40 Best US Universities

The United States of America is undoubtedly the top destination in the world when it comes to university education. This is primarily due to the highly scientific, technical, and research oriented way of education offered in this region of the world.

This list offers the top US universities as per their popularity.

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Located in Cambridge, MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) is comprised of one college and five schools. They contain 32 academic departments offering undergraduate, graduate, and research study options. The popular academic departments at this university are engineering, physical sciences, management, and biology. There are five subject libraries for the university consisting of almost 3 million books. Many of the university’s faculty has received Nobel prizes.

Stanford University

Established in 1891, this is one of the prestigious universities in the world offering research focused education. The university is comprised of seven schools within its campus teaching aspects of business, earth sciences, education, engineering, humanities, law, and medicine. The library at the University has more than 8 million books spread over 20 different branches. The university also provides online learning.

Harvard University

This is one of the oldest universities in the world having been established in 1636. The university offers undergraduate, graduate, and professional degrees to its students, while there are more than 200 courses available in these mediums. There are numerous schools part of the Harvard University that specializes in aspects like business, engineering, law, and medicine.

Uni. of Phoenix

This university provides more than 100 different courses at various levels of higher education like associate, master’s, bachelor’s, and doctoral levels. These degree programs are offered through two colleges and seven schools. The university has numerous campuses and learning centers around the world.

Uni. of California, Berkeley

Established in 1828, this university offers undergraduate and graduate degree programs in various mediums, while it has a total of 14 schools and colleges. There are several faculties specializing in aspects like engineering, business, law, and journalism.

The Pennsylvania State University

This university has a rich collection of departments divided into 14 different colleges. Agricultural sciences, business, information technology, nursing, engineering, and communications are the different departments offered through these colleges. The university has a total of 24 campuses of which the University Park is the largest.

Uni. of Texas, Austin

The university offers seven libraries across its campus that has 9 million volumes of resources. Its academic unit consists of 16 schools and colleges, which offer more than 250 undergraduate and graduate degrees. There are also professional and doctoral degrees as well.

University of Michigan

Established in 1817, this is the oldest university in the state of Michigan. The university consists of 13 schools and colleges comprising of departments like engineering, business, dentistry, law, and medicine. There are almost 10 million physical volumes present in its library.

Uni. of Pennsylvania

This is one of the oldest institutions of higher education in the United States having been established in 1740. The university offers undergraduate, graduate, joint degree, and professorship programs along with several research institutes. Its library holds just over 6 million books.

Cornell University

This university comprises of 14 schools for undergraduate and graduate programs. Many of the undergraduate programs are offered with international focuses. Research institutes in aspects like engineering and natural sciences are present along with a library that holds more than 7 million printed materials.

University of Illinois UC

This is part of the University of Illinois and it comprises of several schools and colleges. This university offers more than 150 programs in its 17 colleges. University Honors degree is also offered beyond the undergraduate and graduate degrees.

University of Washington

Offering education across three campuses, this university was formed in 1861. It includes more than 140 departments offering bachelors, masters, and doctoral degrees. Dentistry, engineering, environment, public health, and nursing are some of the departments offered at this university.

Uni. of Minnesota

Comprising of 19 schools, colleges, and academic units, this university has just under 300 programs on offer at undergraduate and graduate level. Biological sciences, dentistry, design, law, medicine, and liberal arts are some of the academic departments at this university.

Columbia University

Founded in 1754, this institution comprises of 20 schools. The university has numerous graduate and professional schools offering departments like journalism, business, arts and science, architecture, and dental medicine. Nine members of the current faculty have been recipients of Noble prizes.

Uni. of Wisconsin-Madison

This university offers undergraduate, graduate, and professional degrees across 20 different schools each specializing in a certain academic field. There are more than 300 degree program offered by these schools. The university has its own library and museum.

Purdue University

This university offers more than 200 areas of study in both graduate and undergraduate degree programs. These programs are offered through 10 schools and colleges. The university has a total of six campuses. Research projects on environment and engineering also take place at this university.

Uni. of California, Los Angeles

Offering more than 300 programs across undergraduate and graduate levels, this university was founded in 1882. It has a 4000 strong faculty, which also has Nobel Prize winners. The campus has 10 libraries, while professional education is also provided.

The City University of New York (CUNY)

Located in New York, this university comprises of more than 30 different institutions, schools, and colleges. They offer programs from various categories like business, health, humanities, politics, science, and technology. The university provides both professional and continuing education.

New York University

This is a private university offer graduate and undergraduate degree programs, while it also has many global programs as well. These global programs allow student exchange to the university’s campuses around the world. There are 18 different institutions, colleges, and schools within the United States.

Yale University

The third oldest in the United States, this university has many schools offering graduate, undergraduate, and professional education. There are research institutes focusing on social, medical, and engineering sciences. The library at this university has more than 12 physical volumes.

University of Florida

This is public university was established in 1853. It is amongst the largest in the United States due to the number of academic programs, which are offered from numerous departments like business, engineering, medicine, and law. The university also provides more than 70 doctoral programs as well.

Ohio State University

There are 16 different schools and colleges present as part of this university. The university has five regional campuses aside from its main campus. There are numerous programs available as part of the graduate, undergraduate, and professional education.

Michigan State University

This university offers several colleges specializing in fields like engineering, veterinary medicine, nursing, music, law, and agriculture education. It has a global study program providing students with access to more than 200 programs across the world through partnerships.

Virginia Tech University

Formed in 1872, this public university has more than 70 undergraduate programs, 70 master’s program, and 60 doctoral programs. These are offered through nine academic colleges that are part of the University. Engineering, graduate studies, university studies, and business are some of the different college streams.

Carnegie Mellon University

This research university consists of seven colleges and schools offering academic departments like business, arts, humanities, and computer science. There are more than 90 research institutes as part of this university. There are more than 1400 faculty at this university.

Rutgers University, NJ

One of the oldest institutions in the United States, this university was established in 1766. There are more than 250 academic programs available in the 30 different schools and colleges that are part of this university. Undergraduate, graduate, doctoral, and professional degrees are offered here.

Uni. of Southern California

This private research university offers graduate and professional programs in various fields like medicine, law, and engineering. There are also undergraduate programs available as well. This university spends more than $600 million each year on research institutes.

University of North Carolina

Formed in 1795, this is one of the oldest public universities offering graduate, undergraduate, professional, and doctoral degrees through its 14 schools and colleges. There are more than 200 programs on offer covering aspects like dentistry, education, nursing, social work, and business.

Arizona State University

This public research university comprises of four different campuses offering bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degree programs. They are provided through 15 schools and colleges that are part of the institution. There are several research centers and institutes present as well.

North Carolina State University

Located in North Carolina, this university offers all types of degree programs in higher education through its schools and colleges. It offers just over 250 programs in all forms of higher education including doctoral programs. Engineering, textiles, design, and life sciences are some the streams of education.

University of Arizona

This university has a total of three campuses offering more than 300 different programs at undergraduate and graduate level. There are 11 schools and 20 colleges present as part of this university. The library of this university holds more than 5 million physical volumes.

University of California, Davis

This is a research centric university that provides undergraduate and graduate programs as well. It has more than 90 research centers and institutes specializing in aspects like medicine and veterinary medicine. Professional and continuing education study options are also present.

Uni. of Virginia

This is a public research university formed in 1819. It has several schools and colleges offering education in aspects like business, nursing, medicine, engineering, and professional studies. Only graduate and undergraduate degrees are offered in these schools.

Princeton University

This private university was established in 1746, thus becoming one of the oldest in the United States. Arts and engineering degrees are offered to the undergraduates, while graduates have disciplines like social sciences, humanities, natural sciences, and engineering.

University of Maryland

Comprising of 13 schools and colleges, this university offers more than 200 programs at graduate and undergraduate level. It has the largest public library in Maryland housing more than 3 million physical volumes. There are certificate and special academic programs available as well.

University of Chicago

This university has several international campuses aside from its main campus in Chicago. The main campus has a college, graduate research schools, and professional schools. The graduate school is four in number, while the professional school is six in number.

University of California, San Diego

Founded in 1960, this university has 10 divisions and schools offering graduate and undergraduate programs in fields like arts and humanities, biological sciences, engineering, and management. The university has four research centers and numerous research institutes. There are six residential colleges as well.

Northwestern University

This private research university comprises of 12 schools offering graduate, undergraduate, and professional education. The university offers more than 250 degrees from these schools. There are seven libraries spread across the two campuses of the university holding just under 5 million books.

Uni. of Colorado Boulder

Formed in 1876, this university has nine schools and colleges, which offer more than 150 different programs belonging to various categories like arts and architecture, business, engineering, and mass communication. The university also offers professional courses and distance learning options.

Duke University

This university provides almost 100 different programs in the undergraduate level aside from professional and graduate courses. There are several certificate programs being offered as well. The university library is one of the largest due to the six million strong physical items.