Top 4 Website Traffic Ranking Tools

The traffic on your website can be monitored through special website or by specific tools that monitor website traffic. With various avenues available on the internet, it is possible to track traffic quite easily and without much costs attached. However, the question is: Why should you do it? Essentially, your traffic is what brings you revenue. And therefore, it is a must for you to monitor your website traffic in order to work towards improving the traffic, increasing your traffic, as well as ensuring that visitors take the call to action.

Here Are The Top Ways To Check The Traffic On Your Website:


Specific to the United States of America, Compete is recognized for its detailed reports and graphical representation of data. The information is high on accuracy and offers a good analysis of the website traffic. Their strength also lies in original research of consumer behavior and responses to surveys, as mentioned on their website.

All it takes is for you to register and enter the URL of the site for which you want to view the traffic. then provides you with information on unique visitors, numbers and other related information from the US websites (since they are only associated with the US market).


The Alexa ranks have a standing since they give you a detailed report of the traffic, geographic and demographic representation of the traffic, the bounce rates and other related information. The detailed report also provides the page views, the amount of time a user has spent on the site, the number of times he has returned or simply left the site without waiting for too long (in other words, the bounce rate); and other information.

With information on what queries is leading traffic to your site, with the global and local ranking sand clear information on the page views, bounce percent and time on the site, you can monitor and comprehend the traffic on your site.


The site is useful with the kind of information it provides going up to personal details like income, profession, education, children, etc of the user/visitor. However, this entirely depends on the database. The site does provide a good deal of content on the traffic and is extremely popular in the web-speace; but however, it does have its limitation when it comes to accuracy.

For instance, even for a website which has a decent rank, as shown above, the information is scattered and limited.


With its user friendly layout and universal appeal, this site is no less when it comes to providing vital statistics about your website and its traffic as well as reigning on the popularity chart.

All one needs to do is, enter the details in the top right corner, for the website that you seek information about.

Finally, based on the information gained, it is advisable for you to act and implement your course of action!

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