24 Popular Christian Websites

Gone are the days when following Christianity meant carrying the Bible to all places. Nowadays, the growth of Internet has meant that there are several sites offering the best of Bible and more. They make it possible for Christians to follow their religion on the go.

Here are some of the top Christian sites in the world.

1. Bible Gateway

One of the main aspects of Biblegateway.com is the comprehensive coverage provided to Bible itself. The site allows the Bible to be instantly translated to many popular languages like French, Spanish, Latin, Thai, and Vietnamese. The site has been online since 1993. It provides a daily verse for its visitors. Various Christian books are also available on the store.

2. LDS.org

This is the official website of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Utah. The site offers local content via different regions in the world. In-depth knowledge about the scriptures in the holy Bible, gospel messages, and prophet messages are available on this site. It also provides extensive resources family, callings, and general topics regarding Christianity.

3. JW.org

This is the official website of the Jehovah’s Witnesses organisation. It features in-depth analysis of the Bible teachings. There are also numerous magazines regarding Christianity available for purchasing on the store. The site also brings the latest Christianity news. Books, brochures, and music are some of the other content available on the store. There are also resources for parents, teenagers, and couples.

4. Christian Mingle

This is the online Christian singles-dating site run by Spark Networks. It allows a single man or woman to find their partner using comprehensive tools. The site also contains discussion boards, chat rooms, and instant messengers. The site also features a new Bible verse daily.

5. Christian Post

This is the official website of the Christian Post magazine. It has been online since 2004. It provides the latest news and commentaries for Christians around the world. The site also covers all the latest Christian events across the world.

6. Crosswalk

This is a Christian site part of the Salem Web Network. It has been online since 1993. It provides news, blogs, and podcasts related to Christianity. The site also has numerous tips for family and parenting along with movies, DVDs, books, and art.

7. Bible Study Tools

A site from CrossWalk’s salem network. This site provides comprehensive tools to study the Bible. It has an extensive library of the Bible versions, dictionaries, Encyclopaedias, and commentaries. The site also provides a discussion board along with videos and blogs. Bible reading plans are also offered on this site.

8. YouVersion

This site provides one of the best Bible reading tools on the Internet. The site also supports mobile viewing. Specialised Bible reading plans are available on this site. This site can also be accessed via the iPhone application.

9. CBN.com

This is the official website of the global ministry, CBN. It provides content like live TV, radio, video and news related to Christianity. The site claims to reach an audience of 300 million people throughout the world. Players are also offered on this site.

10. Got Questions

This official website of the Got Questions provides clarifications on the Bible. The site claims to offer answers from a dedicated and trained Christian. Most of the staff compressor saw pastors and biblical counselors. The site also has a comprehensive bookstore.

11. Blue Letter Bible

This site is mainly concerned with providing a comprehensive library to understand and read the Bible. This site provides study tools along with audio and video to understand Bible more. Devotional aspects like daily Bible reading program and daily promises are also present.

12. GodTube

This is a video sharing platform for Christian videos, and it is run by the Salem Media Network. The site offers music videos, movies, inspirational videos, ministry videos, and comedy videos amongst many others. There is also a Spanish version of the site available.

13. Sermon Central

This site is primarily concerned with teaching about Bible and the various aspects of Christianity. It provides PowerPoint presentations, illustrations, and videos to better understand Christianity. Articles regarding this subject are also present along with the Bible.

14. KLove.com

This is primarily a radio station concerned with Christianity content. Links to popular DJ shows regarding Christianity are available along with a music room complete with the best collection of Christian songs. The site also provides news about the latest events.

15. Worlds Last Chance

The site offers prophecy news and updates along with the Bible. It also features a comprehensive video library coupled with various articles regarding prophecy. A community discussion board offers interaction with the other users, while Christianity related content are also available on the store.

16. Bible.org

This claims to be the largest resource on the Internet for Biblical material. It offers answers to the Bible related questions. Special discussion board sections are available for pastors, men, and women. It provides study help for the Bible along with numerous articles written by the staff.

17. Christianity Today

This is the official website of the Christianity Today ministry. The site offers special sections devoted to church life and ministry, theology and spirituality, media and culture, and politics and current affairs. The site also provides guide to various Christianity books.

18. Catholic.net

This site has been online since 1995, and it provides tips to improve family, lifestyle, finance through the Bible and Christianity. Daily Gospel, medications, traditional prayers, and saints are present on this site. The book and prayer club offer a community feeling to the users.

19. Catholic.com

This site is primarily dedicated to providing answers regarding Catholic Christianity. Magazines, documents, and Catholic Encyclopaedia are present. Videos and audios along with a discussion board take care of the media content, while there is a shop dedicated to Christianity present.

20. Catholic.org

This site provides news about the Catholic life along with general news. Bible, prayers, and saints are dealt with dedicated sections. The bookstore and other Catholic shopping options are provided through the shop. Information about relationships, Christian calendar, and daily living are available as well.

21. CARM.org

This is the official site of the Christian countercult movement. This non-profit site is dedicated towards Christian doctrine, theology, and Gospel. Sensitive topics like evolution, abortion, and comparison with other religions are also offered on this site.

22. Bible.cc

This site has a comprehensive coverage of the scriptures. It provides complete access to all the Scriptures online, while the entire Bible is available in various languages. It also promotes the Gospel of Christ using various methods. This site is run by the Online Parallel Bible Project.

23. AnswersinGenesis

This is a Christianity-defending apologetic ministry website. Focused on providing answers based on the book of Genesis. They also have sections like Christian education and online store. Their online store various products including books, DVDs, Digital downloads and more.

24. Bible.com

The site offers the ability to read Bible in more than 300 versions and 150 languages. The presence of the mobile app helps to have the Bible on the phone at all times. The site has various Bible plans that can be subscribed as per the need.

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