10 Top Password Managers to Save Passwords

Remembering passwords is growing to become a challenge with so many avenues in daily life that demand use of passwords. Form your personal e-mail account, to social networking site to e-commerce sites; you need to have login and password details everywhere. So, the time is here, to bring on the password managers that will make the task easy. Online passwords managers are a great way manage your passwords and here are the top sites on the list:

1. RoboForm

RoboForm is the leader in software password management. It can automate as well as sync systems for passwords. You can easily fill forms and not worry about remembering all the details. They have the free and paid versions. The free version allows you to save up to 10 passwords; the pro version does not have any cap on the passwords.

2. Agile Bits 1 PassWD

Agile Bits follows closely on the list of top sites for Password Management. The site works for Mac, Windows, iPads, iPhones and Androids – all you need to do is remember only one password to site! They have an efficient support system and store for any of your requirements.

3. TrendMicro DirectPass

TrendMicro is an all pay version of saving passwords. They have a $14.95 for 1 yr and $24.95 for 2 years of unlimited passwords scheme. However, the interesting offer is the twitter scheme – where you can ‘pay’ with a tweet. Just tweet about the site and get 5 passwords saved for free. Seems like a Good buy!

4. Last Pass

For the best web browsing experience, like they say it, Last pass ensures that you don’t have to remember any more passwords – “last password you will save”. The LastPass site is easy to use, simple, safe, secure and Free. The rank amongst the top most sites in the arena.

5. KeepPass

KeepPass is an open source manager of passwords. It is safe and secure and creates a mater key password or file which helps you unlock your saved passwords for use.

6. PassPack

You can save important pin numbers and passwords altogether in this Passpack site. The advantage is that you can use it from anywhere and from any system and Passpack is safe and easy to use.

7. CliperZ

Cliperz is known for complex passwords. It saves your passwords and ensures secure log in as well. You can trust the site for the important details that you want to save.

8. Mitto

Mitto is free service that helps you to save passwords across various sites. You can even log in automatically and organize your questions with tags ans share them with your networks.

Other ways to save Password / Other Password Managers, besides websites:
Besides saving your passwords online, you can also purchase devices which do the same for you or install plug-ins for the purpose.

Password Managing Devices That Are Popular Are:

9. Kaspersky

It helps in saving your passwords and data. It has a fully automated system which avoids the need for a user to enter details more than once. The device creates remarkably tough passwords that are best for important sites.

Plug-Ins and web browsers to protect passwords:

10. Ever Password

A new service offers free password management software for Mac, Windows, iPhone and iPad. All passwords can be protected with master password, allow easy to synchronize data and standalone mode if you don’t want your data online.

Browsers: Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer

All leading browsers offer the auto save passwords feature. The best is offered by Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer. However, you must further protect your saved passwords with another password because it is easy to “view passwords” and see all the saved passwords.

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