Better Homes And Garden Wax Melts ~ Are They Worth It?

Wax melts or often known has Wax heaters or Wax warmers can be called candles without the wick as they are only a solidified mass of wax in different shapes and fragrances. The wax melts are heated, releasing a beautiful scent that lingers around your space as they slowly melt. The wax solidifies once you remove the heat and last over eight hours. They are perfect for people who love fragrances and want to try something other than candles. You can also customize and mix different fragrances to create your ideal scent.

Better Homes And Garden wax warmers are a great alternative to scented candles as they tend to last longer and have a much more potent smell. They are generally made of soy wax and can come in fragrances like vanilla and sweet floral. Their wax melts can be used in any space in your home and are also a great gifting option.

How long does Better Home’s wax melt last?

Better Home’s wax melts are made using soy wax which lasts longer than other artificial wax. They last for about 8 hours with continuous usage or up to two days with occasional use. The longevity or lasting power of the wax melts primarily depends on how often one uses it.

How do you make wax melts smell stronger?

Wax melts are a great way to make your place smell good. They are usually quite aromatic, but sometimes the scent might be faint or not as strong. In this case, ensure that you are heating the product slowly for the fragrance to release correctly. In high heat, the scent dissipates faster and is not as strong. Soy wax should be preferred as it smells more potent. One can also use more wax melts depending on the size of the room.

Are wax melts toxic?

No, wax melts are usually safe as no soot, or harmful residue is released after using them. Better Homes And Garden legally makes its products using safe ingredients and does not add any unnecessary toxic chemicals. They do not contain Phthalates or lead that are incredibly harmful to your overall health. In general, wax melts are much safer for health and the environment than candles, as no smoke is released when one uses them.

What type of wax do Better Homes And Gardens use?

Better Homes And Gardens makes all its wax melts using natural soy wax. Soy wax smells much more potent and holds more fragrance. It is non-toxic and lasts much longer than paraffin wax because of its low melting point. They are also environmentally safer and do not require unnecessary additives to make them smell better or stronger.

How do you use wax melt cubes?

Wax melt cubes are used like any other wax melts by the process of heating. After you pick your desired fragrance, just put the wax melts in your wax melter and let it melt slowly. Make sure you are heating it slow for the scent to release stronger. The cube will probably last eight hours, and then you can replace it with another one.