15 Top Sunglasses Brands

Sunglasses have become a very popular accessory for both men and women in the last 70 years. Aside from their primary objective of protection from the ultraviolet rays, sunglasses also have a huge role in fashion nowadays.

This is list of the top sunglass brands according to their popularity.

Ray Ban


Initially meant for the United States Army, this brand was started in 1937. The brand contains several types of sunglasses, optics, lenses and eye wear accesories. Wayfarer, club master, and aviators are the popular forms of sunglasses, while polarized, gradient, legends, and G-15 are the different types of lenses available from this brand. The brand is currently owned by the Luxottica Group.



Aside from offering apparel and goggles, this American brand specializes in manufacturing sunglasses and prescription glasses. The sunglasses are meant for a variety of lifestyles and sport. The products can be sorted on various aspects like frame color, lens color, and price. The presence of more than 30 style options means that the product can be customized to a great length.


This manufacturer of high-end sunglasses and eye wear offers products for men and women, and it is based in Hawaii. Polarized lenses are a standard feature of the sunglasses from this brand. The company also manufactures prescription lenses as well. Lens made from polycarbonate and super thin materials are also available, while the products can be compared against each other.


Started in 1956, this is an Austrian company that manufactures sports eyewear and sunglasses. The brand has a collection of both normal and polarized lenses, while there is a collection of products meant for kids as well. Icons, active, craze, and muses are the different categories of sunglasses available.


This is an Italian brand founded in 1917, and most of its products are hand crafted. The brand offers three styles of sunglasses – design, suprema, and classic. The Italian company Luxottica Group currently owns this brand.

Costa Del Mar

Aside from apparel and prescription glasses, this brand primarily manufactures polarized sunglasses. It was started in 1983, and it has products meant for sizes from small to extra large. C-mates and Kenny Chesney are two major types of sunglasses at this brand.


Started in 1913, this is an Italian brand specializing in offering high-end luxury products in a variety of aspects like fragrances, sunglasses, and clothing. The company manufactures seasonal collections of sunglasses depending on the current fashion trend.

Electric Visual

This is a brand offering different types of sunglasses aside from the product portfolio consisting of clothing, accessories, and snow goggles. The brand was started in 2000, and it is currently run by Volcom. Normal and polarized sunglasses are available as part of the line-up.

Smith Optics

Aside from offering an extensive collection of sunglasses for men and women, this brand also manufactures snow goggles, motorsport goggles, prescription eyewear, and protective eyewear. Sunglass accessories like cleaning kit and cases are also present.

Spy Optic

This company manufactures both normal and prescription sunglasses, while trident polarization is a special feature of this brand. Trident polarization has been performed since 1996 and it claims to eliminate 99% of the ultraviolet radiation and glare.

Oliver Peoples

This American brand was started in 1986, and this brand manufacturers both sunglasses and eyewears. This brand is once again owned by the Italian group – Luxottica. Exclusive stores for this brand are located in regions like Chicago, Tokyo, and Malibu.


This brand offers a line-up of sunglasses meant for women along with a special collection featuring polarized lenses. The sunglasses come with both mental and non-metal flames, while other products available from this brand include prescription sunglasses and snow goggles.


This is a brand specializing in providing protective eyewear for the likes of sports enthusiasts, military, and shooting industries. The company also manufactures several ballistic products as well. One collection of sunglasses comes with removable facial cavity feature for cleaning and ventilation.

Polaroid Eyewear

Currently owned by the Safilo Group, this brand was founded in 1937 and it specializes in providing sunglasses with polarized lenses. Other products from this company include 3-D glasses, clip-ons, and optical frames. The sunglasses are available for men, women, and kids.

Serengeti Eyewear

Eye protection is the primary focus of this brand that was founded in 1983. It achieves this through a line-up of sunglasses featuring polarized and photochromic lenses. There are four different categories of sunglasses meant for different lifestyles.

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