Top 14 SSL Certificate Providers

SSL certificates are a must on any website nowadays, where important information is shared and exchanged. The Secure Socket Layer protects the data shared from your browser with the remote server and prohibits any other website or device form intervening or interpreting the data.

There are various types of SSL certificates.

1. Extended Validation

High end and latest browsers now recognize the EV SSL certificates. These assure a higher level of security and the enhanced feature is highlighted with the appearance of a green bar.

2. Wildcard SSL

The wildcard SSL allows you to secure more than one of the sub-domains. You can secure and as well.

3. Regular SSL

The regular SSL helps in securing the website but the security is lower. Usually don’t cost much compared to EV SSL or wildcard SSL.

There are also certain provider who offer Email SSL and UCC / SAN SSL solutions too.

Here are top websites to get SSL certificate for your online business. Please note, price for SSL certificates mentioned below may vary as we have noticed it different from one reseller to another and even company’s own website.



SSL2BUY is a leading provider of popular SSL Certificates and offers a variety of SSLs at a low price, starts only from $8.67. These SSL certificates are designed for individuals as well as companies who want to establish a safe environment. The company offers an Assorted varied list of products with fantastic customer support. SSL2BUY is the authorized reseller of trusted CAs like AlphaSSL, RapidSSL, GeoTrust, Symantec, GlobalSign, Comodo and Thawte and includes various types of certificates from Single domain to SAN and Wildcard to EV SSL.

2. Verisign

Recently they changed their name again to “Norton secured seals” for their SSL certificate products. One of the most trusted brand. Used by many big companies.

The secure site, pro and EV site and Pro EV site SSL certificates are priced at $335, $739, $998, and $1298 respectively. The encryption for the regular secure site is 40/256-bit encryption while the most expensive package for Pro EV SSL certificates offers 128/156-bit encryption and additional features including $1.5 million warranty, seal in search and SGC enabled certificate.

3. Geotrust

The sites SSL certificates start at $9.49 for the RapidSSL which offers security for one domain. You can also try their 30 day trial program. The certificates are popular among small businesses and startup websites due to low cost. The encryption is 128/256 bit. This is followed by the rapid SSL Wildcard which offers a $5000 warranty for $126.88 per year. The Quick SSL and Premium Quick SSL certificates which have an unlimited re-issuance policy are offered at $45.95/year and $90.95/year respectively.

4. Comodo

The positive SSL and positive wildcard SSL certificates are priced at $7.95 for positive SSL and $85 per year for the wildcard SSL. Comodo is another popular player in SSL providers. They also have the essential SSL and essential SSL wild card certificates at $21 and $91 per annum, respectively. License for the essential SSl is valid over unlimited physical servers.

5. Thawte

Thawate again offers 4 SSL certificates – the first one is the Thawte SSL certificate offered at $29 per year, which secures one domain. However, there is no paperwork involved and the assurance is low. They offer the seal for use. The next in line are the Thawte Web Server SSL, Thawte Web Server EV SSL and the Thawte SGC supercerti offered at $90, $399, and $315 per year respectively, and offering a higher level of security.

6. Digicert

Digicerti offers wild card plus SSL at $475/yr for one domain, unified communications at $279 for multiple website domains, SSL Plus at $156 and Extended Validation for $234 per year. The Digicerti team assures high level of security with 2048-bit SSL encryption.

7. Godaddy

GoDaddy, the leading domain registration company, offer standard SSL and Deluxe SSL certificates priced at $69.9 and $89.99 per year. The plans and features can further be customized if you want to accommodate more than one domain on the security list. Additionally, they offer all day customer support and secure unlimited servers.

8. Entrust

Standard certificate starts from $147/year. Offer SSL certificates since 1994. They currently serve more than 4000 organisations from 60 countries. They offer Standard, EV, Multi-domain and Wildcard certificates along with few others.

9. Globalsign

Global sign – the GMO internet group – offers security and SSL certificates across a series of websites. Over the range of products, their SSL certificates are known for authenticity and trust. They offer Domain SSL starting at $249 and professional organizational SSL at $349 a year. The extended SSl that activates the green SSL bar can be made available for $899 a year. Multiple domains and wildcard on the other hand, can be availed at $348 per year. Global sign enjoys trust and prominence in the market share for SSL certificates.

10. Network Solutions

Network solution – a domain registrar and a web hosting provider company also offers SSL certificates to their customers. SSL package Xpress starts from $49.99/yr with 4 year term. They offer advanced package for $149.99/yr, Wildcard for $494.00 and Extended for $399.50/yr. All SSL certificate they sell offers upto 256-bit Encryption, guarantee from $10000 (for Xpress) to $1 million for Extended. Free site seal and live support.

11. Open SSL

Open SSL is a project being developed in order present an open source tool kit implementing SSL and transport layer security. They have a library of content and the project is run by volunteers across the globe. The software is strongly cryptographic and has openSSL versions for download.

12. TrustWave

Trustwave is headquartered in Chicago, USA and founded in 1995. Basic package starts from $97.67/yr and upto $383.00/yr for EV SSL. They offer Free Lifetime Reissuance, 30 days money back policy, upto $5,00,000 warranty and website trust seal.

13. StartSSL

Offers StartSSL, StartSSL is a trademark product of StartCom Certification Authority. You can get a Free 128-256-bit encryption with 1 year validity. StartSSL verified package starts from $59.90/year. They offer EV SSL for $199.90. They don’t provide Wildcard SSL or other SSL solutions.

14. SwissSign

A subsidiary company of SwissPost, Founded in 2001 and acquired by Swiss post in 2005. SwissSSL offers all type of SSL certificates including standard, EV SSL, Wildcard, UCC / SAN SSL and Email SSL. Lowest price, 1-year SSL Silver Certificate starts from $199/year and can go upto $799.00 for SSL Gold.

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