25 Best Cosmetic Brands

Cosmetics or makeup products are becoming increasingly popular in all parts of the world. They have been in use for a long time, but the current generation of makeup products can now be purchased online due to the growth of several online stores selling specifically these products.

This is a list of the top makeup brands according to their popularity.



This American fashion brand specializes in offering cosmetics for women, while products are available for men and children as well. The products range from fragrances to makeup products for lips, eyes, nails, and face. The products come with description, ingredients, and reviews. Most of the products come in several different shades available, while a list of popular and best selling items is present as well.

MAC Cosmetics


This brand offers makeup products for face, eyes, lips, and nails aside from several other products meant for skincare. There are also several accessories like brushes, bags, and containers. Shopping can be done either on the basis of product popularity or the date of the collection. Liners, shadows, and mascara are the different types of makeup products present for the eye.

Mary Kay


Established in 1963, this American brand offers makeup products meant for cheeks, eyes, face, nails, and lips. Tools like applicators, brushes, and travel bags are also offered under this brand, while it covers every aspect of a body part like the foundation, powders, and concealers. Aside from the makeup products, the brand also provides fragrances and skincare items as well.


This brand offers products like lip-gloss, lip liner, lip balm, eyeliners, primers, and shadows in its makeup product range. It also has an extensive line-up of skin care products as well. The brand has several tips and advices available on its site.


Founded in 1964, this French brand offers makeup products along with several other categories like skincare and fragrance products as well. Gift sets are also available under the makeup product portfolio, which features top-rated and best selling products.


This is one of the oldest cosmetic companies in the world having been founded in 1909. It is based in France and it has several brands offering makeup, skincare, and fragrance products. The brand has its presence in several countries around the world.


Owned by L’Oreal, this is an American brand founded in 1915. The brand offers several makeup products that can be purchased on aspects like typed, benefit, finish, and family. Eyes, face, and lip makeup products are available along with nail polishes.


Founded in 1960, this brand is currently controlled by Procter and Gamble. It offers products like foundation, concealer, blush, mascara, eyeliner, lip-gloss, and nail polish in its makeup product range, which can also be browsed based on collections.

NYX Cosmetics

Started in 1999, this brand has several makeup products for both face and body. Products meant for individual parts like eyes and nails are also available. The signature collection from the brand features some of its best products.

Urban Decay

This is an American brand, which offers several products like primers, palettes, and tools associated with makeup products. The makeup products are available for eyes, face, lips, and the body. The brand also has several videos and collections on offer as well.


Started in 1932, this is an American brand specializing in offering makeup, skin care, and fragrance products across several collections. Hair color, beauty tools, and brushes also present under this brand, while a beauty lounge offers several interactive tools as well.


Aside from offering seasonal collections, this French brand also has several makeup products in its regular line-up as well. There are several helpful tips provided on creating the perfect makeup. There are also several brushes and accessories present as well.


Founded in 2004, this makeup brand offers several products like false eyelashes, nail polishes, foundations, concealers, shimmers, and lip-glosses intended for use in a variety of body parts. The brand also offers a selection of custom palettes and cases as well.


Aside from offering makeup products for eyes, face, nails, and lips, this French brand also has two exclusive collections of products as well. The brand offers information about the different shades available in product along with suggestions as well.


Part of the Estée Lauder cosmetic company, this brand was started in 1968. It features the trendiest and the latest collection of makeup products in separate collections, while also offering them in gifts and set packs as well.

Stila Cosmetics

A division of the Lynn Tilton company, this brand was started in 1994. There are several different forms of palettes available, while multi-tasking products like One Step Makeup and Convertible Color are a unique feature of this brand.


This brand has a selection of 13 different primers and several foundations. It offers a tool that helps users find the perfect match. There is also information about the various makeup tips through videos and details about the latest collection.


This brand has a foundation finder tool that helps users choose amongst the various foundations on offer, while aspects like mascara, eyeliners, and lipsticks are present as well. Accessories like foundation brushes, sharpeners, and facial cotton are also present in this brand.

Benefit Cosmetics

This brand has several types of concealers, primers, foundations, highlighters, beauty kits, and accessories in its makeup product range. This is an American brand located in San Francisco. It was founded in 1976. There are also skincare products available in this brand.

Tarte Cosmetics

The cosmetic products from this brand are available under several seasonal and designer collections. Lash enhancer, mascara, lip tint, and cheek stain are some of the several products categories available, while products are also available in kits as well.


Makeup products covering aspects like foundation, primers, concealers, and eye shadows are available in five different collections from this brand, while it also features a separate collection for makeup removal. The brand also offers a product recommendation tool as well.

Rimmel London

The product catalogue of this British brand, which was founded in 1834, features products like eye shadows, eyeliners, lip gloss, nail care, blush, foundation, and concealers. There are also certain products featuring the personal tastes of celebrities like Kate Moss.

Physician’s Formula

This brand offers several types of products like pressed powders, loose powders, bronzers, primers, brow enhancers, and nail polishes. Aside from these, the brand also has several accessories like brushes made for a specific purpose. Skincare products are also available as well.


Aside from featuring holiday and seasonal collections, this French brand offers a regular line-up of makeup products for eyes, nails, lips, and face. The brand was founded in 1954 and it also has these products in sets as well.

Wet n Wild Cosmetics

There are several makeup product types like eyeliners, foundations, and concealers available from this brand. Aside from it, there is also a makeup advisor specializing in offering step-by-step tutorials. Accessories like sharpeners and brushes are also present.

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