Top 10 Movie Review Websites

Sitting through a boring movie with one of the worst direction and a cliché storyline can be an arduous job; also not to forget the high movie ticket prices you’ve just wasted. With internet at your fingertips, you can avoid this atrocious situation just by visiting a movie review site and reading the reviews. Some of the best places where you can find review for the next movie you are going to watch are described below.


Internet movie database has got one of the greatest collections of movies released till now. With separate pages dedicated to movies, actors, list of best movies based on genre etc., IMDB is the one stop destination for getting any kind of information related to movies. Also with the many user movie reviews, one can find honest feedback on various movies which can provide great insight into the movies.

2. AOL Moviefone

Moviefone is a source for movie information and news for movie enthusiasts. It provides various user as well as critic review and also allows you to find show time and tickets. Moviefone is available as an iPad as well as Android application for instant information on movies.

3. Rotten Tomatoes

Rotten Tomatoes is one of the most preferred movie review sites. Having a high rotten tomato rating ensures a greatly executed movie and better to avoid anything which has a low rating. Rottentomatoes has one of the highest numbers of critic and user reviews and hence is considered one of the best places to hunt for reviews.

4. Flixster

Flixster is more of a social networking site for movie buffs. With lot of information on movies and even a trailer to go along with it, one can find valuable information on their favorite movie. Also with recommendation from friends and user reviews, one can easily choose the movies to go for and what to avoid.

5. MetaCritic

Metacritic is quite limited in terms of information on movies, but it is a great place to look for both Critic Reviews compiled from various sources like entertainment weekly, The New York Times etc. Also it provides first hand user reviews too just in case one would like to read them.

6. Suntimes Rogerebert

Roger Ebert is a well known movie critic and is renowned for great movie reviews. One can find various honest and accurate movie reviews straight from the movie critic himself and also movie ratings to decide which one is worth your hard earned weekend.

7. MrQE

MrQE has the biggest collection of movie reviews gathered from various sources like The New York Times, Chicago Sun Times, Washington Post, Rolling Stone and just about any source available. It provides the average rating across all the available sources and hence is more reliable and provides an overall clear picture. One can also find various viewer reviews for some raw information.

8. Fadango

Fandago is one step ahead of its competition by even providing the option to get tickets online directly. It provides valuable information on the movie, trailer and user and critic ratings so that you can chose your movies well.

9. Yahoo Movies

Yahoo Movies provides information on upcomimg movies, DVD releases etc. and also provides valuable insight into the movies a list of highest grosser of the week. It provides valuable information like the critic ratings as well as users ratings.

10. Film affinity

Film affinity doesn’t have the glam and features of some of the famous movie review sites but does provide some great information on the movie as well as expert reviews on the movie. One can register with the site and get ratings from friends and people with same movie taste.

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