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Several online icon libraries are offering with high quality icons, most of which are royalty free. Some of these libraries also have a room for icon designers who can mint a handful of money. A list of the top leading websites offering good quality, compatible icons for your PC or laptop are listed as follows:


This website is a leading icon search engine which is best suited for web developers and designers. Founded in the year 2007, it has been providing its clients with high quality icons. It currently features 200000+ different types of icons. Around 850+ icon sets are available. They can be downloaded in PNG or ICO format having variable dimensions. The PNG format is suitable for Mac, Linux and Photoshop whereas, the ICO format can be downloaded for Windows. Plenty of free icons are also readily available for downloading.


This website entitles you to personalize icons and put them under your personal User Sets. It provides access to around 410000+ free icons which can be downloaded in a number of sizes. A very unique feature offered by this website is the online converter which enables you to download icons in every possible format, be it png, gif, jpg, eps, bmp, psd, tiff, etc. You can also search for customized icons by filtering the search panel. For instance, you can find an icon based on the color, size, license, style and even based on tags.


IconArchive features over 330,000 icons which can be used by graphic artists and web designers. Customized icon designs can be procured by selecting the icon artists page. Six unique characteristics which are not available on any other icon search engines are search result sorting based on color, voting good or bad so as to help improve search results, without having to login one can organize, share and save icons, FavBar is displayed at the bottom of every page, group sharing of icons through mail and fast drag and drop facilities. Only three basic formats are available for download, i.e. PNG, ICO and ICNS. One can also search icons on the basis of categories which include Emo icons, Mobile icons, Object icons, Art icons, Halloween icons and many more.


Iconspedia offers with the latest icons from all over the globe. The compatible and downloadable formats of these icons are PNG, ICO and ICNS. This website enables you to browse through the icons according to their categories. Some of the popular categories are animals, brands, computer, foods, internet, games, nature, etc. Advance search is also possible based on the size and license. It stores around 29000+ icons in total. The tag line “your source of free icons” is correctly justified as you need not spend thousands of currency on purchasing the best icons for yourself.

5. FreeIconsWeb

Website launched in 2006. The name of the website is justified and it signifies that most of the icons are available for free without having you to shell out a handsome of money. But, some categories of the icons do cost a little. The main resources include stock icons, free icons, custom icon designs, tutorials, useful tips, icon packages and more. It offers its client base with over thirty thousand free icons and over sixty stock icon sets. The four common formats available for download are PSD, CIF, ICO and PNG.

6. Veryicon

This website offers with free non-commercial icons. It has a huge database ranging over 20 thousand web icons and over 1 thousand icon sets. You are entitled for free browsing and downloading these high quality emblems. Some of the icons are partially copyrighted and hence, you need to pay a minimal amount to gain the copyrighted version of the icons. Plenty of file formats are compatible for these images, such as PNG and ICO. These gel well with Linux, Windows and Mac operating systems.

7. FreeIconsDownload

A free downloading website which does not take any commission on copyrighted emblems. It is basically an art showcase center where companies get the opportunity to showcase their art work. These royalty-free icons can be downloaded in GIF, PNG, BMP, ICO and other formats.


Francophone PNG images and emblems are offered here. It has a huge database which exceeds 15,000 icons; each belongs to a particular theme. Icons can be availed in formats of PNG or ICO. It is the best platform for icon designers who can mint money by submitting icons.

9. Iconseeker

You can search for your desired icon at for free. It boasts over 50 thousand royalty free images in PNG, ICNS and ICO formats which are compatible for all operating systems.

10. Iconizer

A project undertaken by Till date, over 700,000 icons have been generated. It was established in 2009 and offers with customized search for icons based on size, color and even tags.

Most of these icon sites regularly add new icons and sets. There are obviously many other icon library websites but we have selected few highly popular sites only.

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