20 Popular Online Freelance Websites

Setting up a business has become easier than ever. With the advent of services like work outsourcing and remote workers, the capital investment to start a new business has considerably decreased and has been extensively been used by small to medium sized business. Some of the websites where one can find freelancers and remote workers to outsource work are discussed below.


Fiverr is a good place to outsource a variety of tasks for a mere $5. Although the output quality is not guaranteed, it can nevertheless be a good option to outsource tasks which consume time but do not need much skill. Just create an account with Fiverr or login using Facebook and you are ready to outsource your work.


Freelancer has one of the biggest database of expert freelancers. Projects start at $30 and you can decide to either post the project or directly contact freelancers with the quote. Also you need to pay only when certain milestones as decided by you are met which and hence ensure high quality. The site is also available as many regional websites including Canada, Germany, UK, Australia, India and many other countries. They recently acquired vWorker.com, which is another leading freelancer marketplace.


oDesk is one of the emerging places for outsourcing and creating a highly qualified remote team. Just post the job with the requirements and budget and chose the appropriate candidates and you are all set to get your work done. oDesk provides various feedback regarding the work including screenshots of the computer at regular intervals so that you can keep a track on the progress of the work.


Elance allows you to connect and outsource your work to one million freelancers across the globe. Posting a job on Elance is completely FREE and one can pay only when the goal is met. Elance has a pool of highly qualified professionals with various skills and guarantee high quality work.


Earlier it was part of sitepoint marketplace but now a separate website. 99Design is marketplace for logo and web design and other graphic designs like t-shirt design, brochures, mobile app design, banner ads and book cover designs. Limited to design related tasks.


Proz.com is a translation marketplace. It can help finding professional translators and interpreters for various language. People who are looking for translation job can join the website to find and bid on translation projects. The site was founded in 1999 and currently have more than 600000 members.


Guru is one of the largest online freelancing service providers. Posting a project on Guru is absolutely FREE and takes only four simple steps. Most of the freelancers in Guru are US based freelancers and hence can be an added advantage. One can post any project on website, creative arts or business categories.

People Per Hour

PeoplePerHour is a great place to search for highly talented freelancers and remote office workers. Posting a job is absolutely FREE and allows employers to pay when the job is completed. Many small and medium sized businesses use PeoplePerHour while avoiding the traditional cost of setting up a business.


As name says, this marketplace is to get small job done! Freelancers can get paid to like facebook fan page, following someone on twitter, bookmark a website on delicous or liking YouTube videos. Since it is small jobs marketplace, employer can not do less than 30 tasks per project.


Offers freelance forum, freelancer directory, a blog and a marketplace for employers and freelancers. The blog offers some nice articles and tips to freelancers and employers. Employers can post jobs for free.


A marketplace for only content writing services where clients can submit their writing project and author’s can write articles or bid on projects. They only accept US Citizen for freelance work. Residents from other countries are not accepted. There is rating system (article rated by editorial team) for quality control. Clients can pay based on author’s star rating (a fixed pricing, not negotiable or client can’t set price)


Gigbucks is a good Fiverr alternative for outsourcing work. Unlike Fiverr where you can only outsource some errands, Gigbuck has a greater appeal due to a higher reward and hence one can expect to outsource bigger tasks like creating a website or programming. One can either create an account with Gigbucks or just login using FaceBook and start outsourcing work.


CrowdSpring is a logo design and graphic design and content writing marketplace but with their money back guarantee. There are around 120000 freelancers with this marketplace according to website data.


The site launched In 2010. Freelance.com offers marketplace for various categories and claim to have currently more than 100000+ contractors on their website. For employers, it offers two types of accounts; one is direct account where employer can directly contact contractors, another is Corp account, which allow advanced job management.

Get a Coder

GetACoder is the place to look for free lancer programmers and web designers. It allows you to pick the best freelancers either based on location or cost and also allows you to save money and time. Submitting a job is absolutely FREE and one can also go for the Premium level which requires a refundable $25 deposit and shows that you are a serious employer and makes your job post stand out from the rest.


Similar to text broker. This is another content writing marketplace with 5000+ star rated writers. It has similar price per word model for customers. If buyer (employer) commit $2500 worth orders, they get “WriterAccess Plus Services” with additional benefits.


iFreelance is also a place to find free lancers for your work and offers pretty much every service other free lancing websites provide. It however does not charge any transaction fee from either the employers or the freelancers thereby attracting more freelancers and greater chances of finding suitable candidates. Finding freelancers is also quite easy depending on various category and sub category as per your requirement.


Project4hire is a great destination for outsourcing technical jobs including web designing, graphic designing, programming, it professionals etc. Posting a job is absolutely FREE and there are great chances of getting suitable and qualified professionals.


Freelancers.net has a great easy to understand interface which allows one to post jobs and look for freelancers at ease. With the freelancer rating and testimonial option, one can easily browse through the list of quality freelancers. The site is based in UK and hence concentrates more on freelancers and jobs from UK, but there are freelancers from other part of the world too.


Gofreelance is a relatively small freelance marketplace site. Freelancer and employer need to register an account to submit bid or submit new project.

Note: Site below is removed from the list. vWorker.com was acquired by freelancer.com and now don’t have separate marketplace. All accounts are migrated to freelancer.com network and users currently have limited access to their vWorker.com account.


Vworker or virtual worker allows you to outsource your work to more than 350000 professionals. Just post a project, interview prospective bidders, select the worker and wait for the job to be completed. There are no posting fees, activation fees or subscription fees and one can pay the money only when the work is done. vWorker was earlier known as Scriptalance and now acquired by leading freelance website freelancer.com

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