Top 13 URL Shortners

There are numerous things which help you to simplify the process by which you explore the web. One of those which have been popular in the recent times is the URL shorteners which is used by millions of people around the world. These assist you for the purpose of internet marketing and social networking whereby can be very handy while you are a frequent user of Facebook or Twitter to share links.

Some of the selected ones which are quite good to serve this need have been listed below:

1. Bitly

Popular for its sharing functionality this website helps you build traffic besides adding the feature of viewing history of a URL and providing advanced tools such as the side bar booklet and the developer tools.

2. Goo.GL

A simple yet effective tool by Google itself which helps you to shorten your URL’s instantly. It provides you the space to paste the URL you wish to shorten, and keeps a record of the last shortened URLs over the past month.

3. Tiny URL

Adding the functionality to shorten your URL this site provides you the option of customizing your URL as well. Moreover it is available to be installed directly on your preferred browser so that the URLs could be shortened from the browser itself.

4. Adfly

Another great site which comes with the difference of paying for the links that gets clicked. Yes besides just shortening your URL they pay for every shortened link from their site upon being clicked by the users.


It comes with the simplicity of shortening and sharing your URLs online which is slimmer as well as non-obtrusive. Further it provides you the service of bookmarking the links which have been retweeted by you.


The site comes with the feature of adding images as well as videos to your shortened URLs. Moreover after you create your account you could use the services as an advertiser to place ads or sell your space on your website for ads and get paid.

7. Su.PR

URL Shortning service from StumbleUpon. A leading social networking website. It also allow tracking performance of links in real time with detailed stats and allow custom short URLs. Requires registration.


The site is a simple place to shorten your URLs and use it to share through emails, blogs, mobiles or forum posts where it is not possible to share long URLs. The shortened URLs really help to obscure your real email from the bots and not be termed as spam.


Besides providing the service to shorten your long URLs this site provides you the feature to track your URLs with real time statistics and more details related to the traffic. When logged in to your account it also allows you to manage your URLs (edit or add) and see its complete link history.

10. Short URL

Another URL forwarding service comes with hosts of services such as domain registration and offers the space to create free subdomains on about 20 of its network sites. You can further use their URL shortening service to shorten your subdomain links.

11. Long URL

Known to provide a platform of a standard API for numerous URL shortening services which supports more than 340 service providers. It does the work of previewing the exact URL of the shortened URLs so that you know the exact link.


From the developers of McAfee Antivirus the site provides the service of shortening your URLs, sharing them instantly on Twitter and Facebook, and further increasing the security of the links to build visitor confidence while visiting your website.


Coming from the house of Mister Wong the site provides permanent redirects for every URL shortened. The site provides a space to insert a URL and check out their statistics of that particular link which includes the clicks by humans and bots.

From September 2010, twitter started shorting all long links by default to its own URL shortening service with called Although it is only part of twitter network and not provided separately and don’t provide visitor tracking options. Similarly, youtube also have its own URL shortner called

So with the service providers listed above you can certainly enhance the user as well as your personal experience for your websites. These not only help to shorten your URLs but make it much easier to share on the social engine websites and mobile phones giving simple access to the targeted users.

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