Top 10 Email Marketing Services

For any business site or a blogger who treats his blog as a business, an email marketing tool is a must have tool. It provides the visitors an option to subscribe to the site and also automates the process of sending emails to the subscribers as per the schedule or frequency set by you. It can hence significantly improve reader base and profit for your business. Some of the well known and widely used email marketing tools are discussed below:

1. Mail chimp

MailChimp is one of the best email marketing tools for new bloggers and professionals as well. MailChimp can be used for FREE up to 2000 subscribers and allows you to send up to 12000 emails per month which is a great offer for new and medium scale businesses. Some of the great features of MailChimp are:

  1. It provides A/B split testing facility so that you can easily get valuable data for more clicks.
  2. It comes with an autoresponder for creating and scheduling emails.
  3. Inbox inspector is a great feature which allows you to foresee how your email will look in all the major email clients and thereby allowing you to make changes for better conversion.
  4. It allows you to deliver different pre-customized content based on subscriberís location or interest.
  5. It allows you to send campaigns without the need to login just by sending an email using the email beamer facility.

For sending newsletters however you have to subscribe to MailChimp. You can choose from various payment options which start from $10 for 0 to 500 subscribers. Also there is an option to purchase credits starting from $9 for 300 credits.

2. Aweber

Aweber is by far the most widely used email marketing tool available as it provides reliable and professional service at a very nominal rate. Some of the cool features of aweber are:

  1. You can easily manage your subscribers and segment them according to your preference.
  2. It comes with an auto-responder service which automatically sends emails at pre-determined time or interval at any sequence which you want.
  3. It comes with more than 400 web contact form designs and 150 email templates for better communication with your subscribers.
  4. It can gather RSS feed from your site and convert your blog posts into newsletter and deliver it to subscribers.
  5. It comes with a great customer support service which is available round the clock.

One great advantage of using Aweber is that it ensures your mail gets delivered and boasts of a 99 percent email delivery rate thanks to its strong anti-spam policies.

You can take advantage of this great tool at a nominal $19 per month fee or save some money by paying $49 quarterly or $194 per annum. Aweber is currently providing $1 trial offer for the first month.

3. Constant Contact

Constant Contact is another email marketing tool which can provide great support for your business. Some of its features are:

  1. It is easy to use and with low learning curve.
  2. You can choose from a wide range of 400 customizable templates for your email campaign.
  3. It proides you the option to share it in social media and also see get detailed report on who shares your emails via tweets and likes.

You can subscribe to Constant Contact for $15 per month up to 500 subscribers and go for higher plans too. Also you can try the 60 day trial version for less than 100 subscribers.

4. Benchmark Email

Benchmark email provides great email management service that too at a very affordable price. Some great features of Benchmark email:

  1. It comes with the option for list management which allows you to categorize your subscribers according to customer data and location.
  2. It provides real time reports for your campaign including detail on links clicked, emails opened etc.
  3. It provides the option to include polls and survey for better understanding your subscribers.

Benchmark Email is priced at $19 per month for 600 emails per month and go up to 100,000 emails at $375.00 per month.

5. Campaigner

Campaigner also provides great features which allow you to send great looking email templates and an option to add your offer. Following are some of the great features of Campaigner:

  1. It comes with 500+ templates from where you can choose the perfect looking email template and add images and links.
  2. It allows you to personalize your emails like including the name of the customer which gives a personal touch. Also you can target the customers based on their preferences.

You can subscribe to Campaigner for $10 per month for up to 1000 subscribers and get higher plans according to your requirement.

6. Campaign monitor

Campaign monitor provides an easy way to create your email campaign and manage your subscribers. Following are some great features of Campaign monitor:

  1. It allows you to create campaigns for both yourself and for your client through a sub account.
  2. You can get detailed report and analysis which can provide you insight into effectiveness of your campaign.

A under 500 subscriber account with unlimited emails will cost $15 per month and you can go for higher plans according to your requirement.

7. iContact

iContact guarantees 99 percent delivery rate and also provides real time tracking and reports. Some of the great features of iContact are:

  1. It comes with a great design option wherein you can create great looking messages with many options to choose the right color, text, images etc.
  2. You can also create your own messages if you are proficient with html using the MessageCoder feature.
  3. It comes with hundreds of great looking email templates to choose from for better impression.
  4. It provides real time reports for your emails and provides you with information on number of subscriber activities including clicks, opens, un-subscribes etc. which allows you to experiment with different business modules.

iContact is available for $14.00 per month up to 500 subscribers. It comes with a 30 day trial offer.

8. Interspire

Interspire is an email marketing tool which is used by many organizations worldwide. It comes with many features which makes it a class apart from majority of the email marketing tools. Some of the features are:

  1. It allows you to send automated mails at predetermined time using autoresponders.
  2. It comes with Split testing feature which allows you to choose the best format for better click through rate.
  3. It automatically removes invalid or unused email addresses and keeps the list clean.
  4. It provides information on the complete activity of your customers which gives you great insight into user interest.

Interspire is available for $495 for one year for a single user.

9. Jangomail

Jangomail combines the features of marketing and transactional emails to provide one of the best email marketing services. Some of its features are:

  1. It provides one of the best html editor software for creating customized great looking emails. It supports advanced HTML, CSS, a real time spell checker and many other features.
  2. You can set various properties other than just sending the email like request return receipt, prioritize the message, supports all ISO formats and send up to 20 attachments.
  3. It provides a highly detailed tracking report including email bounce, clicks on links, forward, unsubscribed etc.

Jangomail is available for a monthly fee of $15 with 1000 emails per month and you can easily choose a higher plan according to your use and budget.

10. Stream Send

Stream Send allows you to create great looking contact forms and templates just by dragging and dropping your favorite settings. Some of the features of Stream Send are:

  1. Stream Send comes with various easy to create customizable sign up forms just by dragging and adding.
  2. You can easily segment your contact list based on the subscriber information.
  3. It allows you to cho0se from a variety of email templates which are tested with all major email providers.
  4. It provides various tracking options and includes Google analytics for accurately tracking your emails.

StreamSend is available for a 30 day FREE trial plan for 200 emails per month. You can also subscribe to StreamSend for as low as $19.90 per month for 2000 Emails per month and even go for higher plans as per your convenience.

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