20 Popular Song Lyrics Sites

Songs are good to listen but hard to remember the lyrics. For techie guys it is no more a problem. There are uncountable numbers of websites providing lyrics of songs from across the world.

Few such top websites are below. These are top song lyrics sites available on the Web. We also have published a separate list of top music sites before.

1. MetroLyrics.com

MetroLyrics.com lyrics site is neat and clean with easy navigation. Users can search lyrics either through the search box or by clicking on the alphabets A to Z. It provides music charts on the home page with latest 50 lyrics, top lyrics, new lyrics as well as most shared lyrics. To keep track what’s happening on the site users can follow it on Twitter and Facebook social media.

2. AzLyrics.com

AzLyrics.com lyrics literally means everything about lyrics. In fact the site has tried to do so. Users can request for lyrics on the site as well as can submit lyrics. Finding particular lyrics can be done either by searching for it in the search box or clicking on the alphabets with which the song starts. The home page of the site also got what’s hot to get lyrics of trending songs.

3. LyricsFreak.com

Home page of LyricsFreak.com site carries top 100 charts with its lyrics, top new and featured lyrics. Users can search for lyrics through genres, alphabetically or through search box. Option of submitting favorite lyrics is also there. The site is verified by LyricsSeal, an awareness initiative by DirectLyrics and supported by LyricFind, Gracenote, for displaying lyrics of songs.

4. Lyrics007.com

Lyrics007.com site is maintained by ToneMedia and adheres to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (“DMCA”) policy. Apart from providing lyrics for songs the site also got link at the footer to listen online radio. The link leads to Jango.com. Latest lyrics are displayed on the home page and users can search for more lyrics either through search box or by searching through artist lists alphabetically.

5. eLyrics.net

eLyrics.net writes on the header they have 637519 song lyrics and 40535 lyrics from bands. If it is true then it is a huge collection. On the home page one can find featured albums, latest 20 lyrics additions, top 25 songs, USA top 10 lyrics and top rated artists. Users can search for lyrics through the search box by selecting band option, song name or text in song. Users can also browse for lyrics alphabetically.

6. LyricsMode.com

LyricsMode.com provides the trending songs’ lyrics on the home page, top artists, breakout lyrics, top new lyrics, upcoming lyrics, lyrics by albums and top 100 lyrics. In single click users can also get Madonna lyrics, Eminem lyrics, Beyonce lyrics, Rihanna lyrics, Taylor Swift lyrics, Drake lyrics, Demi Lovato lyrics, Selena Gomez lyrics and more. Finding lyrics is same. Either do it through search box or browse it alphabetically.

7. Sing365.com

The tag line of Sing365.com is “Save Your Time”. On the home page it provides huge list of songs and bands lyrics from upcoming albums to past lyrics. It also provides information and lyrics on What’s New and Hot.

8. LyricsMania.com

LyricsMania.com provides huge collection of lyrics. It provides lyrics for hot upcoming releases, latest released lyrics, top artists and also top lyrics. It also categorizes lyrics into dance lyrics, soundtrack lyrics and compilation lyrics. Users can also submit lyrics on the site. Finding particular lyrics is through search box or through browsing bands alphabetically.

9. SongMeanings.com

SongMeanings.com got huge collection of lyrics. It claims to have 1,097,225 lyrics in their data base. Users can follow their favorite artist by creating an account on the site. It also provides news from the music world.

10. DirectLyrics.com

DirectLyrics.com provides top lyrics, new lyrics and upcoming lyrics on its home page. Few trending lyrics are also pinned up on the home page. The site is a member of BuzzMedia Music, which is a division of BuzzMedia. Finding of particular lyric is facilitated only through a search box.

11. RapGenius.com

RapGenius.com is a dedicated lyrics site from the rap world. Users can browse through songs and artist to find particular lyrics. Submission of lyrics is also allowed.

12. SongsLyrics.com

SongsLyrics.com lets user find lyrics through genres as well as artists. On the home page it features top albums and top 40 lyrics. It also has a section called top 100 of all time.

13. LyricsTime.com

LyricsTime.com helps user find lyrics through search box or browse alphabetically. On home page the site features hot artists and lyrics update date wise. Users can follow the site by liking it on their Facebook Page.

14. STLyrics.com

STLyrics.com provides soundtrack lyrics and song lyrics. On the home page it features best soundtracks of all times, featured soundtracks, top 5 soundtrack lyrics, popular soundtrack lyrics and popular song lyrics. Users can browse lyrics by soundtrack or by artist name. Search box helps in finding particular lyrics in one click.

15. LetsSingIt.com

LetsSingIt.com features most popular songs on its home page along with latest news about artists. The site has a dedicated forum and claims to have 943,301 members on it. It also has chat, poll and help section to make the site more interactive.

16. LyricsReg.com

LyricsReg.com got a huge list of lyrics list on its home page along with biography of artists, latest lyrics and albums. Users can search for a particular lyric through the given search box and clicking the search mode either as artist, title or lyric. Users can also browse artists alphabetically.

17. eLyricsWorld.com

LyricsWorld.com provides latest news from the music world on the home page along with hot lyrics, new lyrics and top lyrics section. It also features charts like top 10 USA, top 10 world and top 10 Euro.

18. GuitareTab.com

GuitareTab.com is a bit different from other lyrics sites. It also offers lyrics with guitar tabs so ideal for guitar learners. On the home page it provides latest updates from the music industry and top rated songs.

19. Lyrics.com

Lyrics.com is a simple site with sections of top songs, top albums and genres. Users can search for lyrics from this section or can find it from the search box. Submitting of lyric is also facilitated.

20. MP3Lyrics.com

MP3Lyrics.com provides finding of lyrics through categories likes new lyrics, popular lyrics, A-Z lyrics, popular artists and A-Z artists. On the home page it provides Mp3 lyrics’ 40 newest songs, Mp3 lyrics’ last 40 song updates, Mp3 lyrics’ top 40 hottest songs and Mp3 lyrics’ top 40 coolest artists.

These are just few websites out of many on the Web that provides lyrics to song loving people. Users can access most of these sites through mobile apps to get their favorite lyrics on the go while listening songs.

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