25 Top Guitar Brands

Guitar is a popular string instrument that has been in existence in various forms for more than 3000 years. Nowadays, there are three major types of guitars used, with the electronic guitars also becoming more popular.

This is a list of the top guitar brands according to their popularity.



Started in 1902, this American guitar brand specializes in offering three types of guitars – Electric, acoustic, and bass. Other musical instruments offered by this band include pianos and jukeboxes. The guitars are offered in four brands – Gibson acoustic, Gibson original, Epiphone, and dobro. These products are available in several styles like jumbo, banjo, super jumbo, mandolin, and resonator.



This American company specializes in offering stringed musical instruments like guitars and amplifiers. It was founded in 1938 and it currently operates in several countries across the world. Electronic, acoustic, and bass guitars are available from this brand, while amplifiers and professional audio equipment is also present. The brand also offers custom designing of an audio solution. Squier is also an another brand from this company.



Started in 1957, this is a Japanese brand specializing in guitars. This brand offers an extensive lineup of guitars and also details about the signature artists using particular guitar types. The company’s primary presence extends in the United States and European regions. There are also several models of signature guitars as well.


This is one of the oldest musical instrument manufacturers having been founded in 1873. Its product lineup features several types of guitars like acoustic, electric, bass, and archtop. The brand recently ceased to the production of its amplifier lineup.

ESP Guitars

This American brand specializes in offering guitars across various series like standard, deluxe, and signature. Users can also customize their guitars in the custom shop, while the company provides reviews of its products and information about the dealers.

Taylor Guitars

Started in 1974, this is a guitar brand that specializes in offering electric and acoustic guitars. These guitars are available in three major series – presentation, koa, and 900. Most of the guitars from this brand come with the popular pickup system – Expression System.

PRS Guitars

This American brand specializes in making high-end guitars, which are often made from expensive wood. Aside from the guitars, there are also amplifiers and accessories – like cables and cabinets – available as well. The Collection Series is the pinnacle of the brand.

Schecter Guitars

Electric, bass, and steel stringed acoustic guitars are different forms of guitars available from this brand formed in 1974. The company also provides custom guitar designs along with a calculator to determine the cost. Handmade guitars are also available as well.


This Japanese company has several types of guitars like acoustic, acoustic electric, nylon electric, classical, bass, and small sized guitars. There is one amplifier model for the guitars and accessories like tuners, metronomes, and cases are also present.

Carvin Guitars

Established in 1946, this American brand offers factory built guitars in both acoustic and electric types. There are also audio equipment, lighting solutions, amplifiers, and accessories as well. Guides on the color and wood types are present along with pickup comparison tools.

Seymour Duncan

This brand offers humbucking and single coil type of guitars and basses, while it is especially known for its high-end pickups. Pedals like pickup booster, power grid distortion, and double back compressor are also present under this brand name.

Jackson Guitars

Founded in 1980, this brand specializes in offering electric guitars. Currently, there are six different models in production, while the company also has a signature line-up as well. This brand of guitar is also popular for its design cues.

Dean Guitars

Run by Armadillo Enterprises, this brand currently has a line-up of nine series of guitars, which are available in types like acoustic, bass, and electric. Pickups, amps, and cases are also available as part of the brand. There are a few limited edition guitars available as well.


This company has an extensive line-up of acoustic, bass, and electric guitars. There are also instrument amplifiers, recording equipment, and keyboards on offer from this American brand. The company also has instrument and professional audio speakers as well.

Cort Guitars

This South Korean guitar manufacturer specializes in producing different types of guitars like acoustic, electric, electric bass, and acoustic bass. There have also been a few limited edition models over the years. Accessories like hard cases, tuners, and cables are present as well.


This German audio equipment manufacturing company was founded in 1989, and it has a line-up of electric and electric bass guitars amongst several other musical equipment. There is a range of amplifiers meant specifically for the guitars.


Aside from offering different types of guitars, this company also has several effect units and amplifiers as well. The company has been in existence since 1997, and it specializes in offering crafted guitars available in electric and bass types.


This is one of the oldest guitar making companies in the world having been founded in 1883. This company offers almost every form of guitars like electric, bass, classical, and acoustics. The guitars are present in nine different body styles.


Primarily known for its steel stringed guitars, this Japanese brand also has a line-up of different types of guitars like acoustic and electric. The company also has been offering a limited edition model since 1987. There are several models of pickups and preamps available.

Godin Guitars

This is a Canadian company manufacturing guitars and a number of related products like amplifiers and accessories. The guitars are available under seven different labels, while there are six series on offer. The company was started in 1972.

Ovation Guitars

Based in the United States, this company primarily specializes in offering steel string guitars, while its entire guitar range can be classified according to six bowls. The products are available in several series and there are also limited edition models as well.


This company was started in 1971 and it features an extensive line-up of guitars. There are a few signature guitars present as well. The company also has a premium dealer network to cater to the requirements of premium customers.


This company allows users to choose guitars based on different shapes like gunslinger, virgin, virgo, beast, and bich. There are also handcrafted guitars available from this brand, while accessories for its guitars like cases and tuners are also present.

GL Guitars

This American brand has a line-up of 16 guitars as part of the tribute series. The company also provides custom designing of the guitars, while there have been several limited edition models over the years. Electric and electric bass are the main types of guitars from this brand.

Ricken Backer

Guitars from this American company are available in six different series, while the company allows comparison of different products using its comparator tool. The customers can choose amongst several options and colors within each guitar.

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