24 Best Speaker Brands

Invented in the 19th century, the loudspeakers have come a long way. The speakers of today come with several technologies that endear themselves to the audiophiles in a big way. Even though there are several brands into manufacturing speakers, there are some brands that are especially successful.

This is a list of the top speaker brands according to their popularity.



Founded in 1946, this American company specializes in offering loudspeakers and headphones. The loudspeakers from this brand are available for a variety of purposes like high-end home theatre systems and personal computers. Individual aspects of a home theatre system like floor standing, bookshelf, and centre speakers are available as well. This brand is a subsidiary of Audiovox.


Owned by the American company – Harman International – this brand was founded in 1946. It has two separate divisions for dealing with professional and consumer requirements. Docking stations for popular products like the iPod are also present. The company offers an extensive range of loudspeakers under the home audio series. Car audio products are also available as well.


This Canadian company was established more than 25 years ago. The wide product portfolio of this company encompasses the likes of amplifiers, speakers, subwoofers, headphones, and soundbars. The company offers ready to use 5.1 home theatre systems. It also has components of home theatre systems like floor standing speakers as well.

Bowers Wilkins

Founded in 1966, this British brand specializes in offering high-end audio equipment and components. Its product range consists of speakers for home theatres, iPod, computers, and cars. Headphones and earphones are also present as well.


This is an American brand that offers premium and high-end audio solutions through products like speakers and headphones. The company was founded in 1964. Automotive sound systems and noise cancelling headphones are some of the flagship products of this company.

Polk Audio

This American company offers portable and personal audio solutions like headphones, home audio, Hi-Fi systems, and home theatre components. The company was founded in 1972, and it has been part of the Directed Electronics since 2006.


Specializing only in car audio products, this American company was founded in 1973. It is a part of the Stillwater Designs. The products of this company are available in more than 50 countries. Subwoofers, amplifiers, and tweeters are some of the different products.


This is a Danish brand that is part of the American Klipsch Group. The company claims to operate in more than 80 countries. Floor standing, bookshelf, wall mounted, satellite, surround, and centre are some of the different types of speakers available from this brand.


This German audio equipment company was founded in 1979. The company offers an extensive range of home speakers as part of the home cinema series. It also has speakers for computers as well. Accessories for the various speaker products are also present.


This Japanese corporation offers several consumer electronic products along with its speakers. It was founded in 1946. Powered subwoofers, floor standing speakers, and bookshelf speakers are some of the different types available from this brand.

Boston Acoustics

This American audio equipment manufacturer was established in 1979. The speakers from this brand are available for the likes of home and car audio equipment. The brand has been functioning as a subsidiary of D&M Holdings since 2005.


Founded in 1913, this Japanese corporation offers several consumer electronic products aside from speakers and audio equipment. The audio products from this company comprise categories like home theatre systems, headphones, and MP3 docking stations.


This Japanese manufacturer of Hi-Fi Systems and portable audio equipment specializes in offering car audio solutions. The brand was founded in 1946, and it is a division of the JVC Kenwood Holdings. Aside from speakers, the company also offers players as well.


A subsidiary of Alps Electric, this Japanese company was founded in 1967. It offers car audio and navigation systems. Type-R, type-S, type-E, and Marine are some of the different types of car audio speakers available from this brand.

Definitive Tech

Introduced in 1990, this American company claims to offer audiophile grade loudspeakers. It has numerous types of speakers – floorstanding, bookshelf, centre channel, subwoofers, and soundbars – in its product portfolio. Accessories like stands and rack boxes are also present as well.

Infinity Systems

Founded in 1968, this American brand has been part of the Harman International Industries group since 1983. The company specializes in offering multichannel home theatre systems, while its product range also includes the likes of car amplifiers and subwoofers as well.

Pyle Audio

Introduced as a brand that offered woofers back in the 1960s, this company has been offering audio equipment for homes, cars, and professionals since 2000. The company also offers professional musical instruments as well.


This British brand was introduced in 1961, and it is currently part of the GP Group. The product line-up of the company includes Hi-Fi speakers and home theatre systems. Muon and Blade are some of the flagship Hi-Fi speakers from this brand.


Started in 1979, this company continues to manufacture its audio products in France. The plethora of product categories from this brand includes the likes of high fidelity home cinema, Hi-Fi headphones, and car audio systems.


This Japanese corporation, which was founded in 1938, specializes in car audio systems. It also has products for the home like Blu-ray home theatre systems and home theatre packages. Portable audio equipment are also offered by this brand.


Introduced in 1979, this American company produces several types of speakers like floor-standing hybrid, in-wall, and wall-mounted. This premium manufacturer also offers the likes of subwoofers and headphones as well. Summit X, Montis, and Ethos are a few models from this brand.

Acoustic Audio

This company offers home, marine, and mobile audio solutions through products like home theatre packages and speakers. It also has products for professional audio requirements as well.


Founded in 1954, this company offers products like home audio speakers, professional audio equipment, and car audio components. Its major stores are present in Florida and Belgium. CMX, CVHF, and CXA are some of the different series of products available.

PSB Speakers

This Canadian company was established in 1972. It is now a subsidiary of the Lenbrook Group. Platinum and Alpha are some of the different series of speakers from this brand. The company also offers subwoofers and headphones as well.

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