40 Popular Web Design Blogs & Resources

In the age of internet, web designing is becoming a passion not only among the youths but among people of all ages. The websites are created to serve various purposes. They prove beneficial in day-to-day life as they minimize the consumption of time. Web design plays an important role in the presentation of a website as well. Web design should be suited to the particulars with which the website is concerned. Below we have listed down some of the popular websites that provide handy tutorials for people to learn and enhance their capabilities in the field.

1. Smashing Magazine

Smashing Magazine offers brilliant tutorials in web designs for css, html, and javascript designing. While taking creativity to its uppermost stratum, it ensures quality learning for the budding designers. With easy to understand tutorials Smashing Magazine ensures that the learning web design remains clear and lucid.

2. CSS Tricks

CSS Tricks is the right place if you want to make yourself an excellent web designer as it presents you with the most innovative ways in web designing. So when it is learning about css and what all you could do with this language CSS Tricks is the place which could prove to be quite beneficial to you.

3. Hongkiat

Serving as a source for inspiration, it has gained a worldwide popularity and become popular among young learners, eager to learn innovative styles of web designing. It features numerous tutorials on topics such as Photoshop, WordPress, SMM, and much more.

4. 1st Web Designer

The community is trusted by millions of users all over the world for the lucidity and ease it offers to the learners. It has remained one of the leading tutorial sites imparting learning in web designing to those interested. It has also been the best source of learning for coding, tutorials for web design, WordPress Tricks and tips, etc.

5. Tuts+

Tuts Plus lends itself to provide multitudinous facilities that include teaching how to create web designs, video projects, web apps and various other skills. It enables a deeper and more analytical study of the subject of your passion. It also brings education to the doorstep of the majority, while ensuring a step-by-step and detailed way of learning.

6. SpeckyBoy

Specky Boy has emerged as a popular website offering tutorials for graphic designing, web development, mobile development, etc. The inspiration section and the freelance section is another popular segment of the website which features handy resources and recommendations for the users.

7. Six Revisions

Six Revisions is a website which offers you with tutorials on topics pertaining to Design and Development. The categories as listed on the website cover AJAX, CSS, Javascript, Mobile Development, and more. While the website deals with web content that is of no mundane quality, it ensures that the content is easy to understand.

8. Noupe

At this site you would find tutorials related to WordPress, Photoshop, AJAX, Freelance, Inspirations, etc. The website also features dedicated sections on photography and wallpaper where they showcase some of the best collection of pictures. Being highly illustrative in nature and written in simplified manner makes this site very popular among the developers.

9. Web Design Ledger

A career in web designing can take you to the zenith of success and for the part of learning the same, you can depend on Web Design Ledger. The freebies, tutorials, tips, or the resources available at the website are pretty illustrative and simple to understand making it easier for the readers to learn better.

10. Colour Lovers

Colour Lovers enables a brilliant synthesis of creative designs where people from all over the world share their artistic creations. It provides a unique blending of tastes and pieces of art. It is variously called by people as colour themes or colour palettes and has more than 2.1million users who have created 5.7 million colours on the website.

11. Web Designer Depot

Web designing is now emerging as a fascination among the youths whereby Web Designer Depot has emerged as a popular website offering tutorial to the interested learners. As a source for inspiration, it remains unique in such areas as coding, typography or Photoshop Tutorials.

12. DesignModo

Design modo proves the best when it comes to tips, tricks, or tutorials in terms of designing and coding. It offers brilliant tutorials which help you to create your website or master your Photoshop skills easily.

13. Web Design Resources Depot

Offers free web design resources and covers many topics like HTML, CSS, Javascript, RSS, Fonts, CMS, WordPress, Usability, Website security and much more.

14. Abduzeedo

It is the blog that should be looked at if one desires to go for tutorials on Photoshop, Illustrator, Fireworks, Pixelmator and other related topics. The tutorials are offered on topics concerning Architecture, illustration, logos, photography, typography and other related topics.

15. Tutorialzine

When you search for the best sources which could help you excel in the field of web design or similar resources Tutorialzine is surely a place to refer. The easy availability of variety of themes, textures and techniques makes it the most preferred for ideas on web designing.

16. Queness

Queness is growing fast for the reliability it is earning in the field of web designing. The site features WordPress tutorials, tweaks, and much more to help you learn more on this popular CMS software. The other sections include Photoshop tutorials, WordPress themes, or the code snippets on the website.

17. Web Designer Wall

Web designer wall concerns itself with the task of providing excellent ideas for web designs. The popularity of the community remains unmatched as it does not compromise with the quality of its content. Besides being visually pleasant, the class of web design the blog exhibits offers tough competition to others.

18. Vandelay Design

This site is primarily a wordpress theme site where you have loads of free wordpress themes. The blog at this website provides you with articles on web and ways to enhance your websites presence and impact on users. The other tutorials and articles include topics such as photo editing through Photoshop, or tips and tricks related to internet marketing and more.

19. A List Apart

A List Apart has sustained itself among worthy contenders by virtue of its much professed quality of content. It offers unique designs as are suitable for the particular web content. The articles and tutorials on the website range from topics such as coding, mobile development, etc.

20. InstantShift

Started in 2008, offers variety of topics including wordpress, “how-to” guides, css galleries, web design freebies, fonts, Icons, graphic designing, photo shop and general articles for web designers.

21. Designshack

The website is an intelligent choice when people search for an efficient and site with tutorials for teaching web designing. Users get to learn and choose from a vast collection of tutorials on CSS, HTML5, WordPress, along with a featured gallery with samples in web designing, logos, and more.

22. Onextrapixel

It is a Singapore based web design blog that offers tutorials on web designing, and helps you to enhance your creativity by implementing the tips and tricks. The articles or tutorials on the website cover topics such as CSS, Photoshop, Design and Development, and other related topics.

23. Smashingapps

Design your own website with the help of smashing apps and take your creativity to its zenith. It always seeks to maintain the desired equilibrium between the web design and the content with articles from a range of topics which covers Photoshop, Web Designing, Logo Designing, etc.

24. Webappers

The site features articles, tutorials and latest updates from the world of web designing. Besides being highly technical in terms of the tutorials the website ensures that they are as easy as it could be so that the readers find it easy to utilise the content available.

25. Designyoutrust

This site features numerous articles on JavaScript, Html, CSS, and Flash. As a matter of fact the community provides the latest designs and trends in the field of web designing too. Viewers or learners can find it as a brilliant source for photography, typography, web design and others.

26. Line25

Launched in 2005, Line25.com is a web design blog to give creative ideas and inspirations to web designers. A blog for everyone Whether you’re newbie learning web design or a veteran designer. The blog offers articles, tutorials and inspirational posts on various topics of web design.

27. BuildInternet

Among the numerous other web designing blogs and communities, Build Internet has managed to keep up its reputation. The blog provides a brilliant source for articles and tutorials on computers, workplace, designing, and more.

28. Fubiz

The reason why Fubiz should be chosen for inspiration is that the information it provides is varied. With respect to motion, graphic, design, photography, advertising, technology Fubiz serves as an all-encompassing community. The articles and tutorials listed on the site besides being informative are highly effective especially for the budding designers.

29. DesignM

To learn that efficiently you can refer to DesignM as your guide that not only teaches the latest trends in web designing but also helps you develop equally brilliant web content. It features interviews from experts, designs and tutorials to enhance the designing capabilities.

30. SpoonGraphics

In imparting tutorials in Coding, typography, Photoshop, web design, Spoon Graphics presents highly effective articles. The design blog or community presents myriads of designs which go through regular updates so as to keep up with the taste of the majority. The growing popularity of the blog is due to the ease with which it presents itself before the viewer.

31. TheFWA

Favourite Website Awards is a popular website worldwide and deals with novel web designs and inspirations. Visited by as many as 4.8 million people, The FWA arranges for awards on both monthly and yearly basis. The informative contents and tutorials can prove to be great especially for the people who are searching for expert and latest sources to enhance their designing knowledge.

32. Tutorial9

Tutorial 9 is the community offering information and learning to the web developers all over the world. It is emerging as one of the most growing community. Giving equal emphasis on style and content, it has become the most popular providing inspiration in logos, photos, typography and others. It ensures a step-by-step learning to cover the details as well.

33. 456BereaStreet

It provides you with multitudinous themes as well as colour schemes and textures. When at the site the readers can browse through the articles and tutorials concerning Web Design, Coding, HTML5 and other related topics.

34. The Design Inspiration

As the name suggests, the community deals in both web designs and inspiration that covers areas such as typography, architecture, logos, photography, illustrations, and many more. While making the web design presentable, it takes care of the quality of the web content as well.

35. Impressive Webs

If you wish to learn more about web designing and related topics you can trust Impressive Webs. You can choose from a number of themes and textures to make your website attractive, while at the same time you are guided to maintain the quality of your content.

36. Design Instruct

Its unique features ensure a lucid learning process which is detailed at the same time. It has emerged as a brilliant inspirational portal with varied themes that makes the community a unique one. It has won the trust of the web developers all over the world.

37. BittBox

This is the name that can be trusted when it comes to looking for web designs and inspirations. The community has proved itself to be of immense help to web content developers, web designers as well as to those looking for inspiration. The community relies on a gradual process while offering tutorials to the learners.

38. Just Creative

The name of the community itself speaks for it as it depends on creativity and thus on genuine and original ideas for creating web designs. If web designing is one’s niche, referring to Just Creative can an insight in web designing in the most comprehensive and lucid manner ensuring quick learning.

39. Veerle’s Blog

This blog is the solution for those obsessed with creating innovative web designs and inspiration. The easy-to-learn techniques of the community have attracted learners from all over the world. It ensures that the design of the web matches the content and conveys the mood of the same.

40. Photoshop Lady

The services of the community are unique in offering tutorials in Photoshop as it places importance to both the style and the content. The community at large discusses and presents a host of topics and tutorials pertaining to Photoshop and its usage.

Web designing continues to be the niche of many. While the phrase conveys the concern with the design and style of the web content, it also lays an equal emphasis on the content. Referring to all the above sites would not only enhance the knowledge of the beginners but also prove very useful for all the experts from the world of Web Designing and other related activities.

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