12 Best Wordclock & Timezone Converter Websites

With globalized economy, busy schedules, more overseas trips and social media integration in our life keeping track of different time zones have become necessary. People want to catch up with others in different corners of the world with their time zone to chat, make online business deal etc.

Here’s a list of top worldclock and timezone converter websites that will make keeping pace with overseas close ones easy.

1. TimeAndDate.com

TimeAndDate.com website was launched in 1998 and since then it has grown to be one of the popular worldclock and time zone converter sites in the world. The website is free to use and offers world clock, calendars, meeting planner and time zone news. It is owned by Time and Date AS private, limited liability Company from Norway. The group first released world clock and calendar in 1995.

2. GreenwichMeanTime

GreenwichMeanTime.com is a website to know time zones of different locations, daylight saving time, longest day etc. The website sports easy navigation and has few mirror sites dedicated for countries like USA, UK, Canada, India, Germany, Netherlands and China.

3. 24TimeZones

24TimeZones.com is free website and offers world time, world clock, current local time, time change dates and daylight saving time and converter. Its flash map of world time shows current local time of any place across the world with easy navigation and good user interface for travelers who want to know time difference of different zones at a glance.

4. WorldTimeServer

WorldTimeServer.com offers full list of countries for users to get current time of any zone across the world in just a click. The site has map and globe graphics to help user find location geographically. It also offers flash-based analog clocks for webmasters to embed it on their blogs and websites.

5. TimeZoneConverter.com

TimeZoneConverter.com website provides time zone converter, event planning, world time, travel zone, time zones by country, forex market hours and also hotel reservations at the travel zone. The site is neat and clean, less cluttered and user friendly with easy navigation.

6. OnlineConversion

The site is simple and fast. You can quickly view the time of desired location after submitting the destination from drop down menu. It also displays all the time zones of Unites States of America together to help travelers check the time without any click. It shows Western European time too without any click.

7. WorldTimeZone

It is a site with colourful world map on the home page showing places and time in 12 hour AM/PM format. It also has dedicated time maps for USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, Russia, Africa, America, Asia and Antarctica. The site is easy to navigate and time of major countries and cities can be known without any click.

8. WorldTimeBuddy

WorldTimeBuddy.com is a site for travellers who wants to be on time for online meetings and need to call up friends or family abroad. The site is also offer meeting schedulers and direct integration with Google calendar for meeting schedule. Just a mouse over on it converts the time at a glance. It is less cluttered with easy navigation.

9. TimeTemperature.com

TimeTemperature.com is a descriptive site for countries and cities across the world. Each place has a dedicated web page with the local time and temperature details. Even though the site does not provide time of different zones at a glance, but it is useful for those who want to know more about the local time of any location. The navigation is easy and simple.

10. TheTimeNow

Showing current local time in big and bold way on the home page using IP detection method, the TheTimeNow.com site also provides information on temperature and wind of your location too. It also publishes latest news related to time zones across the world. Clicking on a country or city from the given categories, the site offers detailed information with population, currency, international dialling code and weather forecast for next 48 hours and 7 days in two tablets.

11. QLock.com

The tag line of QLock says “More than just a world clock”. Apart from showing world time, it also provides information on daily foreign exchange rates, offers integrated RSS/Atom feed reader, provide multiple alarms per city, countdown timers, database of major cities, sticky notes and more.

12. TimeZoneCheck.com

TimeZoneCheck.com is a web, mobile as well as tablet friendly website for checking time zones across the world at a glance. On its home page it shows world map and time of important cities along with three analog clocks. A search box is given to find current time of specific location.

The above websites are the best on the Web for world clock and time zone converter. People who are associated with global companies, TV and radio studios, gaming and forex trading usually find these sites helpful.

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