25 Top Perfume Brands

Perfumes have been in existence since the times of the Romans. However, the presence of several high-profile brands has served to give the consumers choice of perfumes covering the three fragrance notes and all the different families of fragrances.

This is a list of the top perfume brands in the world according to their popularity

Hugo Boss


This German company offers fragrances in three different collections – black, orange, and Hugo. The fragrances are available for both male and female. The company provides nine different fragrances as part of the hugo collection, while the black and orange collections come with two products each. Each product comes with the details about its fragrance note and the ability to order online.



This French manufacturer offers five collections for men and eight collections for women. Each collection comes with several products of its own, while the company also offers an exclusive collection as well. The company also offers several make-up and skincare products for men and women as well. A guide helping users choose between the different fragrances on offer is also present. Jadore, Poison, Miss dior and Dune are some of ranges of perfume available for women. Dior homme, Fahrenheit and Higher are some or the ranges available for men.

Calvin Klein


Started in 1968, this American company offers nine different collections of fragrances that come in the form of various products like skin lotions, shaving lotions, body wash, and skin moisturizer apart from the perfumes. Eternity aqua, beauty, free, sheer beauty, forbidden euphoria, and euphoria are some of the different types of collections available from this company.

Dolce Gabbana

Established in 1985, this Italian designer company offers six types of fragrance collections for men and women. The company has an online store for purchasing the fragrance products. Information about the design, concept, and the fragrance notes are also provided.


Specializing in luxury goods of various types like jeweler, watches, and accessories, this Italian company also offers fragrances as well. It has a total of 82 different fragrances available in its collection. It has collections for men, women, and unisex as well.


This German company, which was started in 1976, specializes in offering products for women. It has three different collections of fragrances, which provide three different perfumes each. Classic, summer fragrances, and me-house are the collections of fragrances offered.

Ralph Lauren

Manufacturer under the name L’Oreal, this American company has been manufacturing fragrances for men and women. The company has been producing perfumes since 1978. Its current lineup includes perfumes under categories like love, romance, and Safari.


This French brand offers several types of fragrances for men and women. Chance, coco, allure, cristalle, egoiste, antaeus, and bleu de chanel are some of the different collections available. Each collection has products like deodorants and aftershave lotions as well.


Started in 1921, this Italian brand has four collections of fragrances and perfumes that are offered in different packages. Each perfume comes with information about its fragrance notes and the different variations available. The brand also has several body care products as well.


This is a British brand offering fragrances, clothing, and accessories. The company has fragrances for both men and women, while body fragrances are also offered. Each product comes with its description and features, while offering the ability to shop online.


This American brand has been offering products like fragrances since 1982. Each of its fragrance products are offered in two different variations – 30 ML and 50 ML bottles. Body fat, body lotion, and several other body care products are also available.


Offering three collections for women and two collections for men, this Italian designer brand offers fragrances aside from several other products like eyewear. Amber, infusion d’iris, and l’eau ambree are the collections available for women.

Estee Lauder

Started in 1946, this company specializes in offering fragrances, while it also has other products like skin care, make-up, and hair care products as well. It offers seven collections of fragrances for women, while men have three collections offered.


Fragrances from this American brand are available in two different collections – Be Delicious and Pure. The company offers fragrances in different variations like bottles with 1.7 and 3.7-ounce capacity. The products are also available in gift sets as well.

Saint Laurent

YSL (Yves Saint Laurent) is a french brand founded in 1962. The brand is known for its products for beauty, skin care, fragrance and makeup. They started their online website for online shopping in 2007. There are several products which are exclusively available online.


Founded in 1978, this Italian brand offers luxury fragrance solutions complete with all the information about its fragrance notes. Its current lineup of one fragrance provides notes from citron, pear, and neroli. The Yellow Diamond fragrance is available in two variations.


The perfume from this Italian merchandise company is available in two variants – 1.7 ounce and 3.3-ounce bottles. Aside from the perfume, the company also has a range of bath line products like aftershave lotions, shampoos, and deodorant spray.


This company offers four types of fragrances – flesh, floral, oriental, and woody. They are also offered in several categories like deodorants, space, prestigious fragrances, and body lotions. The products from this company are available for women.

Giorgio Armani

This Italian designer brand offers eight collections of fragrances for men and women. Each collection comes with a variety of perfumes, which are also available in different sized bottles. The perfumes are also available in gift sets as well.

Victoria’s Secret

Victoria’s Secret specializes in offering a range of perfumes for women, while it also has a collection for men as well. Body lotion, body mist, and body powder are some of the other products available under this division of fragrances from the American brand.


This French company has been manufacturing perfumes since 1951. Its current lineup of perfumes number more than 30. It offers men’s, women’s, and unisex fragrances. Kelly Calèche, Terre D’Hermès, and Eau des Merveilles are some of the perfumes available.


Started in 1828, this is amongst the oldest perfume brands in the world. Shalimar Parfum Initial is amongst the latest perfumes introduced to form the line-up amongst more than 300 products in the history of the brand.


This is a French company that was started in 1952. It currently offers two collections of perfumes –Dahlia Noir and Iconic Couples. Aside from the perfumes, the company also has several clothing, accessories, and cosmetics as well.


This Japanese brand offers fragrances that can be divided into four types of scents for women – woody, oriental, floral, and fresh – and three types of scents for men – fresh, aromatic, and woody. The perfumes are available under several collections.


This company specializes in offering fragrances for men. There are several types of perfumes available under this brand. These perfumes are available under 11 collections that differ on the aspects like fragrance notes, price, and bottle variants.

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