About Bloghug

Bloghug is a website offering lists on various products or services. We have covered wide variety of topics.

The aim of Bloghug is to create great and helpful lists out of so many options. You may often look for something and don’t get answer or get too many options. Bloghug research and create lists on various topics so you can easily take reference. Please note, BlogHug is not a review website.

How we prepare these lists?

  • Before we publish any list, we do extensive research on the topic. We spend up to 15-20 hours in researching and writing one list.
  • We usually rank websites based on its popularity. We consider various traffic ranking tools to measure its popularity. If it is a list of companies or brands, then we may take other data including revenue and manufacturing.
  • We only list English websites.
  • We DO NOT list or rank based on affiliate commissions. We don’t accept paid submissions. We however gladly accept user’s suggestions for any list.

We also offers country specific lists for US, UK, Canada, Australia, Germany, France, Italy, India, Brazil, China and many other countries.

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