26 Popular Online Travel Guides

Nowadays, people want to see new places and experience new cultures. As a result, travelling to popular travel destinations has become very common. There are several sites that provide comprehensive travel guides that help travellers make the most out of their stay.

Here are some of the top travel sites in the world that provide reliable travel guides. Please note,


This site claims to be the largest and most popular travel community with over 32 million members and functions on user-generated content. They have a number of popular destination guides classified region wise. They also provide the option of planning a budget trip under categories like eco-adventures, family vacations, beach vacations, and romantic getaways. Other services includes vacation rental booking, hotel booking and user reviews on various destinations, accommodations and restaurants.

Lonely Planet

Lonely Planet allows users to plan trips, choose from a list of popular countries, cities, or hotel destinations. They offer an exhaustive list of ‘Things to do’ for the popular cities in the world. The articles section offers information on tips to make the holiday more exciting. The site also provides a discussion board to interact with other travellers.


This is a travel guide with 25,600+ destination guides and other articles. A unique travel destination is covered every month, with information on orientation, connectivity, what to see, do, eat, drink, and buy. It also provides information about the latest events and festivals across the world. It is a wiki website where everyone can contribute and edit articles.


WAYN, Short for Where Are You Now? is a travel social network that boasts of over 20 million members. It helps people discover where to go and what to do. WAYN helps to connect with likeminded people based on past experiences, where you would like to go and what you would like to do. The site was started in 2005.


This site contains guides to major cities of the world, covering over 60 cities. It offers recommendations on attractions, events, restaurants, nightlife, films, theatre, shopping, and music in the city. It also provides access to the Timeout magazine.

Virtual tourist

The travel guides section provides the scoop from fellow travellers and real locals. The site discusses aspects like hotels and nightlife. It has a daily updated travel tips column, which provides information on various news and occurrences at destinations.


Another popular travel guidebook publisher, fodors.com offers information on various travel destinations, blog, mobile applications, discussion forums and much more. Their destination guides covers wide number of places and cities with in-depth guide for visitors.


The travel guide offered by this site covers the aspects like hotels, restaurants, activities to do, tips, and numerous articles. This site also regularly provides getaway destination tips, new travel ideas, and deals for various travel related stuff.


This is an online destination for those planning the perfect travel excursion. Not only can Frommers.com visitors find timely articles written by Frommers.com experts, they also can read excerpts from and purchase Frommer’s Guidebooks, and gain insights from message boards and purchase travel products and services.

Wiki Voyage

A travel wiki project from WikiMedia foundation. Wikivoyage is a wiki site which was relaunched in January 2013. It offers articles similar to WikiTravel. Currently they already have more than 25000 travel guides on this wiki. WikiVoyage offers travel guide which is different from WikiPedia in various ways.

About.com Travel

This is a division of about.com that specializes in providing information about travel destinations around the world. This site offers information like must-see attractions, transportation options, and things-to-do as part of its travel guide. It also has a special link to the Disney Trip Planner.

Yahoo! Travel

This division of Yahoo! Provides travel guides for destinations around the world besides also providing travel ideas and the ability to book tickets. The travel guides on this site offer information through videos, photos, and articles. Maps and the popular attractions of a region are also offered.

Travel Channel

This site has a comprehensive information of a place like its photos, videos, attractions, places to stay, and things-to-do in its travel guide section. The site also has numerous videos from its television channel, while the schedule of the same is also provided.


TravelBlog offers a comprehensive travel guide covering aspects like planning, preparation, health, insurance, getting there, things to take, and communicating with the locals. It also has a popular discussion board and deals on the travel insurance.


Away.com provides information about the things to do, vacation ideals and places to stay in the top travel destinations around the world. It also has numerous travel advices and has a comparison tool to compare the rates of transportation and hotels.

My Destination

My Destination claims to provide travel guides for more than 70 destinations across the world. The travel guides provide information about the life style of the region, food, culture, and various things-to-do. It has a video showcase demonstrating the best aspects of the region.


TravellersPoint provides travel guides divided into separate categories that offer information about the geography, attractions, language, reaching the destination, and transportation during the travel. The site also has blogs, maps, discussion boards, accommodation information, and pictures of various destinations.


TravBuddy claims to offer travel guides of various regions across the world from more than 400,000 users and 90,000 reviews. The travel guides discusses various aspects of a region like nightlife, food, accommodation, things to do, and flight deals.


This site provides reviews and things-to-do information for various aspects involved in travelling like food, stay, activities, shopping, and transportation. The site also has a section that allows users to book their travel through a portal. The site claims to have more than 500,000 pages of information.

World Travel Guide

World Travel Guide is concerned with providing travel guides for various regions across the world. Exclusive travel guides are provided to beach, ski, and cruise lovers. The site has been online since 1999. It also has a video section highlighting various cities around the world.


TripWolf provides travel guides to major destinations across the globe. The travel guide section offers detailed information about places to visit, photos, while also accepting tips for the users. TripWolf also has a special section that allows users to plan a travel.

Independent Traveller

Independent Traveller provides travel guides in individual sections like forums, reviews, and tips. The site also provides the latest deals for accommodation and transport divided according to their regions. The discussion boards are also available for each continent.


Wordtravels provides comprehensive travel guides that cover aspects like the local events, climate, currency, maps, and attractions. Run by Globe Media Limited, the site claims to have travel guides for almost 300 countries worldwide. It also features information about the tour operators.

World 66

This site offers travel guides written by the users. It claims to have guides for more than 20,000 destinations worldwide, while having more than 80,000 reviews submitted by its users. The travel guides on this site covers every aspect from the start to the completion of the journey.

Rough Guides

Rough Guides provides travel reviews for all the countries. The guides come with information like the weather, things to do, entry requirements, money aspect, and holiday timings. The site also provides a photo gallery and a discussion board.


Started in 1995, Planetware has been providing travel guides and other tips to travellers visiting all the popular tourist destinations across the world. The site dedicates special sections to provide information about the hotels and attractions in the region.