22 Best Weight Loss Websites

Overweight has become a huge issue following the growth of a large number of fast-food chains that add a lot of junk calories to our body. The consciousness amongst people to reduce weight has slowly been increasing. A number of weight loss sites have been helping people in reducing their weight, while also helping normal persons to eat nutritious food.

This list hopes to bring out the best weight loss sites by highlighting the advantages.

1. Livestrong

One of the popular weight loss sites and member of Lance Armstrong Foundation, Livestrong offers more than just tips for reducing the weight. Livestrong focuses on food, fitness, and health to achieve weight loss. The site also offers various information and help on diseases and health conditions like diabetes. Calorie Tracker, nutrition facts, general health, and well-being are some of the other areas covered on Livestrong.

2. MyFitnessPal

MyFitnessPal is a weight loss site that specialises in providing highly specialist tools for reducing or controlling the weight. MyFitnessPal Mobile helps in regularly monitoring the weight and fitness. The site also offers various exercises from its database to reduce or control weight.

3. SparkPeople

This weight loss site offers personalised fitness programs in order to get back into shape. The site regularly offers challenges and motivations in order to achieve fitness. A huge database of recipes for controlling the calorie intake is also available. The site provides calorie counter and meal plans for different users.

4. Weight Watchers

This weight loss site specialises in providing almost everything necessary for weight reduction – good food, recipes, demos, and tips. The site offers various types of the workouts necessary to achieve weight reduction. The site has a marketplace that offers everything from food to magazines related to weight reduction.

5. CalorieCount

This free online resource helps in achieving weight reduction by offering a lot of tips and nutritional facts. They have more than 250000 foods database and claimed to help their reader loose 4 million pounds weight so far. An account on the site offers access to the ability to track personal data lightweight and nutrition. CalorieCount is the largest online resource for weight reduction, and is popular with more than 4 million members. CalorieCounter was acquired by About.com is 2006.

6. Shape.com

This weight loss site provides information about weight reduction. Fitness, lifestyle, and healthy eating also occupy top priorities in this site.

7. FitDay

Used by 6 million users, this popular weight loss site offers a free account for tracking food habits and weight levels. The site offers a mobile application for constant updates.

8. Fat Burning Furnace

This weight loss site offers a comprehensive newsletter and eBook that offers various tips and suggestions to burn the unnecessary fat. The site also has numerous articles for weight reduction.

9. FatSecret

FatSecret offers suggestions on food and diet. This weight loss site also provides an account for tracking various weight related information.

10. 3FatChicks

This weight loss site provides a large database of articles concerned with weight loss and nutrition. Fitness also has importance at 3fatchicks.

11. NutriSystem

Nutrisystem is a weight loss site that offers gender wise nutritional and fitness plans. Diabetes plans are also present on the site.

12. FitoCracy

Fitocracy provides connectivity to the best fitness coaches worldwide through a free account. A comprehensive tracking tool is provided, while challenges on the account help keep the motivation.

13. Lose It

This is a weight loss site that provides weight loss reduction techniques using comprehensive tracking of the food, diet, and workouts.

14. DailyBurn

DailyBurn is the weight loss site that adopts workouts in order to achieve weight reduction and maintaining fitness levels. The site covers all the major workout techniques including yoga.

15. WeightlLossResources

Weightlossresources offers an online diary to keep track of the weight. A forum for discussion and many research articles are also available.

16. CalorieKing

CalorieKing is a comprehensive Australian weight loss site that offers food recipes, tools, calculators, software, and information about weight reduction. The store offers monitoring tools and proper diet.

17. Atkins

Atkins is a weight loss site that provides information about food recipes, while also offering an online community for discussion. The site has an extensive library and a store specialising in weight reduction products.

18. EveryDiet

EveryDiet offers comprehensive information about weight reduction and fitness maintaining through diet. This weight loss site covers everything from low carb diet to raw foods.

19. Healthy Weight Forum

Healthy Weight Forum provides an online community for discussion with like-minded people about weight reduction. Dietary tips are also available on this site.

20. South Beach Diet

South Beach Diet offers diet as the way of reducing weight and keeping fitness. The site also has its own recipes and products for weight loss.

21. eDiets

eDiets is the weight loss site that offers a variety of tasty menu that also works well when it comes to weight reduction. The menu does not limit itself to dull food items.

22. T-Tapp

T-Tapp specialises in workouts in order to achieve weight loss. The site offers the T-Tapp workouts on a trial basis. There are numerous articles and discussions on the forums on weight loss as well.

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