20 Best Headphone Brands

Headphones have become an important accessory for those wanting to enjoy multimedia without disturbing others. Nowadays, headphones can be connected to just about any device like radio, multimedia player, and mobile phone. There are several brands offering headphones with different technologies.

This is a list of the top headphone brands according to their popularity.



The leading Japanese company manufactures several types of lightweight, Bluetooth, wireless, and premium headphones. Some of the devices come with technologies like noise cancellation that claim to reduce noise to up to 98.2%. The company currently has five styles of using these headphones – behind the neck, earbud, earclip, in-the-ear, and over-the-head. They are also available in several colors as well.


Beats by Dr. Dre

Founded in 2008, this American company offers six types of headphones in its product portfolio. Pro, studio, wireless, mixr, solo, and executive are the six types, and they come in several different color options. The mobile phone company HTC currently owns 75% of this brand. Lil Wayne, Justin Bieber, and David Guetta are some of the current endorsers of its products.


Based in Utah, this company was founded in 2003 and it specializes in manufacturing headphones carrying different colors, graphics, and style. It also offers users the ability to customize their own headphones. Aside from headphones, this company also manufactures audio accessories like iPhone and iPod docks. The two major types of headphones from this band are over-the-ear and on-ear.


This is a German brand that started offering different audio equipment and accessories in 1945. The company offers headphones for specialized activities like sports, for audiophiles, and for DJs. Wireless headphones are also present as well.


This is an American company founded in 1961. It manufactures corded, Bluetooth, and wireless headphones for a variety of needs like gaming, personal, and business use. In partnership with Microsoft, the company manufactured an exclusive headphone for Xbox.


This is an American brand founded in 1964. It has more than 120 stores across the United States. It has five categories of headphones in its line-up – noise cancelling, sport, mobile, aviation, and Bluetooth. Other products include speakers and sound docks.


Aside from manufacturing loudspeakers, this American company also offers different types of headphones as well. The company has been in existence since 1946. Noise cancelling, in-ear, on-ear, and Bluetooth are some of the types of headphones available.


Founded in 1927, this Japanese brand specializes in offering headphones embedded with technologies like ring port and bi-metal structures in its premium line-up. In-ear and on-ear are the major types of headphones from this brand.

Audio Technica

Established in 1962, this Japanese company offers headphones with features like noise cancellation and enhanced bass. In-ear, on-ear, and over-ear are the types of headphones manufactured by this company. It also has headphones that come with microphones as well.


This is an American corporation founded in 1925. The around-ear headphones from this company have been available since 2009. The current product line-up of this company in this category features eight products focused on aspects like general listening and studio recording.


Established in 1891, this Dutch company offers headphones in seven different categories – headband, earbud, in-ear, neckband, earhook, indoor, and mobile phones. These products come in several color options as well. The brand has its presence throughout the world.


This Japanese company offers several products aside from headphones. The company offers six categories of headphones ranging from clip-ons to in-ear headphones in its product portfolio. Special lightweight products meant for joggers are also present.

Monster Cable

Founded in 1978, this American company is part of Monster Inc. The company has had a presence in the headphone industry since 2008 through its partnership with Beats Electronics. The partnership was dissolved in 2012, and the company started offering its own products.


Owned by the American company Harman, this company is based in Austria. It was founded in 1947. Some of the features within these headphones are closed backs and single sided cables. Products can be sorted depending on the playback content like music, books, and movies.


Established in 1969, this American brand offers several types of headphones with features like digital sound, stereo sound, and noise cancellation. The in-ear headphones come in several colors, while the company also has a list of accessories as well.


Founded in 1991, this company is based in New York. This brand offers an extensive collection of headphones with features like noise cancellation, deep bass, foldable, high performance, lifestyle, and professional. The company offers several color choices on its products.


This American company offers seven series of headphones in different price brackets. The Collegiate series of headphones come with the ability to swap the cables and headbands according to user’s preference. The company also offers several other customization options.


This is a European company that offers seven models of headphones. The specialty of this company is the availability of different color shades in the product portfolio.


This company offers four types of headphones – over-ear, on-ear, in-ear, and true blood. The company also offers several accessories like cables for its headphones. Users have the option to have personalized engravings.


The first headphones under this brand were introduced in 1958. It currently offers five types of headphones including full size and communication headsets. The accessories available under this brand include the likes of ear cushions and carrying cases.

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