20 Top Women’s Magazines Online

There are several online magazines that offer content tailored for women, while there has also been a growth in the websites offering information about the same. These content ranges from fashion, health, work, and relationships. Several tips and advices are also offered as well.

This is a list of the top women’s websites according to their popularity.

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Yahoo Shine


Yahoo shine offers information and articles for women of all ages. Aspects like fashion, beauty, and healthy living are discussed with the latest trends and tips. Food and parenting issues are also focused as well. The site has videos in the fields of fashion, beauty, career, and money. Horoscope predictions are also provided.



This site offers information and resources on aspects like health, beauty, style, food, cooking, parenting, love, friendships, and celebrities. The site claims to receive more than 40 million visitors each month. The site offers several how-to guides on aspects like beauty, parenting, cooking, and style. There are several contest and giveaways conducted on a regular basis.

Real Simple


This is the official site of the Real Simple magazine. It offers information on aspects like cooking, home keeping, wellbeing, and childcare. The ‘daily find’ section deals with popular products in categories like fashion, gadgets, and entertainment. The site features an interactive tool that helps users design a party menu. There is also a blog discussing several aspects like popular recipes.


Owned by NBCUniversal, this site offers content in categories like beauty, style, entertainment, health, and food. The discussion board on the site features conversations on these aspects as well. The site claims to receive more than millions of visitors each month.


This is the official site of the American women’s magazine – Cosmopolitan. This site offers advice and tips on several aspects like dating, sex, hairstyles, makeup, and beauty. Videos related to the same aspects are also present as well.


This site primarily focuses on fitness and weight loss by offering information about aspects like diet, food, and recipes. There are various blogs and advices focused on healthy eating, while the multimedia section offers videos on workouts and eating healthy food.

Women’s Health Magazine

The official site of the Women’s Health magazine, which is run by Rodale, primarily offers information on aspects like health and fitness. Nutrition and weight loss also form major sections on this site, which also discusses beauty and style.


The online version of this American magazine offers information about diet, fitness, and nutrition. There are also several blogs on this site discussing aspects like fashion, celebrities, fitness, and beauty. Most of the content on this site are either tips or advices.


Started in 2005, this site acts as a social networking platform and a directory for women bloggers. It claims to have more than 3000 blogs in its publishing network. They discuss aspects like entertainment, sports, news, food, health, and relationships.


The official site of this American magazine Glamour primarily discusses aspects like fashion, beauty, weddings, health, celebrities, and love. They are discussed in the form of compilations, tips, and advices. Videos and horoscope information is also present as well.

Woman’s Day

This official site of the Australian magazine Women’s Day features information on aspects like home decoration, food, recipes, and crafts. The latest trends, tips, and advices are also offered as well. There are also several how-to tips as well.


This is an Indian portal for women, and it is part of the Times Group. Its content consists of information on aspects like fashion, beauty, relationships, diet, fitness, and parenting advice. The latest trends and advices form majority of the content.

Indus Ladies

This online community for women was started in 2005, and it claims to receive more than 1 million visitors each month. Users can not only view the blogs, but also write them as well. There is a comprehensive forum discussing aspects like diet, family, and relationships.

All Women’s Talk

Started in 2006, this site is a collection of 26 blogs discussing aspects like hair, skin care, food, beauty, love, lifestyle, fashion, and travel. This is also a social site that allows users to comment and share posts. Most of the content is in the form of compilations.


This is an online magazine that specializes in offering information on the work at home lifestyle. It allows users to find jobs and business opportunities. The difficulties, ideas, and tips are offered on this site that was started in 1994.

So Feminine

This site discusses almost every aspect concerned with women starting from fashion and beauty to relationships. There are several subdivisions within a forum discussing the same. The daily horoscope information is offered, while there are several blogs present as well.


This is the official site of the Allure magazine that offers women centric content on categories like hair, beauty, make-up, celebrities, and spas. The insider’s guide section offers insight into several products and techniques. Expert advice is also provided on beauty topics.

Redbook Magazines

Aside from providing articles in various categories like food, beauty, fashion, parenting, career, and love, this site also provides videos in these sections as well. The site is owned by the Hearst Communication. It also allows users to subscribe to the Redbook Magazine as well.


The online version of this women’s magazine deals with aspects like beauty, fashion, health, relationships, and entertainment. It also provides stories from readers and blogs. News on aspects like women issues and politics are also covered.

Her Daily

This is a blog for women that discusses several aspects like beauty, entertainment, travel, relationships, fashion, and parenting. There are several recipes on a variety of cuisines available. Several photos and videos are also present.

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