11 Best Video Sharing Websites

Videos are an integral part of our online activities these days. So where should you head if you want to catch up on your favorite videos or want to share some of your own? Here are the top 11 sites:

1. YouTube

YouTube is a platform that has enhanced the experience of video uploading and sharing. The site leads all other video sharing websites and most importantly, it is absolutely free. They have even modified their cap on video lengths which wap initially 10 minutes. Users can now upload content as long as 15 minutes and for longer videos they require review.

2. MetaCafe

They call themselves the video entertainment engine offering video games and action sports along with new uploads on news, movies, television serials and personal choices. The site allows log in through social media check-in and has the “Family fiter” option to regulate the content.

3. Vimeo

For your personal and private videos, Vimeo is one of the safest and secure websites. They offer a great deal of privacy norms.
They have separate categories with catalogs of videos, channels which showcase user videos and groups as well. HD videos can be separately uploaded.

4. Daily Motion

Dailymotion is relatively easy to use and is free. They allow a 2GB cap on the size of files. However, unlimited HD uploads are allowed on the site. The site is one of the most popular websites for sharing and viewing of videos. No registration is needed for the same.

5. Yahoo Screen

If you want to browse through videos of your interest, Yahoo Screen offers the perfect platform. They have updated and rich content over sections like Lifestyle, sports, finances, movies, comedy and others making it more like a video magazine. A great place to share and watch audio – visual content.

6. Hulu

Hulu is focused on entertainment and presents the user with popular videos ranging over varied topics and sections. They offer recommendations as well as offer and contests. However, the website is accessible and running only in the United States.

7. Break

A video sharing site for funny videos and clips. Categorized by channels just line most video sharing sites. Also allow funny picture sharing. They also provide games and contest with exciting prizes for user engagement.

8. Ustream

Ustream has interesting choices. Along with videos you can watch the visual radios of online radio station. The site displays the most popular videos and the statistics of the number of people going through the site at that point of time. The site has an interesting layout and is user friendly, keeping the user entertained.

9. Blip
Blip has videos on display and has recently introduced subscriptions. The site allows a user to interact and extend preferences and host projects on various causes.

10. Veoh

Veoh has an easy to use, simple website. The advantage here is that there is no cap on the length of videos. They accept over hundred formats of videos and the videos uploaded can be easily embedded in your website or blog.

11. Viddler

Viddler is completely professional. They initially provided free plans but now have paid subscriptions. The offer up to 200 GB upload limit per month on a subscription of $200/month and 100 GB for the subscription with $100 GB.

Also check list of music sharing sites.

Besides these, social media websites are also catching up with video upload features and sharing. Flickr and Facebook offer video sharing options within their network with twists!

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