17 Popular Video Conferencing Services

The global nature of the businesses today put a huge strain on the resources of a company. However, the advent of many online meeting services has reduced the strain of networking within employees and partners. These online meeting services help by offering connecting, sharing, and collaborating services that are essential in the day-to-day running of a business.

There are some well-known online meeting service providers, and this list hopes to bring out the best.

1. GoToMeeting

This California based online meeting service provider offers web conferencing and online meeting tools in three different packages. High definition video and administration centre are standard options. Offers simple, yet highly feature rich video conferencing system.

2. Join.me

Offers an extremely simple screen sharing service for basic users. The pro version provides additional features like scheduler and window sharing. The facility can also be availed on any android device, iPad and the iPhone.

3. WebEx

A service from Cicco. This is an online meeting service provider that offers file sharing, instant messaging and unlimited meetings as standard. The provider offers three different plan options to suit various needs. Free plan offers unlimited meeting attending option.

4. Zoho Meeting

Users have the ability to utilise branding with this online meeting service provider. It works on any OS. The professional plan allows customisation based on the number of participants.

5. Adobe Connect

Used by some of the leading organisations in the world, this online meeting service provides a good platform for the likes of webinars and online meetings. There are different solutions for individuals and enterprises looking to avail this service.

6. AnyMeeting

This ad supported online meeting service provider offers the ability for basic users to enjoy the service for free. The company also offers professional plans without ads.

7. TeamLab

This cloud service provider offers the opportunity to take your office into the cloud, with several options like project and document management being offered as standard.

8. OmNovia

This unique online meeting service provider differs from the competition because it offers webinar and meeting facilities without any software installation, as it is browser based.

9. ClearSlide

This online service provider caters to the communication requirements of a sales team with the ability to communicate with customers using different methods like e-mail and phone.

10. ReadyTalk

This US based online meeting provider offers a complete range of features in its web conferencing service, while other services include the ability to record meetings.

11. Spreed

This offers a variety of features within its web conferencing plan including presenting PowerPoint and Office files. Plans can be customised depending upon the participants.

12. Mikogo

Offering remote control, desktop and support is one of the main features of this online meeting service provider. There are six different plans to suit different requirements.

13. MeetingBurner

This web meeting service provider claims to offer the best speed of all the competitors. The free plan can host 10 participants, while larger plans are also available at a cost.

14. Polycom

An award-winning video conferencing service provider, it offers a range of solutions for every customer including mobile video conferencing. Plans can be tailored according to requirements.

15. OpenTok

This is an online meeting service provider that offers unique plans like the ability to host talk shows and having a community chat. Group chats are also offered and the prices vary accordingly.

16. ShowMyPC

This remote meeting and support service provider mainly offers the screen sharing functionality. They are a low cost service provider, but they also have premium and enterprise plans.

17. ClickMeeting

An online meeting service provider that offers the ability to record meetings and share the desktop. They offer three different plans for various requirements.

There are plenty of online meeting service providers available today and each of them are unique in their own respect. This list aims to bring out the pros and cons of each service provider. In addition to this, Google hangouts and Skype provide the ability to enjoy multiple user conferencing and screen sharing respectively.

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