20 Popular Desktop Backgrounds (Wallpaper) Websites

Most of us who like to make their desktop lively and attractive search for the best themes and wallpapers online. There are several sites which offer you free as well as paid exclusive wallpapers, some of them have been discussed below:

1. Hdwallpapers.in


This website offers its users with some unique collection of wallpapers found for every category you could name. Wallpapers of different resolutions can be found in the site which helps users with varying requirements. One can get hold of some amazing high definition wallpapers for free in this site.

2. Desktop Nexus

Desktop Nexus is basically a community where users get to interact and share feedbacks with photographers and artists. The wallpapers found in this site are uploaded by the users where the feature of automatic resizing of photos for your desktop makes it a great site. It has a very high volume of top class wallpapers available in different categories.

3. Wallpapers Wide

Wallpapers Wide comes with a wide range of spectacular wallpapers available in different sizes and resolutions. The website is more than three years old and has different categories of wallpapers available to suit your needs.

4. Deviantart Wallpaper

deviantART was found in the year 2000 with the aim to inspire, empower and entertain the art hidden inside many people. It is the largest social network where you can find a range of wallpapers suiting almost every need. DeviantArt is a website offering many other resources for web designers.

5. WallBase

Walbase.cc is basically a database for wallpapers and all the pictures found on the website has been uploaded by its users. It offers its users with a vast collection of wallpapers to choose from in variety of categories.

5. Alpha Coders

The site offers variety of wallpapers and community where users can submit wallpapers and also rate and download them. They are available in various sizes including in HD and other resolutions. It has online tool to automatically crop or resize wallpapers on the site you need.

7. Interfacelift

InterFacelift is a website that comes with a huge resource of wallpapers in different categories. Along with the wallpapers users can view the details of the artist along with their profile. The site was launched in October, 1999 and attracts a huge traffic.

8. WallpaperStock

Wallpaperstock.net has been around for more than 5 years and offers some great collection of magnificent wallpapers. One can choose the desired resolution and category according to their specific requirement. Wallpapers from Wallpaperstock.net with its range of wallpapers can give your desktop a new fresh look.

9. Wallcoo

Wallcoo started in the year 2004 offers its users with wallpapers available in different resolutions. The resource of the wallpapers available on the site is huge whereby it gets thousands of visitors each day. Various categories of wallpapers like animal, celebrity, art painting, games, sports etc are available in this site.

10. Wallpapers.com

This website is one of the oldest wallpaper sites found in the internet. It was launched in the late 90’s and offers its users with variety of wallpapers available in different categories. On top of static wallpapers, their gallery or animated wallpaper allows users to enjoy the content in various other ways.

11. SocWall

If you are in search of splendid wallpapers, SocWall is the place to search. Thousands of images are available and it even provides its visitors the option to vote and rate images they like. You can also upload images of your choice and it is quite easy to sort the images depending on your requirements.

12. Desktop Machine

Desktopmachine is a cool site for those of you who search for wallpapers of cars, bikes, movies or babes. Their vast collection of wallpapers which are available in different resolutions makes it a very promising site for people in search of cool wallpapers.

13. The Wallpapers

This website has a huge collection of wallpapers of different resolutions. You can find all kinds of wallpapers in this site available in various categories like architecture, cartoon, celebrities, games, motorcycles etc. You can sign up for free and start uploading images or photos of your choice as well.

14. Vladstudio

Vladstudio.com offers users with free desktop wallpapers, dual monitors, iPad wallpapers, iPhone wallpapers, e-cards, etc. One will surely get stunned by the amazing and unique wallpapers available in the site. The site operates in several languages, which means every local user has the option to view the site in their preferred language.

15. Jootix

The website jootix.com was launched in the year 2008. Users are offered with various categories of wallpapers to choose from. The website providing its users with creative as well as amazing wallpapers. Users can even upload their choice of images in the website after registering.

16. HDWallpapers.net

HDwallpapers.net was lunched in the year 2007 and boasts of some great high definition wallpapers. Several categories of wallpapers are available in the website offering its users with a wide variety of choices. The website promises to provide a huge collection of wallpapers to its users.

17. WallpaperFX

Offers amazing HD wallpapers on variety of categories. You can also sort them by freshness, rating and number of download. WallpaperFX also accept user submitted wallpaper. You can join WallpaperFX cummunity to suggest new wallpaper, post comments, add them to favorite etc..

18. ThePaperWall

For high quality wallpapers you can choose from the excellent collection of wallpapers available at The Paper Wall. By using different keywords you can search for different types of wallpapers like minimal, night, dark, detail, bokeh, etc. Every single image uploaded in the site is screened before it makes its way in to the website.

19. WallpaperStop

This website provides users with 3D as well as some top quality high definition wallpapers. You can register on the website and also get the option to add your own site. Numerous categories of different wallpapers are available which provides the users with a huge collection of best wallpapers.

20. SimpleDesktops

Simple Desktop brings along with it a whole range of gradient free, drop shadow and bling wallpapers. It would help you to make your desktop look cool and beautiful with the range of wallpapers it has on offer. If you are looking for something unique yet simple then Simple Desktop can be of great help.

Using high quality wallpaper usually reflects your moods and can highly contribute to the way you work on your system. Moreover it takes care that your desktop remains lively and young always.

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