21 Top Spanish News Sites

The quest for the latest news is an incredibly popular aspect in all parts of the world, and it is not surprising to know that Spain does not lag behind in this aspect. There are several new sites – focusing broadly or exclusively – that are hugely popular.

This is a list of the top news sites in Spain according to their traffic.

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This site focuses exclusively on sports news primarily football. It also covers all the major sports like basketball, tennis, golf, cycling, NBA, and athletics. The site has several videos and pictures, while football is one of the chief content on this site. The site is also available in English.

El Pais


This site offers news from the international regions along with the Spanish regions centric news. Opinions are offered in the form of editorials, bullets, and tribunes. Economy is also focused extensively through aspects like business, personal finance, and employment figures.

El Mundo


General news is the main flavor of this site, which also touches on various aspects like sports, economy, culture, science, and technology. There is extensive multimedia content, pictures, video, and TV. There are several opinion blogs present as well.


This site specializes in only offering sports news. Even though it covers a variety of sports like tennis, motorsports, and basketball, football is the primary content on this site. Football news is covered in detail with league tables, pictures, videos, and interviews.

ABC News

This is part of the ABC news group, and it focuses on news from Spain and other parts of the world. There are several blogs and video content discussing the latest events across the world. Sports and travel are the other featured content on this site.

20 Minutos

Aside from offering national and international news, this site also provides the latest talking points on the front page. Other aspects of the site include news about the economy, sports, and technology. The local city news is also provided as well.


Corporación de Radio y Televisión Española, S.A also known as RTVE is a govt. owned radio and television network in Spain. The online website RTVE.es offers news, live online radio, sports news and more.


This site specializes in offering news from a variety of sports. It is also the main voice of the Catalan clubs Espanyol and Barcelona. Statistics, betting, opinions, and columns are some of the other features available on this site.


Aside from featuring local editions for every major city in Spain, this site also has international news as well. Politics, economy, sports, and technology are some of the regularly updated topics on this site, which also features information about the latest events.


This site primarily offers business and economy news from Spain and other major markets in the world. There are several aspects like the market indices, commodities, foreign exchange, and technology news offered as well. Opinions are provided in the form of editorials, blogs, and cartoons.

El Confidencial

News is provided on aspects like society, communication, automobile, and housing aside from the national and international news. Opinions are provided by several columnists, while news covering sports like football, basketball, and tennis are also popular.

Mundo Deportivo

Sports is the main feature of this site and it focuses on sports like football, racing, and tennis in depth. Exclusive coverage is also provided to football clubs like Barcelona and Real Madrid with the latest results, upcoming fixtures, and videos.

Europa Press

National and international news are the primary flavor of this site, while it also focuses on aspects like sports, economy, culture, science, and society. There are several photos and videos present along with access to TV guide.


This site specializes in offering news about business, markets, and economy. Live data is offered on the market indices from Spain and major regions in the world. Special sections devoted to employment and entrepreneurial news, will career advice is also present.

La Informacion

This site offers comprehensive coverage to all aspects like national, international, sports, and technology news. Music, theatre, literature, health, and science are some of the other years offered on this site along with photos and videos.


This site provides coverage on national and international news, while opinions are offered on the latest happenings through columns and blogs. Television and movie news with the upcoming release schedule is present along with several videos. Car news and reviews is also present.

Libertad Digital

Aside from focusing on the Spanish and international news on various aspects, this site also provides coverage to the market and business sector as well. There are live stock quotes from major stock exchanges, while commodities and foreign exchange news is also present.

La Voz de Galicia

Aside from providing news from the trending topics, this site primarily focuses on football, economics, and politics. The latest weather updates for every region in Spain is provided along with news and reviews of the latest vehicles.

El Periodico

This is a news site focusing on the Barcelona region in Spain, while also providing national and international news as well. The site features blog, letters from readers, and polls along with several humorous cartoons. The latest TV programs and photo galleries are present as well.

El Correo

Aside from offering sports and economy news, this site also provides national and local news as well. Fashion, cinema, and TV programs are the other aspects discussed along with several blogs from columnists and writers. Restaurant guide and several videos are also present.

La Razon

La Razon is daily newspaper and published from Madrid along with many other Spanish speaking Latin American countries such as Argentina, Bolivia, Uruguay etc.. The site LaRazon.es offers news about local and international events, economy news, opinions, society, culture and more.

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