20 Top French News Websites

Newspapers have existed in France for a long time and it is not surprising to see a lot of them come with their online versions as well. Most of the people in France have access to the Internet and news is one of the popular aspects on it.

This is a list of the top France news websites according to their traffic.

Le Monde


The official site of the French daily newspaper Le Monde features all aspects from the local to the international news. It also provides users with the current trending topics. Sports, technology, health, and culture are some of the other aspects discussed on this site.

Le Figaro


This online edition of the French daily Le Figaro features news on various aspects like the government policies, regional news, and international news. Environment, health, science, and weather are some of the other aspects present along with several opinions and blogs.

Le Quipe


This site specializes in offering news about various sports that are popular in France like football, rugby, F1, motoring, and tennis. Other sport news available on this site includes golf, basketball, swimming, and cycling. The site also has several videos and blogs.

Le Nouvel Observateur

This provides news on aspects like the political policies, business news like the latest employment figures, sport, and education. The current trending topics can also be viewed on the homepage of the site. There are several services like English courses, ticket purchasing, and bookstores available as well.

Le Parisien

Aside from providing information on aspects like horoscope and weather, this site also has news from the business world, governments, and industries like automotive. Science, environment, and technology news is also present along with several blogs.

20 Minutes

This site offers news on various aspects like political, national, and regional. The news is available on categories like sports, business, technology, and governments. Aside from the news, it also has several services, games, pictures, and videos as well.


This news website concentrates on several sections like policies, economic, business, education, and employment news amongst many others. Most of the news is France centric, while global news is also present. Sport and culture are the other aspects of this site.


This site specializes in offering business news of various types like economic data, economic calendar, and market analysis. There are several other aspects like real estate, savings, and government policy news also offered as well. The site has several tools and calculators.

01 Net

This is a site specializing in offering news about the technology and electronic goods like computers, tablet PCs, and laptops. There are several articles and opinions covering these aspects, while videos are also present as well along with a discussion board.

Le Journal du Net

Specializing in aspects like the Internet, multimedia, and technology, this site offers news on all these aspects along with pictures and videos. Several employment opportunities are also available through the jobs board, while management news is also offered.


Aside from offering special features like editorials and opinions, this site also has news about culture, technology, travel, and politics. It has news from all the regions France and from around the world. The site has numerous photos and videos.

Le Point

This site offers news on various aspects like economy, politics, sports, culture, and technology. The special aspects of the news offered on the site include unusual and confidential news that are available in special sections. Information about the market indices is present.

Les Echos

Aside from providing French and international news, this site also offers to support industries, education, employment, economy, transport, defense, and technology. It also provides access to the Les echos TV along with information about arts and culture.


This specializes in offering news that is usually not in the mainstream like environment, culture, and planets. Sports news is also offered in extensive detail along with the trending topics. There are also several blogs written by high-profile writers.

Huffington Post France

The French division of the Huffington Post discusses topics like common policies, economy, international, technology, and culture news. It also offers multimedia like pictures, videos, and blogs, while trending topics are easy to find as well.

La Depeche

Apart from providing the latest and breaking news from France in the world, this site also offers news about sports, economic, and aspects like fashion, shopping, and culture. Horoscopes, kitchen recipes, and regional information from various parts of the country are also present.

La Depeche

The news site from French financial news tabloid “La Tribune”. It offers news about economy news about France, Europe and international events, stock market updates along with expert’s opinions, live stock updates and more.


BFMTV is a leading television news network in France, which is available in digital television, cable and satellite news. The company was founded in 2005. It is part of NextRadioTV group who previously owned La Tribune. Their online website offers news about politics, society, economy, sports, tech, national and international events.

Metro France

Metro France is a daily news paper from Swedish company “Metro International”, Their website offers news about political, national and international events, society, people, tech industry and more. They launched their French edition in 2002.

Meteo France

This site specializes in providing information and news about the weather. The local regional weather information is available along with the national information. Aspects like the UV index, rain possibility, observations, and traffic updates are also provided as well.

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