks and publications based on the tags. Users can also create groups that can show aggravated view of the discussions between members.


This is a social bookmarking application that can be used to store and share bookmarks through various social networking sites. The application has various customisation options, while the turbo mode increases the performance. Synchronising the bookmarks is another feature of LinkaGoGo.


This is the bookmark manager that allows users to store, share, and interact with bookmarks. It is possible to make bookmarks private or public. The site also has a special section dedicated towards coupons and discount codes of online stores from other users.


This site allows users to share their favourite or interesting links. Such interesting links are then promoted up or down the table based on the voting received from other users. Gaming, controversy, breaking news, science, and entertainment are some of the available categories.


This is a social bookmarking site primarily dedicated to the researchers. It claims to have a catalogue of more than 6 million articles, which can be referred easily. The site also provides recommendations along with the ability to share the references.


Givealink is a purpose-built site that allows users to share bookmarks. The visualisation tool offered by this site allows users to organise the bookmarks. The site also has numerous games that can be played to make social links.


This is a very bookmark manager that can be accessed from the web. SiteJot provides users with the convenience of importing bookmarks from the browsers. The synchronisation feature helps users access bookmarks across various browsers without any discrepancy.

Mister Wong

Mister Wong is a bookmark manager that can also be used to share the bookmarks with other users and friends. Mister Wong offers four different plans that cost between $2 per month to $ 24 per month. The site claims to have more than 1 million users across the world.


Pinboard is a social bookmarking site that is primarily designed to offer the ability to store and share bookmarks quickly. This site requires a signup fee, which varies along with the number of users on the site. The site has been online since 2009.


BookmarkTracker is a free web application that can be used to manage bookmarks. Securing the bookmarks by using a password is one of the facilities of this application. It can be used to synchronise bookmarks.


This is a completely free social bookmarking site that allows users to create and store bookmarks. It is possible to protect the bookmarks with a password. Netvouz also provides numerous public links that can be used to discover interesting sites.


Connotea claims to provide an online reference tool for clinicians, scientists, and researchers. It allows references to the downloaded by its users, while it also allows easy creation of a library as well. The site has been online since 2004.

Social News Websites

Below are few social news websites, which allow users to submit their favorite news/story publically. Users can vote them +1 or -1.


Reddit is a site that allows users to share their favourite online resources either in the form of a text link or post. The site has been online since 2005, and it is currently operated by Advance Publications. Reddit covers all the major topics in the world like politics, gaming, world news, technology, science, and sports. It also provides a section dedicated towards controversial news.


This social bookmarking site aims to deliver popular content on the Internet to its users. Popularity of the webpages is determined by the users voting up or down on this site. Digg has been online since 2004. It is possible to sort the new stories based on the popularity, date added, and upcoming items. The site is currently run by Betaworks.


Slashdot is an automated story telling website where users can share their favorite stories for others. The site is online since 1997. It is abbreviation of “/.” and only accept content related to technology.


Fark.com is a community site that promotes popular online resources by the way of links. The site has been online since 1999 and it claims to receive more than 2000 link submissions per day. There are various discussion boards for topics like politics, entertainment, and photography.


This is a site that promotes popular online resources for website designers and software developers. DZone offers various sections devoted to the likes of .NET, HTML 5, server, Cloud, and Windows Phone. These sections provide news, videos, reviews, and tutorials.


Newsvine is a news aggregator that pulls articles and news provided by journalists on high-profile sites like The Associated Press. It also acts as a social bookmarking site due to its ability to share this information with other users. The site has been online for the past six years.


DropJack primarily works on the principle of improving the visibility of online resources based on the votes received from its users. This social bookmarking site has been online since 1999. It features stories covering a variety of segments like sports, entertainment, and social issues.

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