21 Top VOIP Service Providers

The advent of VOIP has truly transformed the way that many of us communicate with one another. More individuals are dropping their traditional phone line services in favor of VOIP services. If you are interested in the idea of using a web-based telephone service, there are many great options to choose from. Luckily, we have created a list of some of the top VOIP companies that offer great VOIP services on the net.

1. Skype

Just about everyone has heard of Skype. This is a great VOIP service that is in use by both professionals and everyday people that wish to find an easy way to chat through text, voice and video. Here are just a few of the best features of the Skype service:

  • PC-to-PC or smartphone-to-smartphone calling is totally free. So is basic video calling.
  • Special packages for calling to land-lines exist as well, generally on a per minute basis.
  • Skype supports a wide variety of platforms from the PC to mobile platforms like Windows Phone, Android and iPhone.
  • Text based SMS services and instant messaging exist through the service.

2. Google Voice

Google Voice is a great service that offers an easy way to make calls to different parts of the world. Like Skype, there are multiple platforms such as Android and PC that support Google Voice. Here are just a few of the strongest features found with Google Voice:

  • Free calling to the U.S. And Canada with low priced calling world-wide.
  • A web interface means you don’t have to download an application to run the service.
  • Free SMS and Voicemail.
  • A permanent number and the ability to change your number to other VOIP providers if you decide to drop Google Voice services.
  • Integration with contacts from Gmail and seamless integration with the Android mobile dialer.

3. Globe7

Globe7 offers a easy to use downloadable PC app or the option to make calls right from your browser. Free PC-PC Calls and cheapest calling to any landline or mobile across the globe. You can also get the benefit of Instant Messaging. There plan pricing is clear and easy to look up, without any worries about things like unexpected fees and surprise billing. Here are just a few strong points about Globe 7’s service:

  • Calling to the US costs less than a penny per minute, with many other locations across the world costing as little as a few cents per minute.
  • The ability to make calls through your web browser is very convenient.
  • The application’s layout is simple and easy to use.
  • Free PC-to-PC calling.

4. Ringcentral

If you want a service that works through your PC or even an existing phone with a special adapter, than RingCentral might be the ideal service for you. There are three base services avaliable through the service, with the cheapest starting at $9.99 a month for 100 local and long distance minutes with 4.9 cents for each additional minute. Here are a few other strong points about RingCentral:

  • Voice mail is included with the service.
  • A cloud faxing service is avaliable.
  • The flexibility of using your existing phone with adapter, a PC, or even a special app for using the service with the iPhone.
  • A wide variety of local and toll-free numbers to choose from.

5. Vonage

Easily the most recognized service in the VOIP world. The Vonage service is designed to be a complete replacement system for traditional phone lines and includes a special box that allows any regular phone to plug in to its service. Recently, the service has also expanded to include calling through Android and iOS devices as well. Let’s take a look at just a few of the great things on offer through Vonage:

  • Unlimited calling in the US for $9.99 a month for the first three months!
  • Normal $25.99 a month pricing makes the service very affordable.
  • Great customer support that makes this a worthy replacement for traditional phone lines.
  • Tons of international calling plans and special add-ons including Toll Free numbers and more.

6. Rebtel

Rebtel is an international calling VOIP service that has very cheap rates and a huge amount of extra features. The average price is several cents less than most comparable features and it is useable through the PC as well as a wide variety of mobile devices. Here are just a few reasons you’ll love Rebtel:

  • Many VOIP services have Android and iOS apps, but Rebtel also supports Blackberry and Windows Phone devices!
  • Over 222 countries to call to through Rebtel.
  • Rebtel’s website is easy to navigate and has four languages to choose from- French, English, Spanish, and Polish.
  • Great technical support that responds quickly to solve any problems or questions you might have.

7. Jajah

Jajah is designed to work everywhere in the world on any phone or PC, without the need for software. Here are just a few features:

  • Web-based app is highly compatible with just about any platform from PC to mobile.
  • Great rates worldwide, with the US calling rate being just 3 cents a minute.

8. LocalPhone.com

Need global calling at rates as low as a few pennies a minute? LocalPhone offers some of the cheapest rates around, and has a comparison page right on the front of its website, giving you its rates versus Skype, another popular service. Here are just a few few features offered:

  • Rates start at just a half-cent per minute, depending on where you are calling to.
  • You can call from your PC, or even Android device or iPhone through a smartphone app.
  • Global text messaging is available.

9. Phone.com

When it comes to VOIP, Phone is a great choice if you want two dedicated lines that make use of normal phones. The service starts at $49 a month and includes a dedicated fax line and unlimited calling for the first line, and 300 minutes a month for the second line. Here are other great features:

  • 5-10 cents a minute long distance for additional minutes.
  • Call routing from other numbers.
  • Unlimited voice mail.

10. 8×8.com

Looking for cloud-based VOIP with businesses in mind? 8X8 is one of the oldest VOIP providers on the market and has both business and residential plans. Here are just a few of the great features:

  • 8×8 is considered one of the most reliable VOIP services with little-to-no downtime in service.
  • Flexible packages include international calling and more.
  • Excellent customer service and great mobile integration features that let the service work via a smartphone.

11. Nonoh

Nonoh is a very simple to use site that allows calling directly from their site. It isn’t as feature heavy as many of the other VOIP providers, but many calling options are actually free, which is a huge plus. Here a few benefits of Nonoh:

  • Free calling in Argentina, Croatia, Ireland, Russia, and the US.
  • Flexible rates elsewhere across the globe.
  • An easy web-based interface.

12. Fringout

Free PC-to-PC or smartphone-to-smartphone video calling, texting and voice is just one reason why Fring is a great service. Rates are cheap for land-line dialing as well, starting at just 1 cent a minute. Here are some other great reasons to consider Fring:

  • Flexiblity of using PC, Android, and iOS devices.
  • Excellent customer support.
  • Easy to use and get started with.

13. Vocalocity

VocaloCity is designed with businesses in mind, offering cloud faxing, the use of real phone systems, and great pricing packages. Here are a few other reasons why you might want to consider VocalCity :

  • Reliable service with exceptional customer support
  • The ability to transfer existing numbers from a land-line and use them with this VOIP service.
  • Phone service designed to look and feel like a traditional land-line option.
  • Virtual receptionist features allow you to switch to different greetings throughout the day and more.

14. VoipDiscount

This budget VOIP service is designed to work in three unique ways- through the computer, through a mobile device or through a traditional phone with special adapter. Here are a few of the great features for the service

  • Rates that start at just a penny a minute for voice, even less for texting.
  • Free PC-to-PC calling or smartphone-to-smartphone calling, as long as both users have software installed.

15. VoipBuster

VOIP buster is very similar to the above VOIP discount, offering similar calling options through PC and mobile. Here are a few reasons to consider this one:

  • Low rates, with US calling just at pennies a minute.
  • PC to PC calling in many countries across the globe.
  • Easy to use software for Windows, Mac, Android, and iPhone.

16. Voipo

This unique VOIP service offers a special 2-year service where you pay $129 for two full years of unlimited calls to the US and Canada. There are also business VOIP options and international calling plans offered. Here are some great reasons to join:

  • Pay once for two years service, or consider many other great plans.
  • Transfer your current land-line number.
  • Great tech support based in the US.
  • Call blocking options.
  • View voice mails online or even have them emailed to you.

17. NimbuzzOut

Nimbuzz is a pretty simple VOIP service, buy credits and call others, simple as that. Best of all, you can use both 3G and WIFI to make calls. Here are a few other reasons why Nimbuzzout is worth considering:

  • A Mobile and PC app means tons of flexibility for calling.
  • The ability to use tablets and devices like iPhone Touches as ‘full phones’ through the use of 3G or WIFI calling.
  • Low rates at just pennies a minute.

18. PhonePower

Phonepower is a pre-paid VOIP service that offers several flexible pricing plans, including paying for a whole year for $199.95 and getting a second year’s service for free. Here are other features found with PhonePower :

  • PhonePower can fully replace a home line with a two-line adapter that works with traditional phones.
  • Unlimited calling to the US and Canada with all package options.
  • Great international calling rates, starting at just a few pennies a minute.

19. VoipCheap

VOIP cheap is exactly how it sounds, a budget friendly VOIP service. The service works with a headset on your PC and allows instant calling through its app. Here are other reasons to consider VOIP Cheap:

  • A mobile app allows calling via WIFI or 3G/4G on your current smartphone.
  • An adapter can allow a traditional phone to work with the service.
  • Calling plans are very affordable with per minute options that start at just a cent a minute and go up from there.

20. Voip.com

VOIP’s service is one of the few that offer an unlimited calling plan to the world, starting at $179.95 a year. There is also a smaller, domestic plan for $149.95 a year that includes unlimited calling in the US and Canada. What else is there with VOIP? Let’s check it out :

  • Free calls to 55 countries with the unlimited world plan.
  • One hour international calling a month with domestic plan.
  • Line adapter allows normal phones to work with the system and makes for a true land-line replacement option.

21. OoVoo.com

This VOIP service is all about free video and voice calling on a web range of platforms such as Android, iPhone, iPad and PC. Here are a few features of the service:

  • Free voice and video to other devices with the ooVoo app, through ad-supported interface.
  • Call recording to keep a log of your conversations and videos.
  • Support in many countries across the globe.

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