23 Popular Webmaster Forums

Webmaster Forums are regarded as one of the best and dynamic sources of information for all the webmasters. The advantages with which these forums come are numerous but some of them could be listed as below

  • Provides a platform for exposure to the latest news and trends from the internet world.
  • Helps you communicate with other webmasters.
  • A platform to help you buy, sell, or trade webmaster related services and products online.

These forums are available around the clock and bring a huge number of webmasters together. Some of the popular webmaster forums have been discussed below

1. WarriorForum

This forum which dates back to the late 1990s has made its name to be one of the most popular affiliate marketing forums. It also provides a platform to the users to buy and sell their services. Having a huge database of active users which is approximately more than 5.4 million with about 4 million threads it is certainly the largest among all the other forums online.

2. Digitalpoint Forums

Another popular forum which has been around for more than a decade now provides numerous services to its members. It has discussions on every matter related to internet marketing, it specializes in providing the platform for buying, selling and trading of services online. The forum today has more than 2.3 million users featuring more than 16.5 million posts.

3. Webmaster World

This is one of the unique forums which offers you relevant information regarding all the updates and technical help for issues related to internet and computer applications. It also provides and in-depth coverage of the high end technical support for programing languages and other hardware issues. With more than 1.5 million users it features some of the best internet resources from the world of www.

4. Webhosting Talk

This is a dedicated forum to help its visitors with issues related to web hosting. Here people can discuss, help and share their experiences regarding the hosting services. With a huge member database the site features more than 800000+ threads.

5. SEW Forums

This forum provides you with a platform of sharing, learning, and discussing about everything related to internet marketing. The major area of focus for the forum has been web development and related issues. It has 19k threads and about 4,00,000+ members.

6. DaniWeb

The forum offers you the platform for services which includes sections such as Hardware & Software, Software Development, Internet Marketing, Business Exchange opportunities and more. With a strong nearly 1 million member database it has everything related to the world of Information Technology.

7. V7N Forums

A web development community it also specializes in providing a platform for Webmastering tools and an internet marketplace. It has more than 200000 users with about 247000+ threads.

8. DN Forum

This is a dedicated forum for discussing anything and everything related to domains. Moreover the section of buying domains or listing them is another major traffic driver to the site. The site has more than 1,30,000 users with approximately 450k threads.

9. HotScripts Forums

It is among the most active community forums which provide a platform to the programmers and script users to discuss and learn more about programming. It has more than 94000 members and 57000 threads.

10. SEOchat Forums

The forum is a great resource for discussion and offers handy tips related to the tricks or dos and don’ts as a part of SEO technique. There are around 10 million users with 4,00,000 threads.

11. Devshed Forums

The site has individual threads dedicated to each programming language along with sections such as server management, web designing, Computer Hardware, latest news or updates, and much more. The forum has about 400k users and 8,90,000+ threads.

12. NamePros

It provides a platform for discussion as well as a marketplace for buying and selling domains to its visitors. With about 200000 members and 600000 threads this is one of the largest forums for Domain names and its trade.

13. Web Developer

This forum is dedicated to discussions and provides resources related to web development, server management and other related topics on programming languages. Today it has more than 120000 users from around the globe.

14. UK Business Forums

A forum where buyers and sellers meet online to conduct trades and provide services over the internet. The services range from the basic legal or IT assistance to trading of products. Having more than 140000 users it is one of the popular business forums especially for the people of UK.

15. Affiliates4u

They offer their members the space to discuss, share, and features a dedicated section of Affiliate Marketing & networks along with technical section for discussion on programming and scripts. It has about 76k members with 200000 threads.

16. WebProWorld

A general forum which covers almost every topic related to internet marketing, affiliate marketing, and provides a marketplace to its users. It offers the platform for discussions on SEO, Site design, Server management, and a big marketplace to buy and sell sites or contents to the users. It also features useful resources for the developers, programmers, and eCommerce experts. Today it has a strong member database of more than 69k users and 91k threads.

17. ABestWeb

One of the oldest webmasters forums in its league A Best Web offers its members the platform to learn, discuss, and meet the service providers from the field of Internet Marketing, Affiliate Marketing. The site has more than 77k registered members and more than 0.12 million threads.

18. Seroundtable Forums

The discussion includes tips and experiences of the members regarding the latest in the world of Search Engine Optimization. The forum has about 31k members with a huge resource on SEO topics featuring more than 7k threads.

19. OZZU Forum

A popular webmasters forum where the members have the opportunity to discuss and learn more about Website Design, Development, Graphics, Operating Systems, and hardware. It also has a special section covering the topics on Internet Marketing with a member base of more than 46k users and 70k threads.

20. Sitepoint

A vast pool of resource and discussion to help people learn more from the world of internet marketing, hosting, programming, CMS, and more. It has more than 400000+ users and 0.75 million threads with discussions.

21. Kirupa

A forum which virtually features everything related to web design and provides a platform for the job seekers to apply for jobs in the field of web design. Growing in popularity each day it has more than 0.18 million users that features about 0.31 million threads.

22. Dreamteam Money

The forum is dedicated for discussing and sharing the matters related to professional internet marketing, affiliate marketing, and network marketing to assist the webmasters make money online. It has a member base of 0.22 million registered users with about 0.22 million posts.

23. High Rankings

The forum features topics and discussions from the world of internet marketing, a marketplace for buying, selling and trading online, to enhance the experience of webmasters. With roughly 24k members and 0.3 million posts it’s one of the newest forums in the race.

All these webmaster forums are unique and a vast pool of resources on the topics they are made for. Featuring discussions and offering a huge platform to the webmasters it not only facilitates them to learn more but also helps them to share their experiences which surely does value addition to the niche concerned.

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