17 Top Brazilian Shopping Websites

Brazil, being one of the fastest growing economies in the world, is also becoming home to several online shopping destinations. It is now possible to buy almost every conceivable product online, with many also offering the ability to buy in installments.

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This is a list of the top Brazilian shopping websites in the world.

Mercado Livre


Started in 1999, this e-commerce site is present in several South American countries aside from Brazil. It also offers products in auction format as well. Aside from products like toys and electronics, this site also has classifieds and services in its listing as well.



Launched in 1999, this is an online portal that specializes in offering the ability to compare prices of products across different online stores. The site also provides a shopping guide on aspects like consumer electronics. The prices of books, wines, and services can also be compared.


This is the official site of the Brazilian retail store that has presence in almost 700 stores across the country. This primarily offers products like digital cameras, mobile phones, and televisions, while services like delivering products and wedding lists are also present.


This online store was launched in 1999, and it specializes in selling consumer electronics and gadgets. Televisions, laptops, and music players are some of the products available, while the site also offers personalized recommendations based on the search history.

Walmart Brazil

The official site of the American multinational company, Walmart (Brazil) features products from categories like beauty products, camcorders, security products, books, furniture, and musical instruments. A special section is also dedicated to corporate sales as well.


Founded in 2000, this site specializes in selling sports goods like equipment, shoes, and clothes. Football and tennis are the major sports concentrated, while the site also has supplements like muscle mass builders and energy providers as well.


This site specializes in offering products from the fashion industry like clothing, shoes, beauty products, and accessories. Its products are available for male and female, while infant products are also present. Tips on improving the looks and appearance are also provided.

Livraria Saraiva

This site specializes in offering books in both physical and digital options. Books covering various categories like mathematical sciences, agriculture, accounting, law, literature, and fiction are present. Electronic products like computers and MP3 players are also present.


Launched in 1996, this site specializes in offering the products of the Ponto Frio retail store. Consumer electronics like different types of televisions, computers, and tablet PCs are present alongside home furnishing and appliances.


This is an online hypermarket that offers products belonging to several categories like food, electronic items, general merchandise, and home appliances. Each product page comes with description, details, technical specifications, and related items.

Magazine Luiza

This site specializes in offering consumer electronic goods like television, computers, and tablet PCs. There are also several appliances specially made for home usage. Each product comes with its technical information and reviews from other customers.

Groupon Brazil

This is a site offering daily deals and deals for those buying in groups. Deals are also sorted on the basis of major cities and regions in Brazil. It currently claims to offer deals for 54 cities across the country. Travel and shopping are the major categories of deals available.

Casas Bahia

This is the official site of the Brazilian retail chain Casas Bahia, which is part of the Grupo Pão de Açúcar. Aside from listing the popular and featured products, this site also has several products like air conditioners, notebooks, MP3 players, and coffee makers.

Peixe Urbano

Started in 2009, this site specializes in offering users deals on collective and group buying. It claims to have more than 20 million users. Travel, products, and services are the major areas where discounts are available on a daily basis.


The official site of the TV channel – Shoptime – computers, appliances, and houseware products as its main categories. It also has exclusive products from brands like la cuisine and life zone. Users can also avail services like air tickets and recipes as well.

Ricardo Eletro

Máquina de Vendas is the Brazilian retail chain that owns this site. It allows users to buy from several categories like footwear, cameras, mattress, computers, and musical instruments. It also offers services and features like extended warranty as well.

Amazon Brazil

The Brazilian version of the multinational company, Amazon features the ability to buy the Kindle e-book reader and its associated products. It has several e-books designed for Kindle available for purchase, while free apps are also present as well.

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