24 Top Handbag Brands

Handbags were first invented as a bag for women to carry various products. Over the years, they have risen in popularity to such an extent that they are now considered as an important fashion accessory. There are also several types of handbags nowadays.

This is a list of the top handbag brands according to their popularity.



This American company specializes in catering towards the luxury and premium segment with products like handbags, wallets, and briefcases. The company was founded in 1941. It is present in more than 730 locations around the world. United States and Canada are the predominant markets for this company, which launched its online store in 1999.


Started in 1975, this American company has presence in the Japanese and Chinese markets aside from the United States. Handbags made out of materials like leather and fabric are available from this company. There are also signature editions available for the premium customers. The company also offers a line-up of fashion accessories like bracelets, wallets, and briefcases as well.

Louis Vuitton

This French brand is a division of the LVMH Mo√ęt Hennessy holding company. It was founded in 1854. Mini bags, top handles, shoulder bags, and cross body bags are some of the different types of handbags available from this company. Aside from handbags, the company also offers shoes, timepieces, and fine jewelry. The company also offers products for men as well.

Juicy Couture

This American company was established in 1997, and it is a division of the Liz Claiborne group of companies. Shoulder bags, daydreamer bags, cross bodies, and clutches are some of the different handbag types offered by this brand.


This publicly traded American company offers products like handbags, jewelry, watches, and perfumes. It was founded in 1981, and it has presence through close to 500 stores around the world. The company also has several products for men like footwear.

Vera Bradley

Established in 1982, this brand offers several products like wallets, umbrellas, belts, cosmetics cases, and watches aside from handbags. The company has more than 50 stores across the United States. The company also regularly comes out with limited edition products.


This is an Italian brand that is a subsidiary of French company PPR. It was founded in 1921. The company has more than 250 directly operated stores around the world. Classics, shoulder, top handles, and totes are a few of the handbag varieties from this brand.

Michael Kors

Started more than three decades ago, this company claims to have market presence in 74 countries around the world. Apparel, footwear, and accessories are the products available from this brand, which offers different types of handbags like shoulder and cross body.


Founded in 1909, this French company is present in more than 300 locations around the world. Besides handbags of different types, this company also offers fashion accessories and luxury goods as well.


This publicly traded Italian company was founded in 1913. It has presence through more than 250 boutiques around the world. The company offers different types of handbags for women, while there are also other products like shoes and hats as well.

Kate Spade

A subsidiary of the Fifth & Pacific group, this American company was founded in 1993. Shoulder bags, totes, and cross body bags are a few of the handbag types from this brand, which also offers clothing, shoes, and jewelry for women as well.

Marc Jacobs

Introduced in the late 1980s, this band is currently present in more than 80 countries through more than 200 retail stores. Handbags like Classic Q Isabelle and Washed Up Valentina form part of the product portfolio, which also caters to men and kids as well.

Nine West

Part of the Jones Apparel Group since 1999, this fashion and retail company was founded in 1983. Vintage America Collection and Love Fury Fragrance are some of the different collections of handbags from this brand.


Functioning as a subsidiary of the Apax Partners Worldwide LLP since 2012, this brand was founded in 1928. Haven, Village, Zoe, Anne Street, and Belport are a few of the handbag collections from this brand, which also has accessories like wallets and sunglasses as well.

Long Champ

Founded in 1948, this French brand offers different types of handbags like clutch, shoulder, and hobo. It also offers customers the ability to design their own custom-made handbags. Other leather goods like wallets are also available as well.


Founded in 1837, this French manufacturer of fashion and luxury products like handbags and perfumes has more than 10 different products in its portfolio. Beach, Double Sans, Fourbi, and Evelyne are some of the different handbag collections.

Ralph Lauren

This publicly traded American company was established in 1967, and it currently offers different types of apparel and accessories. Offering different types of handbags like backpacks and shoulder bags, this company also offers other leather products like wallets as well.


Based in Texas, this American company was started in 1984. Explorer, Hunter, Austin, and Vintage Revival are some of the different handbag collections from this brand. Products like watches, jewelry, and sunglasses are also present as well.


Signature, Fashion Styles, and Icons are a view of the collections of handbags offered by this Italian brand, which was launched in 1925. It is a subsidiary of the LVMH group. The brand has its presence internationally through more than 100 stores.

Etienne Aigner

Offering luxury fashion products, this brand has different products like handbags, footwear, dresses, skirts, pants, and jewelry in its line-up. Tote, Satchel, and shoulder bags are a few of the varieties offered in the handbag line-up.

Betsey Johnson

Established in 1978, the products of this American brand are available in more than 2000 specialty stores according to the company. Besides offerings like the tote and shoulder handbags, this company also has jewelry, accessories, and apparel for sale as well.

Kathy Vanzeeland

Offering custom-made and unique products is the specialty of this company, which offers products like handbags. The company claims to use in-house artists for designing uniquely fashioned products, which are available in online stores like Amazon.

Thirty One Gifts

Founded more than a decade ago, this company has a catalogue of products for women like handbags, stationery items, wallets, and accessories. The company also offers different types of personalization options like embroidery and laser etching as well.


Founded in 1995, this company claims to have presence in markets like the United States, Italy, and the United Kingdom. The company specializes in offering women’s fashion products like handbags and accessories. Its products are sold through specialty stores.