12 Top News Sites in South Africa

South Africa has come a long way since the dark days of apartheid. Nowadays, people have access to the Internet more commonly and also have the need to know about the latest news from South Africa and around the world. This has given rise to several news sites in this country.

This is a list of the top news websites in South Africa according to their traffic.



This site is a member at the Online Publishers Association, and it is run by the 24.com group. It offers news from South Africa and the world along with continental news as well. Entertainment, green technology, and health are the other main news categories of this site. Opinions are available through several columnists like David Moseley and Clem Sunter.

Independent Online


This site offers local and international breaking news along with several aspects like business, sport, entertainment, motoring, and travel. There are several financial tools present in the business section. The TV Guide and other showbiz news are also provided. The site features several blogs written by writers like John Scott and James Clarke. There are several classifieds information on properties, jobs, and motors.

Super Sport


This is the official site of the SuperSport TV channel in South Africa. It specializes in offering news about various sports like football, rugby, golf, and cricket. The site offers live video streaming matches for subscribers, while highlights of several events are also present. The live score updates of various matches in various sports is provided along with online games as well.


This is part of the 24.com group, and it primarily offers sports news concerning several sports like rugby, cricket, golf, soccer, motorsport, and tennis. Multimedia content in the form of pictures and videos are available for several sports, while there are blogs as well.


This site is part of the Times media group and it specializes in offering local, continental, and international news in various categories. Entertainment, celebrity, and music news is provided along with horoscope predictions. Opinions, comments, and editorials from reputed writers are present as well.

Mail & Guardian

This site is owned by the M&G Media and it was launched in 1994. It features news from South Africa, Africa, and the world. Environment and sport are major sections on the site, which also provides business news as well.


This site is offered by the 24.com group in order to focus on business and finance. The stock markets are dealt with in great detail through aspects like equities news, currencies, commodities, and bonds. Economy news and investment tips are also provided as well.


This is part of the Times media group, and it provides breaking news from South Africa and around the world. Other aspects of the site include business, sport, and entertainment news. Live traffic and weather forecast is also provided.


Business is the primary concern of this new site, but it also offers national and world news as well. The business news is offered through several sectors like energy, financial services, healthcare, mining, and agriculture. Business education materials are also available through online courses and virtual books.


This specializes in offering news about business, economy, and markets. Property, investments, tax and insurance are some of the hot topics discussed on this site. The site has several tools that allow users to add stocks to watchlists, learn about the indicators, and subscribe to newsletters.

Eye Witness News

This site offers local and world news with each section offering insight into the hot topics. Sports, politics, and business are the other areas covered, while there are also several opinions offered on the hot topics as well.


The official site of the City Press newspaper features all the latest news from South Africa and around the world including breaking news as well. Business, sport, and entertainment news are also covered along with several sections of classifieds for the likes of jobs and property.

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