15 Popular Top Lists Websites

It is extremely rare to find monopoly in any field nowadays. Hence, there arises the need for having a top list in all categories. A number of websites have actually come up in recent years with the sole aim of compiling the best of a category.

Here are some of the popular toplists websites today.

1. Listverse

This is one of the popular top lists website that offers lists from a total of fifteen categories. The site claims to get almost 2 million visitors a month. The site does not only publish its own content, but it will also accept lists submitted by the readers. A bookstore and a discussion board are also offered on this site.

2. Ranker.com

This site offers readers the ability to rank their own lists and also vote on the lists created by others. The site has been online since 2009 and it claims to have more than 5 million visitors a month. Some of the popular lists on the site come under the categories like film, people, games, travel, cars, food, and drink.

3. Oddee

This site primarily focuses on the odd aspects of life and compiles them in a list. Focus is provided to a wide range of subjects like art, places, gifts, people, science, names, and technology. The site claims to get more than 5 million visitors each month. Its content has been named as some of the most influential on the web by the likes of Guardian and PC Magazine.

4. Listal.com

Listal offers lists on variety of topics, it is a social networking based website. Lists can be sorted by movies, games, music, images, DVDs, TVs and People. (i.e. celebrity and people) The site also offers reviews, trailers and other content on website. Listal’s people lists can help to find similar people

5. Top Tenz

This toplist website manages to offer the top ten in any list under any category. Entertainment, food, health, nature, people, politics, and religion are some of the popular categories covered on this site. It has an iPhone app for tuning to the latest updates.

6. The Top Tens

This site offers only the top ten best aspects in a compilation. It has a discussion board and a chat option to interact with the other readers. Visitors also have the ability to submit their own lists to the database. Lists can be sorted on the basis of their popularity and date added.

7. List 25

This site is run by the Awesome Motive Inc. It brings out the best 25 items in a compilation. The lists are spread across categories like art, travel, geography, people, science, politics, technology, sports, and history. The site also accepts lists submitted by the visitors.

8. Tip Top Tens

This site compiles and offers the ten best aspects of any category. It focuses on various aspects like bizarre things, entertainment, food, history, funny incidents, photos, software, and the web. The site accepts tips and lists from the readers.

9. 12 Most

This site complies and provides a list containing the best 12 items. Its interest spread across various areas like lifestyle and business. Aspects like parenting, food, and travel are discussed in the same breath as management and sales.

10. WeirdWorm.com

Weirdworm.com offers bizarre lists on several topics including science, life, music, science and various stories. The site aims to publish bizarre and interesting lists on themes like weird, odd, strange or funny and written by professional writers. The website claim to receive more than 2.5 million visitors a month.

11. 11Points.com

11 Points offers 11 items lists on variety of topics such as countdown, food & drinks, Personal, Games, Travel, Sports, TV, Web and Tech, Books, Movies, News, Politics and Music. The site regularly adds new lists on these topics too. The blog is maintained by a book author who also wrote a “11 Points Guide to Hooking Up”.

12. Smashing Lists

Smashing Lists provides compilations featuring a maximum of ten items per list. Compilations are done in various areas of interest like art, nature, old stuff, pets, animals, places, technology, and people. Visitors can subscribe to a free newsletter.

13. Topyaps

This site provides a list of the popular interests around the world. The lists may cover the best and worst aspects of any given interest or topic. Movies, love, relationship, history, fashion, and art are some of the topics regularly discussed on topyaps.com.

14. Top 10 HM

Top 10 HM is a blog specializing in offering lists giving information of the best and worst aspects of any topic. Some of the aspects covered on Top 10 HM include luxury products, knowledge, mega things, sports, technology, health, and food.

15. OMG Top Tens

OMG Top Tens covers the top ten in the most shocking topics across the world. The site accepts suggestions from its readers for a compilation. There are stunning wallpapers available as well. People, love, relationships, sports, and travel are some of the topics covered.

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