12 Top Chinese News Sites

China is one of the fastest growing economies in the world. However, freedom of speech is not available always and it is reflected in the presence of popular news sites as well. There are a handful of news sites offering information on several aspects.

This is a list of the top news sites in China according to their popularity.



This site offers news on various aspects from local regions and around the world. This site also has a blog as well. Multimedia is offered in the form of pictures and videos, while classified pages are present for property, cars, and jobs. They also have English version.

People’s Daily


This is the official site of the People’s Daily newspaper in China. It offers all the major political news from the Communist Party of China. It also has coverage on aspects like finance, education, real estate, and sports as well. The site is also available in many other languages including French, Korean, Russian and Japanese. China Daily is also another news publication from same group.



This site offers both local and international news, while the international news is offered according to the continents. Business, sports, entertainment, and technology from the other major core areas of news, while weather and traffic information are also present.


Aside from offering all the local news, this site also provides news on aspects like military, sports, entertainment, and technology. It even offers a discussion board as well. Comprehensive information about news and used cars can be procured.


This is the official site of Global Times tabloid paper. This offers both international and domestic news along with several aspects like finance, automotive, travel, and health news as well. The site has a discussion board and several photos and videos.


Featuring Chinese and world news aside from other news like business, sports, technology, and culture, this site is the official arm of the China Network Television which is part of leading newspaper “People’s Daily”. It also has access to CCTV, while information about its programs and schedule is also provided.

China News

This new site has domestic, local, and international news offered along with multimedia like videos and photos. Sports, education, entertainment, and real estate are some of the several major sections on the site. It is part of leading Chinese broadcasting network “China News Service”.

Guangming Online

This site specializes in offering commentaries and opinions about the latest events happening in China and around the world. Current affairs and politics are also major sections on this site. Opinions are provided in the form of several blogs and columns.

East Money

This primarily offers financial and investment news. It concentrates on all the major markets from around the world, while futures, bonds, and commodities. All the market data is offered along with stock quotes and respective charts.


This site provides domestic, international, military, community, and history news. Football, NBA, and basketball are some of the several sports covered along with news about movies, music, and celebrities. Science and technology news is also offered on this site.


Started in 2001, this site offers news on several aspects like politics, sports, and entertainment. The primary area of concern is local and political news, while it also has several contents like live video and blogs as well.

China Youth Daily

This is the online website of leading chinese newspaper “China Youth Daily”. The newspaper was once a most circulated newspaper in chine but now have a readership of around 1 million. It is operated by Communist Youth League of china.

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