25 Top Perfume Brands

Perfumes have been in existence since the times of the Romans. However, the presence of several high-profile brands has served to give the consumers choice of perfumes covering the three fragrance notes and all the different families of fragrances. This is a list of the top perfume brands in the world according to their popularity … Read more

20 Best Tablet Brands

Tablet PCs have been around for more than a decade, but they have become immensely popular since 2010 following the launch of the Apple iPad. Since then, numerous brands have come out with tablet PCs of their own to take on the Apple iPad. This is a list of the top tablet brands according to … Read more

15 Best Printer Brands

Printers have been one of the popular computer peripherals since their introduction by Charles Babbage in the 19th century. They have grown in stature in recent years to a position where they also offer functions like scanning, copying, and fax as well. This is a list of the top printer brands as per their popularity. … Read more

20 Best Bike Brands

Motorcycles are used for a variety of purposes whether it is just for commuting, racing, or off-road purposes. Due to great advancements in this industry, motorcycles are comparable to cars in terms of aspects like acceleration, top speed, and cruising ability. This is a list of the top bike brands as per their popularity. Related … Read more

21 Top Hotel Chains

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21 Top Laptop Brands

The use of laptops has changed in such a way that it is not only about meeting the requirements of business people. There are now laptops to satisfy gaming and multimedia lovers. This is due to the presence of numerous laptop brands offering a variety of products to the consumer. Related Lists: (1) Tablet Brands … Read more

17 Top Camera Brands

Cameras today have come a long way since the early days when they used to be slow and cumbersome. Nowadays, cameras can easily take pictures of high speed moving objects, while some of them even can record videos in full high definition. Related Lists: (1) Tablet Brands (2) Laptop Brands (3) Shopping Websites. This list … Read more

18 Top Car Companies

Apart from a few years, car companies have not experienced great difficulties in the last century. The car has become such a vital ingredient in the life today that sales have always been on the up. The car industry has come a long way since its inception in 1885. The options for the new car … Read more

38 Popular Wrist Watch Brands

Wearing a wrist watch today is more of a style statement besides serving the need of keeping time. People like to wear them as per occasions and their needs. Below we have compiled the list of the top 38 companies from all over the world who have been manufacturing great wristwatches for years. Swatch This … Read more