18 Best Treadmill Brands

Introduced as a way to harness power many years ago, treadmills have become a necessity for those looking to stay fit. It has now become one of the basic equipment required to start a fitness program, and it is not surprising to see several brands involved in manufacturing treadmills.

This is a list of the top treadmill brands according to their popularity.



Founded in 1975, this brand is currently part of the CML Corporation since its acquisition in 1986. The company offers its line-up of treadmills in four series – incline, commercial, c-series, and elite. These four series cater to both personal and commercial treadmill requirements. There are 12 different products within these four series. Other products from this company are ellipticals and exercise bikes. Nordictrack is the part of the ICON Fitness group, which is an American company, offers different types of fitness equipment like elliptical trainers, stationary bicycles, weight machines, and benches aside from treadmills.



This company offers several series of treadmills such as pro, performance, and power. A special range from this brand offers the official treadmill of the Boston marathon. Other products at this company include 11 types of ellipticals, 9 types of exercise bikes. The company also offers special treadmills meant for pet animals like dogs. Several fitness accessories are also available as well.


Part of the American company Nautilus, Inc., which also owns many other fitness brands including TreadClimber and Schwinn. Bowflex brand specializes in offering several fitness products. The treadmill range from the company is composed of three products offering features like electronic functions and customizable programming. The company offers warranties ranging from one-year to two-years. The company also offers several accessories for its treadmills as well.

Life Fitness

This American fitness company offers six types of treadmills in its line-up. The company has been part of the Brunswick Corporation since 1998. Some of the features within the treadmills are shock absorbing systems and iPod compatibility.

Smooth Fitness

Started in 1984, this American company offers two types of treadmills – folding and non-folding. There are four varieties of folding type treadmills, while there are three non-folding type of treadmills. The company also offers home gym equipment and exercise bikes as well.


Founded in 1980, this fitness equipment company is currently part of the Amer Sports Corporation. The brand has five types of commercial treadmills in its portfolio. All the products come with shock absorption technology. Other products like bikes and ellipticals are also present.


This is a brand owned by the American company – Icon Health & Fitness, which was founded in 1977. The brand has various types of treadmills in its line-up. Other products like ellipticals and bikes are also present aside from accessories.

Sole Treadmills

This American fitness company has its presence in the United States and Canada with its line-up of treadmills, ellipticals, and bikes. There are nine different models available under the treadmill category. The brand also offers accessories like mats as well.

Lifespan Fitness

Introduced in 2002, this brand has its presence in more than 40 countries around the world. There are three types of treadmills – foldable, compact, and commercial. Other fitness equipment like exercise bikes, stretch partners, and vibration trainers are also present.

True Fitness

Founded more than three decades ago, this brand has both residential and commercial treadmills. The brand has various models of treadmills ranging from $1899 to $5899. The company also offers four models of exercise bikes as well.

Horizon Fitness

Owned by the Taiwanese company Johnson Health Tech, this is an American brand specializing in offering fitness equipment like treadmills for domestic usage. The company has seven models of treadmills aside from bikes and elliptical trainers.

Reebok Fitness

This brand offers eight models in its treadmill range. The prices of these products range from $699 to $1299. Other products like elliptical trainers and exercise bikes also form part of the line-up. The brand offers a buyer’s guide for beginners.

Vision Fitness

Part of Johnson Health Tech, this brand offers foldable, commercial, and non-folding type of treadmills. There are 13 different models in these types of treadmills. Three types of elliptical trainers and exercise bikes are also offered by this brand.


This brand is present in more than 70 countries across the world. It has fitness products for both commercial and domestic use. The company offers five models of treadmills for domestic use. Other cardio and strength improving fitness products are also present.

Freemotion Fitness

This brand is also part of the American corporation Icon Health & Fitness. It has two models of treadmills meant for domestic use, while the commercial treadmills come in three different models. Indoor cycling equipment and striders are also available under this brand.

Health Rider

The American corporation Icon Health & Fitness owns this brand, which was started in the early 1990s. The brand has seven different treadmills in its line-up besides other products like riders, elliptical trainers, and bikes.

Spirit Fitness

Started in 1983, this company offers fitness equipment like treadmills for both domestic and commercial purposes. For domestic use, the company has five models, while there are two models meant for commercial usage. Fitness bikes, elliptical trainers, and e-bikes are the other products.


This company offers three models of treadmills that come with features like full color touch screen displays and predefined workout routines for beginners. The company also provides three types of elliptical trainers and two models of exercise bikes.

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