15 Top Banks In China

We can say that China’s banking industry has been in existence for more than 1000 years, but it has undergone numerous changes over the last two decades. This has resulted in the country’s banks offering features like added security, international transactions, and business loans amongst many others.

This is a list of the top Chinese banks according to their popularity.



ICBC is abbreviation of Industrial & Commercial Bank of China. Founded in 1984, this bank offers banking, financial, and investment services. It offers the ability to deposit money in various aspects like current deposits, lump fixed deposit, and RMB education deposit. It provides loans like home and business, while also providing cross-border financial services like currency exchange, overseas insurance, and overseas study loan.

Chinese Construction Bank


This bank offers numerous deposits services like foreign currency deposits, RMB deposits, and personal deposits statements. E-banking services are provided through the likes of mobile phones and online access. Personal car, home, and business loans are provided as well along with the ability to purchase physical gold sold by the bank for investment purposes.

China Merchant Bank


Started in 1987, this bank has more than 500 branches across China. This bank offers personal and corporate banking solutions through aspects like savings account, loans, foreign exchange services, and credit cards. The bank offers three types of credit cards.

Bank of China

This bank has features like personal wealth management, loans, savings, and exchange his latest under the personal banking section, while aspects like trade services, financial services, and RMB settlement services are offered as part of the corporate banking.

Agricultural Bank of China

Started in 1951, this bank specializes in offering banking products for agricultural businesses at both personal and corporate level. It also provides aspects like farmers benefit credit card, loans to farmers household, and off-season fertilizer loans.

Bank of Communications

This is one of the oldest banks in China having been founded in 1908. It provides financial services for individuals, corporate, and international clients. Aspects like personal savings accounts, loans, credit cards, and wealth management services are provided by this bank.

China CITIC Bank

This is a state-owned enterprise bank founded in 1987. It has more than 400 branches across China. The bank currently has assets of more than US$ 70 billion, while it is run by the China International Trust and Investment Corporation.

China Everbright Bank

Established in 1992, this serves as a financial institution for China and Hong Kong. It offers products like personal saving deposits through categories like RMB deposits, credit for personal and business purposes, wealth management services, and credit cards.

China Industrial Bank

This bank offers its banking products and solutions under four main categories – private, personal, corporate, and institutional. It has several investment services like analysis of stock markets and investment advices. There are also several cards on offer as well.

China Guangfa Bank

Started in 1988, this bank offers products like savings account, loans, and wealth management services. Investment services are offered through Forex trading, while the corporate banking section features products like trade financing and international business assist.

China Minsheng Banking Corp

This bank was started in 1996 and is a public listed company. It has more than 200 branches across China. Aside from products like savings account, loans, and cards, this bank also offers financial planning, international financial planning, and privilege banking services.

Shanghai Pudong Development Bank

Founded in 1993, this bank provides personal, corporate, and investment banking solutions. There are numerous saving products, cards, and loans available in the personal banking, while products like offshore banking, cash management solutions, and occupational pension are provided as well.


This is a retail bank serving Chinese people through more than 40,000 branches across the country. It specializes in offering financial services for low-income customers, rural customers, and small to medium enterprises. The bank was set up in 2007 by State Post Bureau.

Shenzhen Development Bank

This bank offers banking solutions for individuals and the corporate. Personal loans, wealth management services, cards, financial services, settlement and cash management, investment services, and financial services are some of the different products offered.

Hua Xia Bank

This bank, which was started in 1992, provides banking for individuals, corporate, small and medium business enterprises, and institutions. Products like savings account, loan services, credit card, debit card, and financial services are offered by this bank.

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