20 Popular UK Shopping Sites

Online shopping has become an extremely popular way of getting things especially due to the several advantages present in this mode of shopping. The price advantage coupled with the easy home delivery has made it extremely popular in the UK.

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These are the top shopping websites in the UK according to their traffic rank.

Amazon UK

Amazon provides products belonging to various categories like books, music, games, electronics, clothes, collectables, grocery, and toys. Each product comes with its own detailed description, ratings, and reviews. Most of the products are available in the form of new, used, and refurbished stocks. The store also sells various versions of its popular Kindle device.

eBay UK

The UK division of this major Internet auction destination offers several different categories in its portfolio like electronics, fashion, jewelry, sports, and collectables. The site offers protection for the buyers, who can choose between auctioning and ‘buy it now’ methods. The site also offers special deals on certain items that last for a week along with several promotional offers.


This is an online shopping destination dedicated towards selling fashionable clothing and accessories for men and women. There are several different products like jeans, bags, leather jackets, shirts, shorts, and sunglasses for men. Women have the opportunity to choose from a variety of clothing solutions including lingerie and plus size clothes. The store provides free shipping to all countries in the world.


Argos offers almost every different product like electronic goods, toys, sports goods, clothing, and jewelry. Each product comes with complete product description, offers, related products, and customer reviews. Information about the deals and promotions currently running are also provided.


This official website of the supermarket Tesco provides all its products like fresh food, groceries, and clothing for online purchase. The site also provides information about the opening hours of Tesco stores across the UK. Wines and Christmas recipes are also available on the site.

Hot UK Deals

This site offers a variety of products from its users across several different categories by acting as a platform between buyers and sellers. There are also several deals and voucher codes available for products in several online shopping websites from the UK.


This online shopping destination specializes in providing electronic goods of different kinds. Blu-ray discs and DVDs of different kinds of movies and music are available. PS3, Xbox 360, and Wii game discs are also present along with books and clothing.

John Lewis

This site sells products ranging from clothing for men, women, and kids to electronic goods like televisions, tablet PCs, and home appliances. The products come with information like ratings, reviews, price, and related products to aid the buyer.

Marks & Spencer

Marks & Spencer provides clothing solutions for men, women, and kids that cover all aspects including innerwear. Products for a home like furniture are present along with several inspirational designs. Food, wine, flowers, and gifts are the other products on sale in the store.


This official website of Asda offers the ability to shop for various Asda products like groceries, entertainment products, clothing, electronic items, and sports products. Products purchased online can either be delivered at home or picked up at the retail store.


This site specializes in offering clothing and footwear solutions for men, women, and kids. It also has an extensive collection of homeware like furniture and accessories along with how-to guides. Several electrical accessories and appliances are also present in the store.


This is a mass merchant primarily offering clothing solutions for all genders and ages along with several beauty products and homeware. Women have the opportunity to shop for clothing based on their designers, while several wedding products are also present.


This online shopping store offers electronic goods of all types. There are several different types of home appliances ranging from microwaves to refrigerators. Televisions and their accessories, cameras, mobile phones, and audio systems also occupy the product portfolio.

Groupon UK

Groupon a daily deal website specializes in providing products on a discount either from its own store or from other popular shopping sites. Goods, getaways, and deals are the three modes of offering discounted products to its users. The deal can be searched on the basis of major cities in the UK.

PC World UK

PC World (different than leading PC world magazine) is dedicated to laptops, desktops, and tablet PCs in a huge price range. There are several software and hardware accessories available as well. Peripherals like printers and scanners are also present along with products for upgrading devices.


Ebuyer is primarily focused on computing devices and its accessories. It has several different types of desktops, tablet PCs, and laptops along with the necessary peripherals and accessories like printers, webcams, memory cards, and internal hard drives. Other types of homeware are also present.


Sainsbury offers products that belong to different categories ranging from home appliances to computing devices like desktops and tablet PCs. Each category comes with several great offers, while the store also offers financial products like insurance and loans as well.


Very offers furniture and electrical items for a wide range of solutions. It also has clothing for men, women, kids, and babies. There is an extensive library of games for various platforms like Xbox 360 and PS3. Beauty products and toys are also present at this store.


This site is focused on offering products for enhancing a home. It comes with several different decorative products for the garden, furniture for the home, and appliances for several purposes. Building materials and environment friendly products are also present in the store.


This is not a shopping website however we have included it in list because it offers discount codes of top shopping websites in UK and very popular among UK buyers. The site offers some exclusive coupons. The site claim to have more than 6.2 million members

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