15 Top Television Brands

Television sets have come a long way since the boxy old days. Nowadays, they not only come in super thin panels, but they also incorporate several technologies like web browsing, video conferencing that aim to make them smart. The television sets also incorporate several technologies like 3-D.

This is a list of the top television brands according to their popularity.



This South Korean manufacturer is the leading producer of television sets around the world. Its product lineup consists of 3-D, LED, LCD, Plasma, and HD televisions. These television sets come in sizes from 19 inches to 75 inches. There are features like inbuilt applications and games, Wi-Fi capabilities, Skype conferencing features, and web browsing ability.



This is a Japanese manufacturer that has been making televisions since 1960. Its current lineup of television sets come in sizes from 24 inches to 84 inches. The technology incorporated within the television sets range from 3-D, LED, LCD, and Plasma. The television sets offer resolutions of up to 1980 by 1080 pixels. The products can be sorted depending upon the content ‘to be played’ like sports, gaming, and movies.



Another South Korean company offers five different categories of televisions – 3-D, LED, LCD, Plasma, and Smart. LG is also the only manufacturer in the world to offer a TV with 4K resolution. These products come with motion response time ranging from 100 MHz to 600 MHz. The company provides an online TV purchasing tool that allows product sorting by various requirements.


This is a Dutch electronics manufacturer that specializes in offering television products ranging in sizes from 14 inches to 58 inches. It primarily offers TV’s with 3-D technology. It right now offers a total of 38 products spread across eight series.


This company offers a range of flatscreen TVs offering technologies like 3-D support. Plasma, LED, and LCD are the other technologies adopted by the televisions of this company. The company also offers a lineup of smart TVs as well.


Started in 2002, this American brand specializes in offering HD TVs offering viewing technologies like 3-D, while also offering smart features like web browsing and Skype support. The company also offers a television meant exclusively for watching movies.


This company has a lineup of television sets offering LED and LCD technology from screen sizes starting from 15 inches. There are six series of televisions offering features like IPS panel, touchscreen, widescreen, and height adjust.


The line-up of history TVs from this Japanese company is offered in three categories – LED, LCD, Smart, and 3-D. The TVs from this company are meant for different content like gaming, sports, and movies. They are also available for different rooms like kitchen and bedrooms.


This Chinese company specializes in offering LED and LCD HD televisions that come in both white and black colors. There are two types of resolutions offered by these products – 720 p and 1080 p. The company has a total of 11 offerings in six different sizes.


Started in 1927, this Japanese company currently offers four major categories of televisions encompassing technologies like LED and LCD. The screen sizes start from 22 inches and the company also offers several green tech features with some of its products as well.


This Japanese corporation specializes in offering LED and LCD televisions featuring technologies like 3-D imaging. The company offers a total of 18 models spread across several screen sizes. The Smart TVs come with features like inbuilt web browser and Wi-Fi support.


Aside from offering a range of LCD and LED televisions, this company also offers portable and under cabinet televisions as well. The LED television range from this company is available from a screen size of 13.5 inches to 55 inches.


This company offers LCD and plasma televisions along with televisions having both LCD and LED technologies. Some of the high-end products come with 120 Hz support for better prevention of motion blur. The product range offers both 720 p and 1080 p resolutions.


This Japanese company has a lineup of several televisions offering three primary sizes – 73, 82, and 92 inches. The company also has two products featuring laser technology and six color processing abilities. Most of the products come with 3-D imaging capabilities.


Started in 1910, this Japanese company currently offers televisions featuring LED and LCD technology. They LED range from this company claims to be ultra-thin, while the LCD range offers flat TV viewing experience at prices starting from $399.

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